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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days
$99.95/183 days

Review of Give Me Pink:

Finally! The creators of and have launched a new site. I say finally because I have really been waiting for these guys to do something new and I know a lot of others have as well. If you don't know why one would anticipate a new porn site like this then you obviously haven't checked out the samples yet. These guys set a new standard for the quality level on internet porn sites. Right when we were all (including your truly) praising the rise of the reality porn these guys came out with material that wasn't amateurish and without the "unaware" acting, just quality content aimed at (at the time) the anal niche which actually made us look at the pictures again and not just download the videos. Now they are aiming a new niche, that's right, it's no longer about the rear end, now it's flipped and the focus is now placed on the female pink bits, give me!

What kind of action is there? is a "softcore" site in the sense that there are only single girl sets but as single model sets go these are pretty hardcore. I haven't actually seen a site that succeeds so well in addressing it's niche since, I must say that so far the material produced here is very unique and creative. The girls give it all they got, they dress up, they spray on the make up to help them look upper class and then they explore their bodies, scratch that, then they explore their pussies. As I said, each set gets pretty creative, but one thing that's true for just about any of them is that a speculum comes into play. But really it's a play with your imagination because the girls mix it up quite a bit with cucumbers, double penetration toys, milk squirting and other sexual exploration stunts.

What's with the pictures and videos?

Both video clips and full picture sets are available for each model and just to kick it off on the most positive note, I find the pictures to be just about perfect. The resolution is high and they really are so sharp that you just want to sink your teeth into every shot. These are not to be mistaken for the screenshots that are also made available, actually it's quite nice that the screenshots are there too and they are also well done.

The videos are of course what most people are really interested in at first though this might change as you surf your way through the pictures. You have a lot of options regarding how you want to video the movies. First of all you can view them online by having them streamed, these streams are available in low and medium quality and are streamed in windows media format. The streams are only available as segments and so you can't just start off the entire movie and watch it from beginning to end. This you can do with the download files. You also have all the segments available as downloadable .mpg files in low/med and high quality. The full movie can be downloaded either as medium quality .mpg file or "super HQ" .wmv file (this gets around 300-400 mb in size).

For me the only thing that really rocked my world was the full movie "super HQ" quality downloads. These were great quality and they were a great parallel to the pictures even if the quality doesn't stick out as much as on the pics. The .mpg's of high quality do alright but really those are just average in my book as well but still great if you want to save a bit on download time, if not, go for the best and full movie downloads. Broadband users really get the most of this site regarding videos.

How much is in there and when will we get more?

Well the site has just kicked off with 14 scenes in total and they are adding a new scene per week. This update ratio is average but at least each scene comes complete with video, screenshots and pictures. It's very decent to kick a site off with 14 scenes these days but no doubt that in 3 months time the content will be a lot more appealing.

So it's all just peachy keen?

Well… no. There is one thing that remains to be a thorn in my side with this site and that is the ads that are placed strategically in the picture sections and on the main members splash page. It's not just one site that they are up-selling, if it was perhaps it would be easier to ignore the ad space, no it's a lot of different sites at times with pictures that may fool you to think it's part of the content and so you click it.

I can't hide it, I love what these guys do. It's obvious that there is a talented photographer behind the site and it shows in both the videos and the pictures making them really sexy and different to look at. If you are into close-ups of the vagina and this being filled up with all kinds of things and generally erotic girls then this site is a must to check out. My only grief is the ads and I wish they would take them out, but they probably make them money and so that's a long shot. Also in about 3 months time we will get a lot more for our money but still, this site is one of a kind and I'm sure it will fill a void with many porn surfers out there. Recommended.


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