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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, Windows, XviD

Prices: $34.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days

Review of The ATM Machine:

This is kind of a hard review to write. In the past I have written reviews on other sites that are made by the same people who is behind this one, hell you even get access to one that I used to be quite excited about. Now it's not that whoever makes these sites has gotten worse at site layout or design, quite the opposite actually. The whole site looks rather yummy on both the outside and the inside but it's like they took an old beat-up car, painted over and are now trying to sell it as brand new.

First off, there is nothing bad about this site. It's really a very nice video site with great quality, full downloads and fairly easy to navigate as well. So if you have never visited sites like and or if the name "Red Light Studios" means squat to you then this site really would be a good buy for you. For those of us who have seen the Red Light content being passed off in all types of forms it's really not worth the bother.

Ok I'm gonna back up a second and just look at the site and how it works.

The videos

The videos are, as I mentioned, Red Light Studio DVD rips and therefore just about the most un-exclusive videos you can buy access to watch these days. Now that we are in here though we might as well check out how they are offering the videos to us.

A movie is available only as one big file so no segments, that's cool with me, I also doubt others will actually miss segments. You can download the files either as a DivX file which is DVD quality (or pretty close) or in Windows Media format where 3 levels of quality are offered. I went for the DivX format and though it was no uncommon for a move to be around 400mb in size, the great speed I got from the site made it a short wait and the quality is also worth a little time for sure.

So what they have done with this site is theme up some of the movies they have from Red Light to make the site This is an anal theme with the added twists that the girls get fucked in the ass and after that they suck the same cock. Instead of trying to pretend that I get the "ATM" analogy I will just say that it's fun name and people who want to make fun of me are free to do so in the forum ;).

All the rest

Other than the videos the site really isn't about much more. They have a photo gallery sections that is filled with screen captures from the movies. The screen caps are fairly decent but calling them "photo sets" seems a bit misleading to me, it's just auto grabbed frames.

I also don't know about the "Extras" they offer, there is this adult game page that is filled with Free Edition games, and filled means 3 games: Blackjack, Poker, Jigsaw Puzzle. Then there is the spread4u link, this is of course also free to everybody unless you wanna go 1on1 with a model, that's when you pay. And finally there is an upsell ad to a penis enlargement program, this is an ad but offered as "extra".
The bonus sites are the best extra bonus we will get here, if you combine all the bonus sites that you get access to when joining you actually get a nice chunk of Red Light videos.

This isn't a bad site but it isn't a great site either. If you look at how much you pay for the big amount of porn you are offered you get a great deal. The problem is that the content they are selling is really oversaturated in online porn and if you are looking for something new, exclusive or even something they produce themselves you won't find it here. It's nicely themed and the design is snazzy, but I still keep my membership at videosz or with deluxepass where the sites are also usually themed.


24.69 / 1 month by Credit Card
49.95 / 3 months by Credit Card
75.00 / 6 months by Credit Card


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