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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $21.95/30 days
$49.95/90 days
$59.95/180 days

Review of Dawn Desire:

Pantyhose is one fetish that can cover many different fetishes all in one swoop. Feet fans can love pantyhose, because they are on the feet of course, and theres just something about feet in pantyhose that make you go mmm mmm mmm. Theres also the leg fans. Legs are an integral part of pantyhose. Theres nothing that beats a nice pair of legs in a nice pair of pantyhose. Remember the ZZ Top video for Legs? Many of those legs were in pantyhose, if I do remember correctly. And finally you have the pantyhose fans. The "umm, im buying these for my wife" group who bring them back to their house and use them to rub one off. So in essence you are getting three fetishes in one with a pantyhose site. And that is what you get with Dawn Desire!

Dawn Desire is a more traditional oriented site with a focus on both Dawn Desire, her girlfriends, and their pantyhose. It's not quite a single model site, even though the name might lead you to believe that. Dawn has 6-9 regular models who are on the site. They are on the site every month, and this is their site almost as much as its Dawns. Even though there are different girls, the theme remains the same without- panthose fetish, good for those of you into feet and legs as well.

Dawn Desire has a nice site setup. When you first sign onto the site, you are given a text only main page. There is a little introduction from Dawn on the right hand side, and on the left hand side there are listings of the latest updates and whatnot. It's all text, and theres buttons on the top of the page to get you where you want to go. The site is really simple and easy to navigate. It almost looks like an older site, where theres more text and not a lot of thumbnails all over the place. With a membership here, you don't need a ton of thumbnails anyway. You'll get an intimate knowledge of all the girls after a while, and when you see a new update for each girl, you will know ahead of time if you will like it or not. The site runs smoothly- you will never have a question to where anything is. It's just all around ease of navigation and simple browsing. Very nice.

I'd say that the focus of this site is by far the pictures. The picture galleries are expansive. First, you select the year (from 2004 to 2001). Then, you select the girl. And then you have a listing of all of the girls galleries from that year. When you finally get to the pictures, you have lots of choices as far as image size goes. You can view images in size 256, 640, 800, 1024, and original. So you do have lots of choices. No matter the picture size, each picture looks stunning. There is beautiful color, clear quality and just great photography. The pictures are done really well here. The only real complaint I can come up with is that within the galleries, alot of the pictures are "samey." They probably could have cut the gallery sizes down quite a bit. But thats just a minor thing. Onto the videos.

The videos here take almost a back seat to the pictures. However, Dawn Desire does take the time to put together a very competant and fulfilling video section. These videos stream as WMVs. You can also download the movies, either in their original WMV format or in the ZIP format. In the later sessions, the videos have been available for both broadband and regular connections. There have been videos on the site since 2001, and you can see the steady improvement of quality over time. These videos aren't perfect, they are about what you would expect from a more picture heavy website. There is some pixelation and bluriness at full screen, and they're not even perfect at the smaller screen in some cases. Over time, the quality got better- but still its not perfect. If this was a video focus site, I'd be more worried- but here you get a good compliment to the awesome pictures.. and it makes for a very nice site all around!

Dawn Desire is the main focus of the site. Her and her friends are all very attractive women, who are all white and amateur looking. I guess thats the best way to describe them. They all have incredible legs and feet which fans of those particular genres will love. The action here is focused on pantyhose, legs, and feet. And it's not just "fucking while in pantyhose" type stuff. It's basically girls playing with themselves with pantyhose on, lots of footjobs and handjobs with the aid of pantyhose, some lesbian type stuff- but for the most part it's pretty softcore stuff. You have to really like the fetish to like the site, it won't appeal to those of you who don't! But those of you who do, this is a great site for the fetish!

Dawn Desire doesn't have any bonus sites really. They do, however, boast a HUGE amount of content. Theres about 45 videos and countless numbers of picture sets (they say their total number of pics is over 60,000) The site is completely amateur and exclusive, so you won't have to worry about seeing this stuff anywhere else. There are some cool extras to the site in lieu of no bonus sites; theres a webcam where you can chat and view Dawn Desire at set times. You can also contact each of the girls directly through the site.


Lots of content, great pictures and passable videos make Dawn Desire a pantyhose site worth checking out. Its a good site melded in the traditional style and is definately worth a look-see for any pantyhose, feet, or leg fans in general. I liked my stay here and I am off to save some of these beautiful pictures to my hard drive!


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