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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of School Bus Chicks:, did you just stop to think about the famous there for a while? If you did it's ok, the creators of this particular website call their site an homage for pioneer of the reality genre. A genre that they would like their own "bus" site to fall under. I'm not going to give this one a reality category stamp though as it turns out that none of the movies here are actually exclusive but just DVD movies they have licensed. These movies are to be found on a lot of other sites that offer 50x more content for the same price so it's gonna be really hard for this site to make it worth our while.

It's a very simple site in every sense of the word. The design is simply but quite pleasing to the eye and we only have to endure one banner per page this is for an interracial teens site. Just as simple is the content, scenes, the equivalent of 2 perhaps 3 porn movies and this really makes for a bad buy when you think about the fact that offers 620 movies for the same price. Here you can go look up the studio Devil's Films and you will find the DVD series that are offered on both this site and the other sites in this network.
I know I might be a big harsh on this site regarding this issue but all these sites all digging into the same box 'o porn to make a website is confusing to the surfers and a lot of us have tried to pay for the same content a lot of times.

Ok so it's not exclusive, but we are dealing with good content here, which is another way of saying they kept the quality level on "high" when ripping the DVDs . They offer 4 levels of quality for all the clips and the highest one is just about as good as a .wmv file can ever be I think so no bitching about the quality at all. Another plus of course is that the movies can be downloaded, it's not really earth shattering news as unoriginal material is rarely protected from downloads. Also the video screen caps that are offered as pictures are of very good quality considering they are just captures.

Some burps about the videos could then be that we can't download a scene in its entirety we are forced to deal with 6 segments for each of them. Considering the scenes are just 20 minutes or less I don't see why this option isn't available, but perhaps users would have gotten all the content down in less than hour and realized that maybe they didn't really get that much for $30?...

Actually the truth is you do get more. Following the current trend that is to make more sites that caters to more niches in order to cash in on more surfers, this site comes with a lot of sister sites:
Cum Filled Throat



Never Done ThatBefore


Sign up to either of these sites and you get the whole package. Making these bonus packages have always seemed like a good idea to me because, hey, we might wanna check out the videos from the other niches. However it's starting to feel that we are just to feel less screwed over when we sign up. Some of you reading this review might only be interested in the site and couldn't care less about the rest. So if you sign up and pay $30 for 3 porn movies you might feel like you just grossly overpaid. Enter the bonus sites, they are there to make money on their own and to make you feel like you are getting much much more than you paid for, when in reality you were only interested in the one site that didn't come through for you.

I have seem some awesome examples of how these bonus deals can be made, like when started grouping their sites together. This was great because each site was huge in it's own way and the content for each and every site was produced exclusively for their own sites. A lot of others have followed this recipe now and god bless ‘em. But with this unoriginal content you are really better off going for one site that holds it all like or

I think the studio produced movies are good here and the buildup's are decent while keeping the theme. However I really do sit back with the feeling that I paid too much for this one site. Luckily I do dig some of the other niche sites and downloaded from those too, but fact of the matter is that much better deals for unoriginal content is available out there. Only reason I see for signing up here is if you don't wanna go looking for these particular school bus clips elsewhere.


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