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Review of My Asian Massage:

I just woke up. I'm feeling a little tense right about now. I could go for a nice back massage. Not just a normal massage however. I'd like to go for the kind that we find here on My Asian Massage. There are many steps to the massages here on this site. The first step is the actual massage. The second is the convincing (like I'd need much), the third is the blowjob, the fourth is the dick down, and the fifth is the humiliating facial. Thats my kind of massage! And it's also the kind of Massage here on My Asian Massage, a five step extravaganza that I would really like to be a part of!

My Asian Massage is a reality site with a focus on asian on asian sex. The sets go along those steps I outlined above. The site is actually showing those steps. This is really a reality site, moreso than some of the other sites on this network. They take a theme, and they run with it. The theme is that these asian girls are massage experts. They are also sex experts! With the two combined, they make very interesting movies for us! The theme is present in every video set, and they do a good job sticking to it. And they also do a good job with the theme, it's not anything new and breathtaking, but it's a fresh take on the asian genre of sex. Which is what I think reality sites should really be, is take a genre, put a little quirk on it, and let it flow and be real! Just my opinion but I'm sure lots of you agree!

The site setup of My Asian Massage is very reality in nature. They have multiple thumbnails. They break each set down into those five areas that I described above. Then they have thumbnails for each area. Theres a total of nine thumbnails, with three being larger and the other six being smaller. They really give you a good feel for what the set is going to be like, and are very effective. There is also a little description with every set which is kinda cool. The site design looks pretty cool.. they do some fun graphical things to fit in with the asian theme, and all around I just have to say that they do a good job with the site design here. It looks good, it runs good, and it makes me happy!

The videos on My Asian Massage are exclusively high-end MPGs. The files are pretty long- in the 300 and 400 MB range for all of them. There are no other options.. you are stuck with these big MPGs. The files only come in full video form as well. Usually I praise full video, but I like having options. Full video is great, but for a site to be well rounded you have to have a mixture of full video, segments, and file sizes to keep everybody across the board happy. Speaking of which, these videos are huge. They almost are on the side of unmanagable. I'm fine with big videos, but the downloading seemed a little iffy as well. It was slow, then fast, then slow again- just a weird server I guess. On some other network sites I had downloads cut off, but not here. I just think they could do better with a slimmer style video. The quality is great, but its a balance you need to make.

The quality on My Asian Massage is very very good. With file sizes like this, it better be! It's flawless on the small screen and nearly flawless on the big screen as well. These videos really look good, with very little pixelation even when being fully full screened. The only thing is, MPGs can be sluggish sometimes. And you have to personally balance whether you like the movies enough to download through a 300-400MB movie and then try to keep em on your hard drive. Chances are you will do it- but its a balance not everyone will take the same side on.

The girls on My Asian Massage are, well, asian. I never really had a huge asian fetish myself, so I might not be the best judge of this. An asian girl has to be absolutely stunningly beautiful for me to dig her. And that just didn't happen here. I'm not saying that against the girls, it just wasn't my thing and I'm sure some will relate to me. If you like asians, its a completely different story. Chances are you will completely dig the girls here and like the site a lot! Check out the previews and decide for yourself as they are done very well. The action here is asian on asian sex. Most asian sites feature white or black guys doing asian girls, but thats not the case here. That might turn off some asian fans who like the interracial aspects of the majority of these types of sites. The action follows the five sequences listed on the site. As a refresher it goes: Massage, Convince, Oral, Sex, Cumshot. Not too far removed from most movies except for the massage part!

At the time of review, My Asian Massage only had a total of four sets up. That is a low amount of content, but the network My Asian Massage is on has a ton of sites. This is the only asian site on the network, and its also one of the only true reality sites on the network- most of the others are more video oriented. Oriented, get it? Anyway, the network is updated almost daily, and heres a little bit about it.

A membership here nets you a ton of sites: Gag School, Gag On My Cock, Leaking Liquids, Jerk Me Now, Just Creampie, Asian Massage, Jizz On Glasses, Look At Me Bitch, Daily Fresh Movies, Suck My Dick Now, and Teens Turn Whores. This is a big deal, with lots of good sites with good content. And with almost daily updates, it's an impressive deal and definately worth it!


My Asian Massage is a good little site in part of a bigger network. The network is a good deal, but its full of little sites like this which need to be expanded for them to compete with the bigger reality networks. Still, it's a good site just a little slim on content!


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