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Review of Virgin Breaker:

Snow is so pure, and beautiful. People in some areas of the country don't get any snow whatsoever. I say those people are missing out. When you look outside at a first snowfall of the season, its awe inspiring. Then after the third or fourth one, it gets boring and repetitive. Driving in the snow, having to shovel snow, after the first time it all goes downhill. I can compare snow with something very sexual- virgins. They are so pure and beautiful the first time they are broken. And then after that- it all goes downhill!

Virgin Breaker is a website with the focus on virgins getting broken. I guess. It's all pretty much a ruse. For people searching for real virgins, you're about to get your heart broken. All you get here is younger looking teens getting it on with an older dude. It's set up more like a traditional site, but the focus is more like a reality site. If that makes any sense. Well, the whole theme of the site has been shot down- but is it still a good site overall? Read on my friends....

The site setup of Virgin Breaker is kind of weak. When you first sign up, you get an updates page with about five sets of the most recent content. The most recent content being posted five months ago, by the way. The site is set up sort of like an old school computer program would be. Crappy little icons on the top. Each set is only given one thumbnail on the front page. It's a decent thumbnail and shows the girl off relatively well, yet it's nothing to be too fond of either. Just sort of there. The site design doesn't lend itself to be particularly terrible, it's just not great either. Sort of on the weaker side of the middle.

The videos on Virgin Breaker are also on the weaker side of the middle. From the main page, you are taken to a page with more thumbnails. You can download the full video, or download clips. There is a thumbnail for every clip. These videos come in WMV format only. The videos are all relatively short, and lend themselves for a smaller, quicker download. That is also complimented by the fact that these videos are done in 340k. The videos end up being about 40 MB for the full movies. The clips end up being about 5 MB a piece. Therefore it's very dialup friendly- and not very broadband friendly. This is due to the video quality.

The quality on Virgin Breaker is just OK. 340K is the highest quality here. On most video heavy sites, 340K is the middle of the road video quality- not great but not terrible here. As the main video quality here, it just doesn't hold up. When you full screen the videos, they're not looking so good. Lots of grainy pixelation, and it's just not the kind of quality you want from a movie, especially when you pay a relatively large membership fee for these videos. It's just not a good deal for the quality. On top of this, the camera is pretty much in the same position the whole time making the videos weak and boring.

Virgin Breaker also has pictures. The pictures are vidcaps, pictures taken of the video action. it's like taking a picture of a tv screen. They are relatively good looking, for what they are. At the same time, they could be so much better. But it's vidcaps and its expected here. But I'd like to say that a good pictures section would help out the lackluster videos section, but it's not the case here.

The girls on Virgin Breaker are, well, I don't want to be too mean.. but I got two words for ya: Arf Arf. I'm all for natural looking girls, and thats what we have here. Girls who are obviously not porn stars by any stretch of the imagination. They are very average looking girls which are good but you can consider them "amateur looking." The girls are younger looking, but none of them can really pass as virgins (unless you think they are ugly enough that nobody would want a slice of that ass.) The guy is an older gray haired guy, who is pretty good at playing the dirty old man role. The action is kind of weird. There is a lot of foreplay, and not much actual sex action. It works out pretty good, but it's kind of creepy watching this old guy play with himself as much as he does. And there is quite a lot of masturbation here. It's different and cool, but it'd be a lot better in the form of better pictures and videos.

There is a grand total of 8 video and picture sets here on Virgin Breaker. Not a big number at all, especially since the timestamped updates tell us that the site hasn't been updated in five months at the time of review. No bonus sites here, and with no forseeable updates, I'm not sure what if any value a membership here would serve.


Virgin Breaker doesn't have any real standout features. Everything on the site ranges from "blah" to "eh." Theres really not much to praise here, and the value factor is also very low. Theres just nothing to praise here, and lots to just say "eh" about.


$18.95 30 Day Membership


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