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Review of Yummy Mamma:

Lately, I've really been into skinny girls. I want to hook up with one something fierce. Anybody who knows me will ask me if I've been feeling okay. Well, I was sick for a bit last week, but I am feeling extremely fine right now. I usually tend to gravitate toward the bigger girls, not really "fat" to say but meaty. But lately, I've just been wanting to take a twig and snap it in half... mmm.. Well today, I found a twig, and Mindy on Yummy Mama should get ready for a snapping!

Yummy Mama is a single model site! That immediately rushes several ideas through your head, and in the case here, it's basically true. You get a fairly hot woman in many different poses and videos. As with all single model sites, your enjoyment of the site will ultimately depend on your enjoyment of the girl. No matter how good it is, you won't like it if you don't like the girl. So definaely look into the yummy mama first before diving in headfirst! As a single model site, some special features are expected, like some personalization, a way to contact the model, etc. etc. These are included in a way, and it ultimately leads to a nice website experience.

When you first sign on to Yummy Mama, you have a website with a collage of pictures in the center, and icon buttons on both sides to take you to the different areas. It is easy to select and find what you want within the webpage, the sections are all well organized and assembled good. I did run across a couple of 404's associated with the videos page, fix those up and you basically have a very nice looking website. One issue I had is with the thumbnailling, some of the sets look alike and your not really sure what your getting until you download the video or look at the bigger galleries. Not a huge complaint, but it did bother me a little bit.

There are more videos than pictures on the site, so we'll talk about them first. The videos section is laid out pretty nicely, with one thumbnail per video. It doesn't give you the perfect idea of what you're downloading, but since it's a single model site it doesn't have as much importance. The movies are downloadable in either the REAL VIDEO, MPG or WMV formats. Each video has all three options, the older ones don't have the WMV options but have real and MPG. Each file size is given on the site, and is rather small considering what you normally get from other sites. The movies themselves could use a little work. While they are not horrible, you have to keep them at their current size to get the best effect. No full screening here. Unless pixels turn you on!

One thing I would like to note about the videos is that they are all short. They are not like full porn scenes. Almost all of them contain a cumshot, most of them being oral. But it's not like your downloading a full scene here.. I'd almost say you're getting clips, like on the movie posts you see out there. If you are a big fan of watching things unfold in long segments, you won't like these as much. If you're a quick and dirty guy, you won't be as bothered by this. Otherwise, the videos are primarily guy girl blowjob scenes. Theres other stuff mixed in, but not too much. The camera work is acceptable, they don't really change up the scenes too much, but at the same time they don't really have to. Darkness is not really a problem, but repetitiveness is. It just seems like there are a lot of blowjob sets with the only difference being outfits.

There is also a pictures section on Yummy Mama. The pictures look really good from where I'm sitting. The pictures are not repetitive at all. They are shot really well, and look really good on screen. The pictures are taken from different poses than the videos, so you can get some more "posey" and "hot" pictures. If vidcaps are your thing, theres a section for them too! The pictures here are primarily just of Mindy... Nothing really too explicit just a place to worship her body and wish you were up in it! The pictures are also thumbnailled very well, and they contain the number of pictures per set very well. I was impressed with this picture section.

The Yummy Mama is a blonde woman, with a completely knockout body. She is skinny, with an awesome belly and great legs. On the minus side, her tits aren't the biggest. But overall, she is a hot ass girl. I think the biggest problem I had with Mindy is that she was just a little too plain for a single model site. That is not a knock on her, I'd definately rail her in a minute.. but for single model sites you tend to look for some more uniqueness. Still, Mindy is a great looking woman who I enjoyed a lot! It just didn't pack that UUUUMPH for me.

The content on Yummy Mama is fairly good. Theres over 100 of those movie clips I talked about. Theres about 50 sets of pictures as well. There are no bonus sites to speak of. But as with many single model sites, there are lots of cool bonuses. These include an email link to email Mindy. There are some stories on site as well. Mindy goes on webcam (via some popular services) twice a week. Theres a "features" section which shows stuff from other sites. Basically like a samples page. Theres a cool board where you can communicate with Mindy as well. I like it when websites have boards! Theres also a "sounds" section with I guess sex sounds. PRetty cool. The site is updated weekly.


Yummy Mama is a good single model site. It loses points for having only clipped movies and questionable quality. Still, it's a good site- just nothing special or great. If you go gaa gaa over Mindy I'd recommend it.. but otherwise I'd be cautious. Mindy is really good to her members, and thats a big plus. I'd just like to see longer, full movies, a little updated camera work and some more variety in the site. I'd also price it a little more competitively.


$24.95 One Month

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