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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days, rebills at $19.95
$49.95/90 days

Review of Hot Indian Babe:

Hot Indian Babe. What a simple, yet very descriptive title to a website. Jayde is the hot indian babe, and this is her website. On it, she will show you many different aspects of her personality. Primarily the naked ones! Jayde is a porno girl with a compassionate side. She doesn't do girls, she doesn't do anal very often, and she will only have sex with her boyfriend. What kind of fun is that? Well, I think it's cool and refreshing. Let's see if her site is any good!

Hot Indian Babe is the main site of Jayde, who is the Hot Indian Babe. This is a single model site with focus squarely on Jayde. She is an Indian, so you have to like indian girls to get into this. As far as being a single model site, Hot Indian Babe does offer a lot of the cool single model site features with it. There is a Q&A type FAQ with Jayde, as well as live shows and archives of those cam shows. Overall, it's a well balanced single model site.

When you first log onto Hot Indian Babe's membership page, you get a text link page that takes you to the various pages of the site. You won't spend too much time on the front page, as it mainly acts as a portal to the other sections of the site. When you navigate around the rest of the site, you are still given minimal thumbnails and an overall older looking website. Sure, it's fast loading, but I think the text links, the little thumbnails, and the overall "oldness" of the site gives it a few lower points.

The focus here is definately on the pictures. Each picture gallery has many different sets inside of it. The galleries aren't categorized much at all, although there is one little section for "special" which are like more personal pictures and pictures with other models. Anyway, once you select your set from the gallery, you are given a framed page with the thumbnails in the left frame, and if you choose to view any full size pictures they show up in the right frame. The big pictures end up being 864 x 1296 pixels and they look very crisp and clear from my eyes. The picture section is very extensive and looks very good. The one great thing about these sets is that they aren't overdone. Theres not millions of pictures of the same pose over and over again. Each picture is uniquely different and therefore very cool. Big thumbs up on the picture quality here, and the overall picture experience.

The videos on Hot Indian Babe are available to you in the WMV format, even though they are referred to as "MPEG Movies" in the sidebar. Each set is segmented into different length files. The segment lengths are listed right there on the video page. They all end up being about 112-15 minutes in length. The video files are small and download very smoothly. But you know what that could mean, thats right, ugly video. Is that what you get here? Well, kinda. The video quality here isn't the greatest. Not by any stretch. It's very blurry, and can only really be viewed in small screen. Don't try to full screen it, especially if you are a video quality fan. It might blind you! Overall, the movies are good, but could be way better quality wise, but still lend a good compliment to the obvious focus- the pictures.

The Hot Indian Babe is Jayde. Is she hot? Well, I always take time to give my personal opinion on girls even though everyone is different. And I must say Jayde did nothing for me. I won't rate her site against her in that regard, but I just thought blah when I saw her and her sets. Check her out for yourself, and I'm not the biggest Indian fan either so maybe that is a factor, but give her a look-see for yourself. The action here is primarily solo action, but there is a lot of fucking scenes as well. Jayde isn't one of those single model girls afraid to go hardcore, she gets very hardcore in the movies here and that is very nice.

Hot Indian Babe has a fabulous update schedule. It seems like they are updating all of the time. That has compiled a huge number of both videos and picture. Each section has almost 30 galleries of content, with each gallery have multiple sets. That leads to a huge number and is great for any Jayde fan! There is also the Streaming Cam, and the archives of that. On top of that, there are a bunch of other member sections which Jayde claims to oversee. These are mainly pictures but are a nice little addition as well.


This is a very good site if you like Jayde. I didn't like the sites primitive setup and weak video quality. But if you are crazy about Jayde like I'm crazy about some other girls on the net, then you should be all over this site!


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