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Review of Hot Rikki:

Whats Hotter Than Hot? Hot Rikki, thats what is Hotter than Hot! Hot Rikki is all about a Canadian hottie who has her own website. Who is Rikki? Well, she is a blonde canadian who is absolutely smoking hot. And she has her own website, which is part of Ray Guhn's Cum On Her Face network, and we'll be looking at that site today!

Hot Rikki is a single model website which has a pretty big focus on Hot Rikki, the single model the site is about. I say pretty big focus, because when you sign onto the page, it is called Hot Rikki & Friends. Which means there is an additional focus on the friends of Rikki, and not every update is about Rikki. So it's more like one of those sites where Hot Rikki is your host, but you get a little bit of everything on the actual site!

When you first sign onto Hot Rikki, you are given an interesting members page. The top bar navigates you around the site, but it mainly takes you to off site content. You're going to want to use the in page controls a lot more. The latest update is listed next, with some excellent thumbnails and this portion gives you a really good idea of the models set and whether it is worth moving forward. The next section is the site main attractions. These are the links that you will want to follow. There is one for the latest update, kind of uneccesary if you ask me given the top portion with it. Then theres the archived pictures and movies, the parts you will really want to check out. Overall, it's a decent web design- a little primitive, but some thought was put into it and theres nothing fundamentally wrong with it.

I'd say the main focus here is placed on the pictures. When you select the archived pictures section, you can go by either category or model. There is also a regular archive page with just text links. My opinion, this could be done better. It's not horrible, but some better thumbnailling could be used, bigger thumbnails, not neccesarily more. When you get to an actual thumbnail gallery, the page looks kinda 1990's. The files aren't uniquely named, and the thumbnails are still tiny. The redemption for all of this comes when you get the full picture. HEre, you get a relatively crisp and clear picture. The picture sizes are 768 x 1024 pixels and really come across nicely. The one problem I'd like to bring up is the stamping of the photos. The watermarking here is obnoxiously long and big. It made me almost not want to save some of the beautiful pictures. I understand why its there, but it can be small and contained, I promise you that! If they could present these pictures better, I'd be very happy. As it is, the end result is awesome.. it just is kinda ugly getting to it!

Hot Rikki also has an extensive video selection. The videos here are offered to you in two formats: MPG and WMV. Like the photos, the videos are also not uniquely named. This is still a pain in the butt. The movies are segmented into two minute segments for ease of downloading. For the newest videos, they played around with full videos like on the main Cum On Her Face site. I couldn't get these to work though. Each segment has its own (again little) thumbnail. It gives you a decent idea of the action, but it could be better. The downloads run pretty fast as the segments are only about 10 MB each. At least as WMVs, I never tried the MPGs. The video quality here is ok. If you are expecting perfect, DVD quality rips, it's not happening here. The videos look good on the small screen. When you bring them up to full screen size, some pixels can be seen, and you definately notice a loss of quality. But at the same time, it still looks pretty damn good. At first it seems a lot more pixeled and then it cleans up, not sure whats up with that. Anyway, the quality is ok here.. and very good considering the pictures are a bigger focus over the videos.

The girls on Hot Rikki are Hot Hot Hot! Well, first let's talk about Rikki. Absolutely slamming. She is just a beautiful blonde, could be a Playboy model. The other girls on here aren't quite Rikki quality but are also very attractive. Like most single model sites, there is a big focus on masturbation and solo work here. Not completely, but there is a big focus on it. Thats where the action runs!

Hot Rikki is part of the Cum On Her Face network by Ray Guhn. It includes Cum On Her Face, Lesbian Hangout, Busty Tramps, and Hot Rikki. As well as a live babes site. Nice network, there are a few bad apples in the bunch but overall it is a decent, if not slightly overpriced, network. At the time of review, Hot Rikki had a total of 42 picture sets and 24 video sets. Hot Rikki is updated every Wednesday, and other parts of the network are updated weekly too, so the content keeps flowing in, you gotta love it!


Hot Rikki is a good site with some big flaws. Overall, site design is prehistoric. The actual content on here is good, but getting to it and some of the little nuts and bolts can be real annoying. But overall, good site on a good network, worth checking out!


$34.22 for 30 Days

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