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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $21.95/30 days
$45.95/90 days

Review of Dragon Lily:

Asian girls. The reason a lot of guys like them is because they are subservient. They are cute and innocent looking. They seem so pure, so honest, so virginal. Unlike some of those other types of dirty girls. Well, I have a real twist to throw everyone. Here we have an asian girl, but no way in hell is she subservient. She is tattooed, she loves sex, and her name is Dragon Lily. She is also the focus of the site!

Dragon Lily is a single model site with a focus on a pretty, yet kinky, asian girl named Dragon Lily. Dragon Lily can do some silly things on her site. One of the sets I watched had her giving head to a dildo she was holding in her feet. How hot is that? Theres another one where she rubs baby oil all over herself. Mmm Mm MMMMMM. And yet another one, when theres a lack of sex toys, there is always the heel to your shoe! Wow! So Dragon Lily is freaky by nature, yet an asian by birth. Let's see if those two elements hit it off here on Dragon Lily!

Let me first begin my site setup talk by saying that a lot of the features on the site did not work on my main browser. I ended up having to use Internet Explorer (which I hate) to do my browsing. I understand there are millions of people using IE, but one big part of web development is making your site look good everywhere- that way you don't lose browsers, or in this case, customers. But enough about that, onto the actual site design. When you first login to Dragon Lily you are given an index for the members page. Theres no real good information here, I mean, theres site news and some stories and some links and showtimes. But the focus is taken way off the mainstays of the site, videos and pictures. So the site design could be a bit better in that regard. Let's move on now to the actual content.

The pictures are what I would consider the main focus of Dragon Lily's site. Theres many different categories of pics, but the most conventional and ones you'll see the most emphasis on is the Spankies section. When you get here, you get a ton of little thumbnails, one for each set. It also categorizes each set to give you an idea of the action. From there, you select a set and you get a window with all of the thumbnails for that set right there. It's not spread over multiple pages like most picture sites. The thumbnails are also not as big as you'd normally run across on a picture site. The pictures are 681x1023. The pictures looked pretty good, but they just didn't have the crispness I would have liked. Still, you get a decent picture.. I just wanted a little better.

Dragon Lily also has a nice videos section. The videos here are streaming only WMVs, but anyone who cares to can download the stream, just have to learn how. The videos here are not really full movies, they are more clips and they are pretty short. Most are under five minutes. You are given two quality options with the videos, you can either go for 56k/ISDN or DSL/Cable. I went with DSL/Cable and the quality still isn't great. The movies were only done in 215K here for high quality. It made for an easy view and/or download, but in the end the quality really suffered. Even the small screen videos were a little blurry and hard to watch. The action going on in the videos was some pretty hot stuff, but you really need to be very UNpicky about your quality to truly enjoy these videos.

Dragon Lily is a very attractive asian girl. She is not your regular asian porn girl however. I already talked about her tattoos and her kinkiness. She just acts less subservient than most asians. Thats a good thing for some people. The action on here is primarily masturbation and a focus on the beauty of dragon lily. The action can get hardcore with insertions and whatnot, but it never gets too crazy and it works out really good for the site. Nice action here, I just wish it was presented better.

Dragon Lily has a huge amount of content. There are over 70 video clips on the site, as well as 185 picture sets at the time of review. And thats not counting the various other non-main sections Lily has, like the behind the scenes stuff as well as the biography type stuff. And on top of all that Dragon Lily is also a good single model site. There are different avenues to communicate with Lily, theres a live show, and theres some personal stuff that really gives the site the Dragon Lily touch. Theres also live shows, and live show archives. Theres also some nice written stuff including stories and also just plain BS. It's cool and it gives the site an identity of its own which I really like. You also get access to,, and You are also given daily updates, so you have a lot to sift through once you join up!


Dragon Lily has lots of content to keep you busy for days. The quality lacks a little bit, so of course as with all other single girl sites it helps if you areare into this girl and bondage too, then site is worth the admission fee.


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