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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $24.99/30 days (Reg. $29.99)

Review of ATK Premium:

Some things are better in premium form. Ice Cream, for one. Premium ice cream is great. Whats wrong with regular ice cream? Absolutely nothing. Regular ice cream has a great taste and is great. But then you have premium ice cream. It's also good, but it has some different flavors, more exotic flavors, better packaging, and a higher price! There is nothing wrong with the ATK websites. ATK Premium is just a little different, a little more exotic than the regular ATK website.

ATK Premium is a website in the ATK family of websites. The kicker is, they use the premium site to build upon all of the things that they have missed on their regular sites. The focus here is on having full movies with extended play, and pictures with higher quality than normal. They also try to spend more time with the models, with extended biographies. They also do some different kinds of photosets, like artistic nudes. They also only include the girls which they consider to be the best of the best. Sound appealing enough? It's a great concept, let's see how it works in execution.

The site setup on ATK Premium is highly improved over the ATK sites that I've seen. The only way to see content is either looking at the latest updates, or going to the model directory. The model directory has one large thumbnail of the girl. When you pick one you like, it takes you to the models update page. On this, you can scroll through the updates with photos and movies mixed. On the top bar, you can select to read the girls bio (which has an extended Q&A section,) photos, or movies. This is presented very nicely. The ATK Premium website takes away a lot of the odd quirks that the other ATK sites had and makes it a lot more normal. Some of those quirks were good, but others made it harder to browse. This is just an easy experience through and through.

Even though one of the staples of the ATK premium is its extended and higher quality movies, I'd still say that the photos have more of an OOOMPH on this site. The photos are thumbnailled awesome, and the actual pictures are so crisp and clear. The regular size of the pictures is 386x580 pixels, but you can bring the pictures up to 1023x1536 as well. Both ways look awesome with great clear awesome quality. Just great! One of the biggest problems on the ATK website is that you couldn't download zip files of an entire models set, just each individual gallery page. Well, they added that feature here to ATK Premium. You can still do the page by page zip files, but I honestly don't know why anyone would want to do that. Overall, you get great pictures here and the format is improved over the regular ATK sites.

The videos on ATK Premium is where they made the biggest changes. First of all, you can download the full movie! Instead of breaking everything up into different segments, you can download it as one. Of course, there are segments as well. The file format used is still MPGs although these ones look to be better quality than the other ones. While the videos are full videos, and they pride themselves on having that and extended scenes, some of the scenes are still like "fingering pt 1" and "fingering pt 2." I would have liked to see these two combined to get more of a true experience when it comes to having full movies. The videos also have a nice introduction which is cool!

The quality of the videos on ATK Premium seems to be stepped up a notch. While these videos still aren't perfect, there seems to be less pixelation and bluriness here over what you get on the other sites. And the videos do look great, you can full screen them and enjoy them immensely. They run smoothly, and the full video files do have a pretty big file size, but that is the whole thinking behind ATK Premium, to give high quality no matter what the cost!

The girls on ATK Premium are simply stunning. They all look like the hottest amateur models on the net, with beautiful looks and sex appeal like crazy. The girls on here are what the webmasters of ATK considered the "Best of the best" and I concur. The action in these sets is all across the board, hitting lots of different appeals. But I would say that there is still a big focus on solo female masturbation and the beauty of these ladies.

ATK hits us with updates 6 days a week, taking Sunday off to go to church or something. Each day there are two picture sets added and two video sets added. The end result is 12 movies and 12 picture sets added each week. This is awesome, and its no surprose that ATK Premium is already loaded with content without even being a year old yet. There are no real bonus sites included with ATK Premium, but the awesome update schedule makes bonus sites unneccesary in the first place. Every month theres about 6000 pics and 370+ minutes of videos added. Thats just huge and cannot be denied!


ATK Premium is a stunning site, correcting the biggest "problems" of the ATK sites, which were already stunning on their own. I highly recommend this site, it is one of the best sites I've seen, and it gently straddles the line of being a traditional site, with modern day values.


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