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Sometimes you just need a change. A nice breath of fresh air, if you will. Sometimes that change means taking a different road home from work. Sometimes it means skipping over your regular porn reality sites to try something different. I needed that change, I have been looking at reality site after reality site lately.. and needed a little something different. So I took to looking for extremely amateur sites, and I found one in Home Clips. Was it worth it? Find out as this exciting review begins!

Home Clips is an all amateur video website made by the makers of Voyeur Web. When I say all amateur, thats what I mean. The sites contents is comprised totally of people sending in their home videos and the webmasters posting them. A completely different concept from what a lot of internet porn is. It's a concept that not everyone will enjoy, but many, like myself, will like as a breath of fresh air to the regular porn sites out there. As a concept, the idea of anybody sending in anything leads to a wide gap of different types of material on the site. It is a mix in the true sense of the word, with the only consistent themes coming through when the site runs a contest with a theme (ie Girl/Girl, etc.) Otherwise its a mix, and not much of a theme here other than the "regular people" theme.

The site design on Home Clips is sorta, eh. I truly feel that even though you are running an amateur site, doesn't mean you have to have an amateur webdesign. And that is what is truly the case here. When you first sign onto Home Clips, you get a page full of text links to all the content. The text links are not very useful in telling you what is on the video, thumbnails would be much better. When you click on a text link, you are given a thumbnail and then given options to stream and download the videos. It's just a lot of work to get a short video clip, in my opinion. I'd rather section off the main member page by weeks, that way there is only eight pages or so, throw some smaller thumbnails on there and also the video download link right there. The videos are listed reverse chronologically, which is what you expect from an archive. But because of the sites rules on file lengths and video lengths, some "scenes" are split up in as many as 12 parts and listed all over the place. Pain in the butt! Otherwise it's just a simple design, probably easier for the webmasters to update this way.. but with membership money being thrown at you, I'd expect a better design.

With that said, it's time to talk about the videos on Home Clips. Well, first of all- they truly are clips. The site has a strict policy to not allow any video over two minutes in length and any file over 5MB in size. What does that mean? Fast, easy downloading but very short videos that will not satisfy you if you like longer action. Each video clip gives you four video options- three qualities of WMV and one Quicktime MP4. Why they need three qualities, I don't know. The file sizes are so small even at high quality, it is easily managable by even a slow connection. I'd rather the site use their time making those three extra video files go away, and put it towards a better frontpage. Back to the clips, they are short and sweet. It's kind of cool how a lot can be packed into a two minute video clip, and I didn't really mind the size at all. It was the first time I've downloaded where it took me longer to get to the clip than it did to download it. The way it's setup is, from the front page text link, you go to a second page with a thumbnail and the quality links. From there, you go to the third page which streams the video and gives you the option to download it. There are some unneccesary steps there, in my opinion. Still, as a whole, you get your stuff and you cannot complain too much.

It is impossible to make a blanket statement on all of the videos here on Home Clips. Since they are all shot and converted by different people, you get a broad range of qualities and video looks. Some are absolutely gorgeous.. I would hire some of these videographers to work for me if I were to do a reality porn site or even some professional porn. There is some work that really stands out even given the restraints of the file size. And then there is some shitty, dark, ugly looking camerawork. I'd say most of it falls pretty much in the middle of those two extremes- good work, but nowhere near the quality of professional and semi-professional porn. Quality freaks will not enjoy Home Clips. The nature of the site alone does not lend itself to good quality. On top of that, theres the file and sizing limitations. Mix that all up and you get so-so quality. I really shouldn't say that though. I was actually surprised with the quality at full screen of a lot of these movies, even if the camerawork was shitty. So it's just there, don't sign up for this site based on quality but it's better than it could have been.

There are no pictures here on Home Clips. Instead, you have their mother site Voyeur Web for that purpose. That is a free site so it's not really a bonus site. They have a pay section too, and I'm just blabbing here icon_smile.gif Basically- it's an all video site, and if you want to see amateur pictures like this, consult their mother site and their pay section!

The women here on Home Clips are no models, for the most part. These are everyday women.. and not your "everyday woman hottie" that you get on professional amateur sites. Instead, they are your bankers, your neighbors, etc. People just like you and me. This might turn off a lot of people, but it is also cool for another group of people. There are some women on here who could very easily be on a reality site and be very popular.. but for the most part they are regular gals just having fun and showing it to their community. As I touched on before, the action is all across the board. There is really no common thread here, although it is mainly regular porn action, anal was the kinkiest stuff I saw on here.

There are no bonus sites when you sign up with Home Clips. However, the site is updated daily with a minimum of five new clips. Considering this is a yearly membership, that is 1825 movies a year as a minimum, probably closer to 2000 in reality! Thats a great amount of content, but with the setup of the site- chances are you won't like all 2000 of the videos. Still, its nice to have choices and that really adds to the appeal of the site. The archive on this site only lasts two months, and then the files are whisked away to Funbags, the archive portion of the Voyeurweb family which is another membership fee.


Don't let the rating fool you- (doesn't that sound odd?) this is a great site for a getaway when you are sick of seeing the same old girls doing the same old things in reality sites. If you like homemade porn, it's an EXCELLENT site. Its different and it's cool but it could also use a lot of work design wise, and you aren't getting good quality videos, which is kind of hard to rate against because the whole concept of the site, but the videos still aren't the best quality throughout. So a lower rating but still a good site all in all and a great deal for a yearly membership lower than most sites monthly memberships!


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