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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Cum Filled Throat:

I like to fill my stomach. Today I ate a bagel. Last night I plowed down an entire bag of chips, as well as a double quarter pounder, and a large order of fries. Yeah, the diets not going so well. Now, this isn't an introduction to a BBW site- I've never had a BBW site to do! Instead, the girls on here like to fill their throat... with that hot sticky substance we all know and love!

Cum Filled Throat is a reality site with a big focus on blowjobs and cumshots. I hate saying that a site is focused on cumshots, because every porn video (except lesbian) has cumshots... Now a bukkake site, that might be a different story.. anyway, the focus here is blowjobs and the cumshots that follow them. If you don't like blowjob action, I recommend you continue on to the network sites.. because that is pretty much all that you get here! This is a straight up reality site, so you should pretty much know what to expect before even logging in- but that won't stop me from talking about it anyway!

When you first sign onto Cum Filled Throat, you are given three sets of content right there. The set up is completely reality-eque, with each set given a little portion with a description, links to the content, and some thumbnails. There is one big thumbnail and eight smaller thumbnails. These thumbnails are very effective in getting across the content of the site- and you can pretty much tell whether or not you will enjoy the set from the front page. This is good, saves you some time and with the pain in the ass file naming system, it helps you out even more. More on that later. Otherwise, this is a pretty simplistic web design- at the same time, it's very easy to use with no bullshit so you have a really top notch site design despite its simplicity.

Let's talk videos. As a reality site, there really is a focus on the videos. The video files come in four quality options. They range from dialup to broadband, with a few in the middle to really satisfy everybody. The videos are segmented, not by time but by breaks in the action. Therefore, there might be a segment for blowjob, one for fucking, etc. On this site in particular, it's pretty much all blowjob all the way through.. which makes the segmentation a little bit weaker. Still, its there. There is no full video option, which kinda sucks. I really like having that option. The videos are in WMV format only, even though theres lots of quality options within the WMV format, you are still pretty much stuck there.

At highest quality, these videos looked GREAT. They full screen very nicely with very little quality and picture loss. At small screen they were perfect. You really couldn't ask for much better from an amateur reality site company. They promise DVD quality here. I'm not sure I would go that far, as these videos lack the complete crispness of a DVD- but they are still damn high quality! Lots of respect for the videos. One major problem though, and thats that the files aren't uniqely named. And worse, each set has different segment lengths. So you really have to change the file name for every file to effectively store and burn the files. I didn't do that, as I have an automatic download set up. And now that I'm nearly done with this network, it has become VERY annoying and I very much wish the webmasters would change this problem for ease of downloading to their paying customers!

Cum Filled Throat also has a pictures section. The pictures section really plays second fiddle to the videos, as is often the case on reality sites. Here its even more apparant, as the pictures page just has a small little link on the videos page and main page. And as you would expect, the pictures are mainly vidcaps- poorly taken ones at that! As far as organization, another kudos to the site designers. The thumbnails and galleries in general look great... it's just the whole vidcap thing that kills it all.

The girls on Cum Filled Throat are, well, OK. Heres my experience.. I went through the first couple of pages and didn't download much. Then I found the women on the later pages a lot more to my liking. So its pretty much a mixture. Most of the girls here are white and younger looking. The action, as I've mentioned before, is primarily blowjobs and cumshots. The blowjobs are long and drawn out. The length of the video sets here isn't much shorter than a regular video set, but its all blowjobs.. which can get boring after a while, but if you like blowjobs I guess it's good! The action is shot well and looks good on camera.

Cum Filled Throat is part of a network. This network includes Pink Eye Sluts, Gangland Victims, School Bus Chicks, Never Done That Before, and Cum Filled Throat with two more sites coming soon. Great network, and as an individual site Pink Eye Sluts already has a nice amount of content. There are four total pages with three sets each, giving us a total of around twelve sets already and this is a relatively new site. There is no time stamping or update schedule in place, so I really have no idea how often Cum Filled Throatis updated, sorry. Still, a good deal with the network of sites and some nice themes within the network.

One other word on the network. Cum Filled Throat is definately the least original site on the network. Both theme wise and action wise. The network is good to check out as a breath of fresh air, with eye popping, gangsta action, etc. This is just sort of "eh, blowjob" for a site but still a nice site!


Cum Filled Throat is a good site on a relatively strong network. I'd especially recommend this site to blowjob and cumshot fans, as there is this site and also the network site Pink Eye Sluts. Two great sites in one network with that theme. But I still recommend this network to everyone looking for cool new reality sites!


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