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Review of Ghetto Gaggers:

As a wrestling fan, I remember one wrestler very fondly. His name was Bad News Brown, and he was the baddest mofo in the WWF. His style was completely comparable to the one that Stone Cold made popular years later. But he was just a bad guy, the baddest of the bad guys. That is why when downloading porn from this site, I kept thinking of Ghetto Blasters as the name. The Ghetto Blaster was his finishing maneuver. However, this site is called Ghetto Gaggers, and it's all about sisters in the ghetto getting covered with white!

Ghetto Gaggers is a reality site, which is not too far removed from the same idea as its sister (get it, sister?) site Facial Abuse. The only real difference is that Ghetto Gaggers has all black women, all the time. Like Facial Abuse, the theme here is face fucking, bukkake-esque cumshots and general degradation towards women. This site is very hardcore, and its the kind of porn that makes us porn viewers seem violent. Still, some people are into this type of porn, so here is the review of it!

Ghetto Gaggers has a very good site design that I enjoyed immensely. When you first sign in and select Ghetto Gaggers, you are given a front page that displays lots of content. Theres plenty of sets right on the front page, and theres two pages of content. My favorite aspect of the site is that there was very little "clicking" involved. You could download the movies right there on the front page, without having to go through a lot of BS. Even better, the thumbnailling on the page is great. There is one big thumbnail portraying the final bukkake-ish result of the set. Then there are several smaller thumbnails to portray the action before the final curtain fell. I like this a lot. Usually, when you can download right from the front page, there are just text links or very few thumbnails. I like it this way. Even better, theres a little box that tells you file sizes, movie lengths, and number of pictures as well. Very informative and useful. I really like the site design, it won't win any awards for originality or coolness but it delivers what you want fast and easily, can't ask for much more than that!

The videos on Ghetto Gaggers are the highlight and focus of the site. The video format on the site is all WMV. You can download full videos in both broadband and 56K. You can also download 56K segmented clips. I really dig the full video option, it makes downloading a breeze and I don't mind the file sizes. Speaking of downloading, it did take me some time to download from Ghetto Gaggers. I think this is more a product of downloading ten 300MB+ files at one time than any slowness of the server, however. Still, just let the downloads run and go get some sleep- you deserve it, Mr. or Miss Porn Baron! The thumbnails give you a great idea if the video is worth a long download or not- so no worries there. It's just no hassle downloading. The only small, minor, baby complaint I might make is that there is no middle ground as far as file size and file quality goes. Theres a great quality, and then theres 56K. Some people might prefer a middle. But its just a minor complaint and one that is so minor I'd ignore it myself if I was webmaster!

The quality of the videos is also very very good. I'm speaking about the broadband quality videos of course. At this quality, the movies look great at small screen. You can full screen them as well. There is a little bluriness at full screen- not too much, but a little bit. Enough to mention. But it's still a great picture and a blast to watch. Lots of quality points here, and the camerawork is also done really well for an amateurish reality site!

You have two options for pictures here on Ghetto Gaggers. One is regular vidcaps. I was actually really impressed by the vidcaps. They looked nice and were very good, for vidcaps. Don't get me wrong, if these were the pictures on an all pictures site, I'd be throwing a shit fit about them. But as vidcaps they are good! There is also a section with high resolution pictures. These pictures are very good quality and worth taking a look at for picture fans the world around!

The girls here on Ghetto Gaggers are fairly attractive black women. They are by no means the beauties you see on some ebony sites, but they aren't the busted up bitches you'd see if you went into a real ghetto either. Sort of like in the middle of those two extremes. The action here is interracial as well. There are white guys performing these actions on the black girls. Although the theme of the site is violent face fucking, there is all kinda of porn action in each set. The focus is just on the face fucking and the bukkake afterwards. Nice action here, it flows smoothly and looks good on camera.

With your membership here, you also get access to Facial Abuse. These are two very like-minded sites that go good together. Alot of reality networks focus on ideas that are completely different. This one is good because if you like one site, you'll probably like the other (unless you don't like black girls, or you only like black girls!) At time of review, Ghetto Gaggers had 13 sets of content. That isn't a whole lot, but it's still good considering the quality and length of the sets. They claim to update weekly, even though theres no timestamps. With the content on Facial Abuse, I'd guess that they do indeed work on weekly updates!


Ghetto Gaggers is a good site for the theme. Not everyone will like the black girls theme, and not everyone will like the extreme hardcore theme. But if you like them both you are in heaven. And if you like interracial black girl/white guy porn, this is one of the few reality sites I've seen with this theme exclusively. So you might have to put up with the extreme hardcore to get what you want. Either way, it's a good site and a good deal packaged with Facial Abuse!


29.95 One Month membership

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