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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MOV, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$59.95/90 days
$89.95/365 days

Review of Brazil Bang:

One is lonely, two is perfect, three is a crowd. So what exactly is six and more? Well in the porn world, it is a gangbang! You know, gangbangs can be kind of funny. My biggest question has always been, who decides to go first? I mean is it a predetermined thing? Or does everyone rush to the pussy like dogs running to a food bowl? And who really wants to go last? Not me. I mean, I'm a pretty open minded dude, but when theres been ten dicks inside of something, anything, I'm not going to rush to make it eleven! I guess I'm more like the guy that sits on the couch and can't get it up. Well, we're talking perfectly for todays website, Brazil Bang!

Brazil Bang is a reality site with a focus on gangbangs. Not only is the focus on gangbangs, but the focus is also on Brazilian girls. This is one of those duel themed sites I really like. You get both your action fetish and your actress fetish taken care of in one site. You like brazilians, this is a great site. You like gangbangs, this is a great site. You like brazilians and gangbangs, this is your personal heaven! And I also like the theme because I've never seen it before. I haven't even seen that many websites dedicated to Brazilian girls, so even that is refreshing. Anyway, I would like to note first off that Brazil Bang is a new addition to the family of sites here, and it doesn't have a whole lot of content right now, but it will.

When you first sign onto Brazil Bang, you are given a members page that is very simple and easy to navigate. The main page is basically the only page you will ever be on. Each set is listed here, with one thumbnail to give you a very vague idea of the action. With the other sites, I said while one thumbnail is not the best, its ok and it gives you a good idea of the girl. Well here, one thumbnail really is not ideal, as theres tons of girls and guys all over the place, you might as well put Donald Duck in the thumbnail because that will give you about the same amount of information as these thumbnails do. With that said, I still like the simplicity of the site. I would have probably downloaded all of the videos anyway. So the no thumbnail thing isn't horrible. So you get a very good, simple, easy to use interface here, not the slickest or best looking, but it works very well for your purposes.

The videos on Brazil Bang are by far the focus. The videos come in segmented chunks, with no full video download option. The segments are actually not horrible though, as they come in 5 minute sections which is very acceptable as far as segment length goes. But this is a gangbang site, and the videos run very long. They are close to an hour. So you will still be downloading lots of segments here, something I didn't have to say on the other sites. The video options you have are High, Medium, and Low quality WMVs as well as High quality MPGs. So you have a lot of choices, and life is full of important choices, so make this one of them.

The video quality is another story. There is pixelation here, and not even at full screen. The pixelation comes when theres a lot of movement in the video. The videos, at high quality, are comparable to some of the same bitrates as other like sites. So how are these pixelated and those aren't? Well, my guess is that it is because there was an error in translation from video to computer. Either way, this quality won't kill you and it's not constand. The videos still look great otherwise, but there is this whole mess thrown in that makes the site kind of weaker.

The pictures on Brazil Bang are vidcaps. Not only are they vidcaps, but they are very weakly done vidcaps. The galleries look ancient, the pictures are bad, and the navigation is horrible. The only good thing is the thumbnails, which made me think, hey, maybe the full screen pictures aren't that bad! But they were. Oh boy were they ever! So stay away from the pictures unless you really have to!

The girls on Brazil Bang are relatively attractive Brazilian girls. They keep true to the plan with real brazilian girls and they are all pretty hot. The only thing is, with so much going on, its hard to focus on just one girl. Unlike most gangbang sites, where there is one girl taking on tons of guys, there is no fewer than six brazilian girls in each video set here on Brazil Bang. So it's a different take on gangbang action, and it takes a lot of the focus off of the individual girl and places it on the group as a whole instead. That means less dick, which should make a lot of people happy! The action here is pretty much what you'd expect, gangbangs with lots of girls. Very cool stuff and something I liked a lot!

No timestamps are given on Brazil Bang, but they claim on the Porn Multi Pass Page that they are updated weekly. I can say I'm fairly confident that it is often just looking at the amount of content given. Either way, at the time of review there were 6 sets of content here. That is a low number, but this is a startup site that will soon catch up to the rest in content. Want more anyway? Well FINE! There is also a comprehensive bonus network you get with a membership here.

The network here is big, and includes: 18 & Interracial, Kung Pao Pussy, Ghetto Hoochies, Teenie Video, Phat Bootie Hoes, Pussy Pinata, Pussy Foot Girls, Tight Buttholes, and Penis Palooza (gay). With more sites coming, this is a monster deal and is worth checking out. Each site is very comparable as far as everything goes, except for the changes in themes from site to site.


This site has a great theme, an original theme, and a lot of positives to it. I would definately check it out, it has the potential to be a great site. Very innovative and cool, high recommended.


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