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Review of Just a BJ:

Oh, it was just a blowjob. Nothing serious. Come on, a little blowjob never hurt anything. I guess that explanation has been used over many years for many different situations. Ohh, that girl is kind of ugly. It was just a blowjob. Hey, you're married. It was just a blowjob. Hey, thats not a girl thats my dog. Oh well, it was just a blowjob. Hey, you're the President of the United States. It was just a blowjob. So it's no wonder that a website has been created named Just a BJ. Throughout the whole site, hey, it's just a blowjob!

Just A BJ is a George Picasso website. The websites done by George Picasso are pretty different from other porn websites out there on the net. Just a BJ is a video site, however it is not a reality site. Instead it's a site that takes its roots from reality type sites, but does not employ the reality setup at all. However, it is still a site with a very strong theme. And the theme here is the site being a totally blowjob site. Enjoy the review!

The site design of Just a BJ is simple and easy to use. When you sign on to the members page of Just a BJ, you are given a page full of all the girls. The thumbnails of the girls are somewhat large, and the pictures are very good. While the pictures in the thumbnails are good, they are not from the videos. The pictures on the front page instead are very posey and artistic, but not from the set of videos used. They still give a very good impression of the girls here on the site. So the thumbnails are very effective on the front page. On the second pages, however, the thumbnails are not quite as effective. They are small and don't show much, but they do have the actual action from the videos.

The videos on Just a BJ are done in the Quicktime format. Grr, Quicktime. I would rather have WMV format, but whatever. Gotta take what you get, and get what you take. The videos are segmented into many segments each. They vary in number of segments and runtime of the segments. However, the segments do download pretty well. The files are pretty small here, and the servers are pretty fast. So that combination makes for a nice fast download. The videos also run smooth and nicely. At regular size, these videos look great. Very clear and crisp. I couldn't full screen the videos on Quicktime, but I could make them a little bit bigger. At that size, there was a little loss of quality but not much. Overall, the technical aspects of the videos all pass really well.

The camera shots on Just a BJ are done with lots of taste and class. Usually with porn, these are two aspects that are not looked at as much. But with all of Picassos sites, you get tons of class. The action is videotaped in a very unique way. The camera moves slowly and the action moves slowly. Lots of time is spent on getting that perfect shot. Theres not a lot of camera movement during the scene. Everything just seems to run on half speed, and just is done very well. This kind of action is not for everyone, but those who do like the style will love this site.

Just a BJ does not have a pictures section. It seems kind of weird, actually. A porn site without a pictures section. But I'd rather have no pictures over having a really bad pictures section full of vidcaps and crap. Thats my personal taste, but if you like pictures and like the way the site sounds, you might be disappointed by the lack of pictures.

The girls on the site are all very good looking girls. Right now, I've gone through about half of the sites on this network. And so far, this site has the best selection of girls I've seen. There really isn't too many weak links. The action, as you might expect, is primarily blowjobs. There really isn't much of anything else here actually. Youy gotta like blowjobs to like this site. The blowjobs are very long, and involved, as almost the entire video is spent showing the blowjob. Like I've said before, not for everyone, but it will really satisfy those who enjoy this type of porn.

Just a BJ is kind of beefy as far as site content goes. At the time of review, there were fourty three sets of content on the page. The site is not updated too often. However, Just a BJ is part of an excellent network that makes the content huge and the membership worth it.

As part of this porn package, you get membership to Sybian Lounge, Sybian World, Just a BJ, Her Sweet Hand, Butt Lounge, and N My Face. These are all like-minded sites, but with different themes. The execution is pretty much all the same though. Very nice package in my opinion, with lots of fun porn for everyone to check out and a nice twist from the norm!


This is a great site for blowjob fans, and fans of classily shot porn video. It comes recommended from me, but with an asterik as not everybody will love the site.


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