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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $4.95/3 days
$29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Young Ripe and Ready:

Young Ripe and Ready:
Young, Ripe, and Ready. Ready for what? College? A job? That may be the case with some girls who just turned 18. But anyone reading this here review doesn't want a girl to be ready for college or a job and go to a website about it. Nope, we want to see them being young, ripe, and ready for the sexing up of a LIFETIME. So in a site called Young, Ripe, and Ready... we expect just that! Read on to see if that what we will be getting here!

Young, Ripe, and Ready is a teenage site with a reality setup and look to it. The theme doesn't really go past the idea that these girls are young and they like sex. It's basically just a regular teen site with a reality design to it, which is something that seems to be happening more and more nowadays. While there is no real theme other than the teen one, the girls do seem to have a common look to them which I will get into later. So you like teens? Read on, as Y R & R might be for you.

The first thing you do when you get into Young, Ripe, and Ready is enter a members page which is both simple and effective. It's simple in that it lists the latest five updates right there, and also allows you to download the movies right there from the home page. No real surfing around to do that! It's effective because you can get your porn quickly, and in a simple manner. There are some downfalls to this style of setup. One is that the page kind of comes across as bland. With a minimal emphasis on the design and fitting the theme, its basically like a lunch menu instead of a commercial for McDonalds or the like. Still, I'm sure many people would prefer the easiness of the design over having the site look better. I just need to point out the pros and the cons here icon_smile.gif

The video section on Young, Ripe, and Ready will be the most visited by far. The videos, as with most reality sites, are the focus of the site. The videos come in both the WMV and the MPG formats. The WMV files are segmented into fifteen minute segments, while the MPGs are segmented into five minute segments. There is no full video option available here. The videos are fairly small videos, which makes for a good download time but a less impressive video quality. The quality here is kind of suspect. It's not bad quality, but you'd expect a lot more from a reality video site. Where most reality sites have high to DVD quality movies, this one has medium quality at best. Kind of a shame but thats life.

The videos, technically, were also decent but again nothing I would get too excited about. It just seemed like they were just kind of there, not really having a whole lot of passion or enthusiasum behind them. The camera angles, shots, even the acting (which I never really rate) was just lackluster to me. Thats not to say the videos are bad, they are good... they are just missing that little UMPH for me.. and you may feel the same way too. It doesn't help that there wasn't a real theme behind them, and the site has neither the content, the setup, or the uniqueness to support that issue.

On Young, Ripe and Ready, the pictures are vidcaps. We all know what that entails, and the vidcaps here are done pretty bad. The vidcappiness is evident in quality both technically and aesthetically. Theres way too many thumbnails in the pictures section, and they are just vidcaps that were captured way too close together. I don't see many people checking out the pictures.

The girls on site, to their credit, do look young, ripe, and ready. They are all fairly good looking girls, the type of girls you wouldn't expect to see in pornos. More amateur looking than professional looking, but the line is kind of blurry here. Theres a nice mixture of hair colors and girls with different features, the only thing in common these girls really have is their age range. All in all, a good girl selection here!!

Young Ripe and Ready is updated about every other week, and is part of the Meatmembers network which gives you access to a ton of sites. Right now, there are about 14 girls who are young, ripe and ready. While not a horrible number for a reality site, it will definately be a slightly more stout site once they get some more updates under their belt. For sure.

The MeatMembers network includes the following sites: Blowjob Quickies, Cock Brutality, Frank Wank, Meatholes, Midnight Prowl, Nuts on Sluts, Piss Mops, Porn Jackass, Teen Slam, White Meat on Black Street, and new additions Cum Farters, POV Pervert, and Young Ripe and Ready. 13 sites for the price of one!! The one downfall of this network compared to others is that a few of the sites might not appeal to some people at all. But still, it's a killer deal. The MeatMembers site also has some cool stuff, like webmasters favorites and behind the scenes videos. Each of the sites on the Meatmembers page has a thumbnail of the latest update and date, so you can easily track and get the latest material when it's posted.


Young, Ripe and Ready is a tossup for me. The quality is a level lower than other sites, but the girl selection is excellent, the site is easy to use, and the network is a good deal. I think everyone should check out the network, but it just doesn't have as much of a "wow" feeling to it that some sites have. I'm truly in the middle on this one, the review will reflect more than actually. A worthy look if you sign up to Meatmembers for Midnight Prowl! What is great is the network which overall has great updates, but each site isn't updated weekly.


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