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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$59.95/90 days
$89.95/365 days

Review of Kung Pao Pussy:

Asian girls are great. They are just so little and so cute. So naturally, asian girls are one of the most sought after gems in the world. When you score with an asian girl, it's like... dude, score! Ten full points for an asian girl. So naturally, there will be a huge interest in a site named Kung Pao Pussy, all about asian girls!

Kung Pao Pussy is a reality site with a focus on asian girls. I know, the asian sites have been done to death. It is a huge fetish with a large amount of people following it. But I haven't seen a whole lot of full reality sites based on it. Most asian sites seem to be traditional sites, with just a handful of reality sites. Either way, it will be interesting to see if Kung Pao Pussy can stand up to both the traditional and the reality sites in its genre. We'll see real soon, as we venture into the world of Kung Pao!

The site setup on Kung Pao Pussy is what I would consider simple, easy, and non threatening. The best part about the site setup is that everything is listed right on the front page. That gives you very little clicking to do, and makes the site very easy to understand and navigate. The negative of this? Very small numbers of thumbnails and a long page. The page goes "up and down" quite a bit, but I'd rather have it this way over having to navigate through tens of thousands of pages. And each set only has one thumbnail. That doesn't give you a whole lot of wiggle room when trying to find out a lot about the set, but the thumbnail gives you a great idea of what the girl looks like at least.

The videos are definately the big focus here. All of the videos are downloadable right from the front members page, which is really cool and also makes you have to click a lot less. Each set is segmented into five minute segments, and each set usually has four to five segments. So these videos clock in a little under the thirty minute mark, as a generalization. The videos are done in either the WMV or the MPG format. In WMVs, you can get high, low, or medium quality. The MPGs only come in high quality. I would suggest going with the MPGs here. They are about the same in file length as the WMVs but look a little better in my opinion.

Now that we've touched on all the technicalities, we can talk about the actual videos. At highest qualities, the videos looked good but they were still pretty pixelated. They weren't really "bad quality" pixelated, but more like the program they used to encode them was bad. It seems more pixelated when there is more movement, so its one of those types of deals. It's really not all that bad, but it puts an asterik next to what I would normally call a sparkling video quality. After a little while, you get used to it and won't bother you so much. But at first, you will be like "this sucks!"

Kung Pao Pussy also has a pictures section, but my recommendation here would be to stay away. Why is that? Well, the pictures are vidcaps, done poorly. The gallery pages are a mess, looking like 1995 all over again. The navigation is very weak. The only good thing about the pictures is the thumbnails, which actually look really good, making you think full screen pictures would be nice as well. Nope, not true, sorry!

The girls on Kung Pao Pussy are asians. But I have to commend the girls on something. They are different kinds of asians. Usually asian sites tend to either go with straight Chinese or Japanese girls. This site is a mix, you get to see all kinds of asians and it's very cool because its very different from what you normally see on a site like this. The action is regular sex action, mainly one on one and the male actors are mainly white from my viewings. So theres not a whole lot of variety here, but it's nice that the site is a little bit different in this regard as well!

No timestamps are given on Kung Pao Pussy, but they claim on the Porn Multi Pass Page that they are updated weekly. I can say I'm fairly confident that it is often just looking at the amount of content given. Either way, at the time of review there were 34 sets of content here. That is a great number, and it makes the site worth the price of admission alone. But what, you need more? Well FINE! There is also a comprehensive bonus network you get with a membership here.

The network here is big, and includes: 18 & Interracial, Kung Pao Pussy, Ghetto Hoochies, Teenie Video, Phat Bootie Hoes, Pussy Pinata, Pussy Foot Girls, Tight Buttholes, and Penis Palooza (gay). With more sites coming, this is a monster deal and is worth checking out. Each site is very comparable as far as everything goes, except for the changes in themes from site to site.


A nice, varied asian site with lots of content and part of a big network. Definately worth two looks and a membership!


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