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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
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Review of Wigger World:

Yo Yo Yo! What up homes?! There is a popular subculture in America and around the world. They are made up of white kids acting like famous rappers. Sometimes they are legitimately tough, but for the most part, these are suburban white boys fakin' the funk. Annoying? Yes. Funny? Sometimes. The perfect theme for a reality website? You bet!

Wigger World is a reality site with the theme of wiggers. Wigger is the more derogatory term to describe what I was talking about in the above paragraph. I really liked the theme. Not only do I dislike wiggers, but I also think their antics are very funny. The theme here was awesome. It was one of the few reality video websites where I actually paid attention to the "setup" portion and got a few laughs out of it. And it doesn't hurt that I've always been partial to wigger girls, so the girls were appealing in that sense as well.

The setup of Wigger World is simple and effective. I would call it simple reality. There are six thumbnails per set on the front page. One of the thumbnails is bigger, but its about the size of the small screen movie you get when you first start watching a movie file. I could have used one big thumbnail, but this was ok as well. The content is spread over two pages, and the way it is set up is nice and easy to understand. I only have one complaint about the site design, and that is that there was the bonus bar of leased content on the top of the page. When you first get on the page, you think this is the original content, and go to it. Its also on the bottom, if I were running this site, I'd eliminate the top bar and just stick with the bottom.

The videos on Wigger World come in either full movies or video clips. The file quality you have here is 1100K, 500K, 100K, and 56K. As you can see you really run the gamut of different file qualities from lowest to highest. The videos are streaming-only, but if you know how to download streams then you can do it. And if you don't know how to download streams, you can ask us on the board or read one of the handy dandy guides to doing it! Either way, the videos download nice and everything runs relatively fast. It's a pretty good experience all around.

I wish I could say the same for the video quality. Even with a huge number like 1100 K, I didn't find the video quality to be the greatest. The videos looked pretty good, but then there were like lines of pixels in the movies, even in small screen and even at highest quality. That I didn't understand! It looked more like a bad master copy than anything else. I don't really know why its like that, but it makes for a rather weak overall experience. It's not really bad quality, like I said, I just don't even know how to explain it. It loses points for that, but overall the video quality is still great if you don't mind those ugly pixels.

The pictures here are also good quality, but they are vidcaps. For vidcaps they are pretty good. The only problem we run into is again the pixels. The problem with the pictures is that you get double pixels. First you get the pixels from the video, then you get the pixels from the picture being a vidcap. Thats a double mess if you ask me, but in those pictures without pixels or not so noticable pixels, it's a good quality.

The actors on Wigger World are, well, wiggers. That pretty much means they have to be white. The girls and boys are both wiggers. The girls are actually pretty hot, they are not the nasty type wiggers who end up with a million kids. They are hot wiggers. The action on here is your basic porn type sex, nothing too kinky and nothing leaning towards any fetish. Just basic action.

At the time of review, there was a total of 10 sets of content. While that might not be the hugest number for a reality website, the site is still worthy due to the cool theme of it. It is not told how often Wigger World is updated, and there are no bonus sites other than the leased sites I was talking about before.


Wigger World is a decent site with a great theme. The only thing that really holds it down is its video quality. The quality could be better, but the theme really makes this site, for me at least.


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