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Review of Alex Pass:

Alex Pass. The site name raises a vital question: who is Alex? And what is their pass? And why are we reviewing a site with such an innocent name? Find out the answers to all this and more on your favorite website ever, Porn Living. Right here, right now, read on!

Alex Pass is actually a video network of sites which used to be really called an Adult Verification Site, but nowadays it's just considered a video megasite. What Alex Pass basically is is a conglomerate of many different sites, all put together by different people. The common theme amongst them is that they all are video heavy, and they are all accessible with your one pass: the Alex Pass. It's comparable to Deluxe Pass and Adult Bouncer, with the only difference being that those two sites have been around for a while whereas Alex Pass is like the new kid on the block. Keep in mind in doing this review that things may vary from site to site, we are just trying to provide a general idea of what is going on with the site. With the different webmasters, each site within here is a little different. It will be a review of generalities really.

When you sign into Alex Pass, you are given a site with all of the network sites. Each network site has a thumbnail of their main page, and then you can either bookmark the network site or enter it. The sites are also put into categories as well. From here you go to the network site. I must admit that all of the network sites at the time being were organized well with clear download links as well as good thumbnailling. Some of the sites had a few too many thumbnails per page in my opinion. There really isn't a lot of BS when browsing through the Alex Pass sites. They are all pretty clean and easy to navigate, which is a big plus.

The videos on Alex Pass are primarily MPG videos, offered to you only in full video and in one quality size. The quality size is high, as such a video website is aimed more at broadband users than anyone on a dialup connection. The videos are thumbnailled very nicely, giving you a good idea what you are getting before you download the video! The quality here is good. At the regular size screen, the videos here look great. Bring the screen up to full size, and they are still pretty good, but not without a little bit of bluriness and pixelation. It's not the quality of the DVD masters these are taken from, but it is still a very good quality which should please you.

There are no pictures on Alex Pass other than the thumbnails to give you an idea of what you are downloading before you download it. So chalk that up as a minus. Instead of talking about pictures, let's talk about one of the biggest problems people have with sites like this, and thats that they all have the same videos regurgitated over and over again. I never found that to be a huge problem with AB or DP, but here it really got to me. Theres seven member sites at the time, and they all seem to have the same videos. Over and over again. It was really weak, it seems like all the webmasters got all the same content. And sure it's good but I need a little variety in my life, especially when you promise 20 GB of content and a nice portion of it is repeats. So some minus points for this as well.

The movies here on Alex Pass are all taken from commercial DVDs, which can give you a perfect idea of the girls and action right there. The girls look like porn stars. Some of them have a nice amateur tint to them, but all in all these are dirty girls who do dirty things on camera. The action is pretty hardcore, with some focus on gangbangs and anal here.

At the time of review, there were a total of seven sites on the network. They claim 20 GB of content, but there is so much repetition between the sites that I'd be surprised if you ended up with more than 5GB on your hard drive. So it's kind of a misrepresentation. There is nowhere near the content of the two big sites in this type of porn site. And normally I'd say, hey, they are new and growing, give them a chance. But here, they are new and already reusing content from site to site. You get membership to all seven of the sites here, but no bonus sites past that. They say they update daily, but I see no evidence of that. I'm sure the site is updated, but I'm just not sure about daily. More like when each individual webmaster feels like it. Nothing anywhere is time stamped so I have no idea when that is!


Basically a duplicate of Adult Bouncer and Deluxepass. Hell, compare site setups! I sincerly hope that Alex Pass can get their shit together, have their webmasters put up some different content from each other, and grow to be the caliber of those two sites. But for right now, it's just a very very weak comparison. And at the same price as Deluxe Pass and Adult Bouncer, there is no reason to join here. If you haven't joined AB or DP, join them instead. If you've pilfered all of the content from those two sites, it's still not worth joining up here, because you will be mightily pissed when you see where your 30 dollars buys you here versus where it did on the supersites you conquered.


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