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Review of Leaking Liquids:

The female orgasm. Who cares? That might be what a lot of guys say amongst themselves. But in reality, theres lots of men who like watching female orgasms. Some guys like watching women pleasure themselves and lead themselves to orgasm. Sure, we're not getting anything out of it- but it's still fun to watch and enjoy. It's like sometimes you want to go play basketball, and sometimes you just want to watch it on television. This site is for the times that we just want to watch it on television. Leaking Liquids is a female masturbation site.

Leaking Liquids is a video site with a focus on female masturbation and female orgasms. The site is not quite a reality site- it has a more traditional setup and it just doesn't look like the modern reality sites do. There is no real focus on the women in the sets.. basically heres the girl, heres the video, you do the rest. It's very no-nonsense in its approach. And I personally like it that way. The theme of masturbation is very action oriented, so the girls can be a broad spectrum of girls if they wanted. And thats pretty much what they have here, a big variety of girls on the site. Anyway, the site is all about solo action- so sit back and read about the site!

Over this one has a very primitive, simple site design. When you sign into the Leaking Liquids site, you are given all of the content right there on the front page. Each set is given one thumbnail, which is somewhat big- more elongated than the width being big. This thumbnail is decent, I mean, you can see the girl.. but thats about it. The action is pretty much all masturbatory, so you know what to expect- but still, this is only slightly better than text links. This thumbnail and the link to download is all you really get. Theres no descriptions of the girls. Theres really not much of anything. Just pictures and download link. You don't even get to know the girls name! While this is simple and somewhat effective, it's also kind of jurassic and I think I'd rather have those little extra touches to the site over having just the plain, simple content I see here.

Leaking Liquids is a video only site. As such, you'd expect a lot from the videos. Each of the videos here is a full movie. None of the videos offer any kind of segmentation. There is also only one quality of video, 300K. All of the videos only come in one type. Most of the time that type is WMV. In some of the videos, the type offered is MPG. Either way, the videos are easily downloadable.. and if you are on a broadband connection, you will be able to pilfer the sites content in no time! The videos just download fast due to their lower quality, and they also play very fast and run smoothly. With that, you may get some loss of quality.. which is what we will talk about next.

The quality of the videos here on Leaking Liquids is a little lower than par, in my opinion. With the 300K movie quality, you really can't get much out of a video. Us broadband users are used to looking at quality in the 5's and 7's, so this is a major downgrade. The videos are decent when being watched at normal size. When you full screen them, you get lots of pixelation and ugliness. If I were the webmasters here, I'd just add a little higher quality for the broadband users. 300k just doesn't cut it, especially when you are running masturbation videos which are supposed to be a beautiful thing. I'm not a big quality freak, and I'm making this complaint, so that should say a lot. I'm not willing to say that the video makes this site completely unwatchable, definately not that far. But it does drop the site down a notch or two!

The site doesn't have any pictures so we'll move right along to the girls. The girls here are really a smorgesboard of different types here. It's almost like they put one of each type here. Theres a girl with big ass hooters, theres a black girl, a latina girl, an asian-looking girl, and my favorite, a beautifully hot mature women. It seems they hit on all the types- but I found the girl selection to be a little less than favorable. There was about four or five girls I really, really liked. But it just wasn't my thing. Everyone has their own opinion though so go check it out for yourself! The action here is almost all masturbation. There are two videos on the whole site where there is a guy, and her is performing oral on the girl to make her cum. The action ends with the female getting very very wet and orgasming, which is nice. The action lasts about 5-10 minutes for each set, which is about perfect for this site.

At the time of review, there was a total of 21 sets here on Leaking Liquids. This is not a bad number of sets considering the rest of the network. The site is part of a network which is updated almost daily, although it doesnt seem like Leaking Liquids has had an update in the past few months. The network is impressive though, and we'll talk about that next!

A membership here nets you a ton of sites: Gag School, Gag On My Cock, Leaking Liquids, Jerk Me Now, Just Creampie, Asian Massage, Jizz On Glasses, Look At Me Bitch, Daily Fresh Movies, Suck My Dick Now, and Teens Turn Whores. This is a big deal, with lots of good sites with good content. And with almost daily updates, it's an impressive deal and definately worth it!


Leaking Liquids could use a little better quality, and I didn't like all of the girls. Overall, this is a good site and part of a good network. This isn't the sites' standout site, but it's rather solid despite a few obvious flaws.


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