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Pictures: No Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, Windows

Prices: $4.95/2 days, rebills at $24.95
$24.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Porn Star Classics:

Let's take a little trip down memory lane shall we? If you are generally interested in porn, or perhaps if you just remember these films from when you raided your dads collection back in the early eithties then the name of this site should at least spawn some interest with you, it sure did with me.

There is no doubt that porn over the years has evolved, the production of movies has blown up and the movies are getting more and more hardcore to outsell all the others. If we go back 20 years then productions of porn movies were still reserved to fairly large companies and so the market wasn't as oversaturated as it might appear to be now. That's probably also why the only male pornstar names any of us know are of the guys who started back then. Also the pornstarlets made bigger names for themselves back then, everyone would have heard of the girls who did the movies, today we only hear of a handful of them, and the ones we do know the names of are usually all Vivid girls.
This site has decided to revive the silly plots, the corny music to bring us nostalgic porn and god bless ‘em, that's a solid idea!

It took me about 20 minutes to actually decided whether to join this site or not. You already know what I decided to do but I was really not happy about joining for a full month without a trial period and I certainly didn't like the lack of information the "tour" offered. Still I almost had tears in my eyes trying to remember some of my favorite old porn flicks so I took a chance and figured that either way it would be an interesting review to write.

Ok so I was now $30 poorer but my spirit was high and I was looking forward to going back through the porn time line. The first slap in the face I got was when I saw how few movies they had to offer. Perhaps I am getting spoiled by the DVD sites that have launched recently where I got 250 movies right off the bat, but considering how many movies this niche could cover I think 43 is a bit low and gives us a very small chance of find just that movie that we remember. Perhaps the creators are aware of small selection and that's why they won't list their movies on the tour page?... One can only guess.

I recognized a few of the movies though and some of the girls I was really happy to see on film again so I stayed positive. It didn't take more than 10 minutes before my next disappointment was a reality. I had streamed a few minutes of a movie at first but decided to download a movie now. I couldn't download a whole movie as one file, but I could download them by scene which is ok. However, once I had downloaded the movie I tried to played and it would but first I had to type in my username/password to play the file, this is because the movies are DRM license protected. This means that once your subscription to this site runs out you won't be able to watch the movies you downloaded, ain't that a kick in the head?

I thought this last blow to the head was almost too much. I mean one of the arguments that made me decide to join was that they advertised "fully downloadable" on their tour, which I guess is right but a bit misleading. I think that when most people read this statement they will assume that this means they get to keep the movies they download and will be able to look at them long after their subscription has expired, sorry that's not gonna happen. I think this can be circumvented by just changing the date on your computer to a date in the period when you were a subscriber of the site, but that's quite a hassle as well.

On a more optimistic note the movie quality was actually better than I had expected. I expected VHS rips with all kinds of tape disturbances all over the screen constantly but actually the picture quality was very nice. You can still tell that the sources are a bit old but as internet video quality goes these do alright, the sound quality can be very muzzled and metallic at times though but I'm not sure if that isn't actually how the sources were from the get go.

A new movie is supposed to be added every Sunday, well I couldn't tell when the last one was added but it said that the next update was going to take place 7 days ago… Perhaps that's the only update they have skipped I don't know but either way it's not totally impressive update frequency.

To sweeten the deal for us they have the well known reality feeds we've seen a few times by now and some licensed amateur videos. This nice bonus content if you haven't seen it all before. There are also a lot of ads placed here and there, some disguised as extra content and then plain old ads put there to make upsells for other sites, this never stops annoying me in sites that I have paid for to access.

This is a great idea that is being executed with great profits in mind. The movies become worthless if you do not keep your subscription running, the selection is too narrow to really make hardcore fans of the niche cheer. Combine that with ads placed every where around the site and a sluggish, perhaps not even kepts, update frequency and you really get a sub par site. However I can't say that I have a great alternative for those of you out there who are still interested in exploring this golden age of porn I just can't warmly recommend this one also because I never got an e-mail confirmation of my membership, and there wasn't a link on the site to the cancellation page. You can do this at


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