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Review of Lesbian Hangout:

Lesbian Hangout. Where exactly would that be, other than this website? Maybe a biker bar? Or maybe the tools section of the local department store? Melissa Etheridge concert? Looking for an all flannel store in the mall? Those crazy lesbians, what are we going to do with them? Well, we should decide if their hangout is a good one. The Lesbian Hangout is the site we are rating today, and be ready for LOLs- Lots of Licking!

Lesbian Hangout is a traditional site, which looks like a much more modern site, with the theme of lesbians. Yes, the ole carpet munchers. This is a traditional site to the extent that it actually has no videos. Some of the bonus sites contain pictures, but here at Lesbian Hangout, the rug munchers only get their action captured in picture form. Well, that should make for a Q'n'E review, quick and easy, so lets get to it!

The site setup of Lesbian Hangout is simple and rather easy to understand. The front page is minimal, it has three thumbnails- one of a random lesbo picture, one of the latest update, and one of another random picture for the archives section. The latest three sets are listed in text form. Theres a lot of white (or yellow, as it were) space that could be utilized here. There is a little text topbar on the site, but the only real section you'll be interested in is the archive section. All the rest are off site links and not part of the actual content of Lesbian Hangout.

And when you click to go to the archive section you are given a page with lots of text and one little thumbnail. That one little thumbnail is good but not great in explaining the sites content. The text is the generic stuff that you could type into the porn describer bot under lesbian and thats what you get. It's somewhat effective but also very dry. Speaking of dry, I bet these lesbians are the exact opposite of dry! If they are, you know you'll see them in the sandpaper aisle in a few minutes! Anyway, yes, the pictures. Once you select a set from the archive, you are given an older style, but still effective, thumbnail page. One cool option is you can change image size from large to small. The pictures are 1024 x 768 pixels. They are actually really crisp and clear. The galleries tend to be a little overdone, like "hey look shes getting closer to that pussy with her tongue." and then the next picture is "hey look shes a 1/2 inch closer to that pussy with her tongue!" but it's not really all that bad, it just leads to bigger pictures.

As I mentioned earlier, there are no videos. Some people love videos. My personal view is that picture only sites are OK, but there better be a ton of content to come along with it as well as a quality in photography that is unparalleled. Well, do we get that? The quality here is OK. To these eyes, it sort of looked like some older magazine porn. I didn't care for it too too much. And while there are plenty of picture sets, I didn't get the feeling of being overwhelmed with content where it made up for a lack of videos. I know pictures are nice, but when sites in this day of age can offer lots of videos, when you offer the same number of pictures at the same price, I'm not sure how much I can praise the site.

The girls on Lesbian Hangout are actually really attractive. They are not the pickup truck driving, flannel wearing bulldogs that I've been joking about throughout the review. Instead they are really pretty and beautiful lipstick lesbians! Not bad for us viewers, eh? The action here is lesbian action, the set starts out with kissing, moves onto licking, and more licking, and more licking, and more licking. Yep, lesbian sex isn't the most diverse out there in the world. But people still love it!

Lesbian Hangout is part of the Cum On Her Face network by Ray Guhn. It includes Cum On Her Face, Lesbian Hangout, Busty Tramps, and Hot Rikki. As well as a live babes site. Nice network, as I mentioned some of these sites have videos and the Cum On her face site is pretty good. At the time of review, Lesbian Hangout had a total of 20 picture sets, with a new one added every week. If this was video sets, I'd say it was a nice number. But with pictures, I just expect a little more. Is that wrong of me?


I think Lesbian Hangout has some good pictures, and its a decent extra site to Cum On Her Face. If it was a standalone site, however, and thats how it is being rated, it really is just a low content picture site with no standout features. Theres nothing fundamentally wrong, its just a value and time issue.


$34.22 for 30 Days

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