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Review of Hardcore Honeyz:

Honey is produced by bees from flower nectar. It ranges from mild-flavored varieties, clover and organge, to more armonatic varieties, such as thyme. You must remember that when you are measuring honey, you must oil the measuring cup to facilitate pouring. Now that you know a little bit about honey, you are ready to learn about Hardcore Honeyz. Yes, I know, cooking, porn site, weak associate.. but give me some points for trying would ya?

Hardcore Honeyz is a site coming to us straight from the UK. The big focus here is interracial action, and not just white girls and black guys. Theres indian girls and white guys, black guys, theres some asian sets, and there were some black girl sets as well. It's a nice interracial mixture. Theres also some plain white on white sex! I think I was expecting stuff like heavy use of the word "arse" and the expression "face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle." I guess I am ignorant in the culture, as I saw more American slang than anything else here! Anyway, Hardcore Honeyz is a great site which features both pictures and movies prominently. It's more like a traditional site, but with a bigger focus on videos and a better video quality than most traditional sites. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much from the name.. the "s to z substitution" rule of suckage is usually a good rule to follow. When I saw the Z at the end of the site I automatically thought, uh-oh! But it turned out ok, as you will read on!

The site design of Hardcore Honeyz is very professional. It was the first thing that made me think that the stigma of a "Z" site might be shattered here. The site is extremely neat and well organized, while still having a professional design. It looks really good, and it's also really easy to navigate. Could you ask for any more? When you sign on, you get a page full of text links to the latest and greatest sets. The site is categorized very well, as you can check out sets by Star, by Category, or you can just flat out go to the video and picture sets.

The videos were the first things I went after here on Hardcore Honeyz. The video section is very well laid out. It starts with the latest update and works its way down. Each set is very well thumbnailled with big, clear, awesome looking thumbnails. Each video gets a quote, a description, a list of the stars, and a list of categories that the video can fit in. The sets are portioned off in two or three different videos. Within these portions, there are usually four WMV files. When you click to see the video, you get a popup window where a streaming version plays, and it also gives you options to download the segment or the entire set.. however, full sets are split up into portions, so theres really no full video download. Especially since when you do download an entire set, you are downloading a zip file. So you must unzip it, and then you just get 4 segments. I prefer this over downloading each segment individually, but it's still a pain in the ass.. err.. arse. It's a little confusing, but I think you got the point. Oh yeah, the important stuff: 2 minute segments in WMV format. Almost forgot about that!

Ok, so you understand the unorthodox site setup a little hopefully. You are saying, so are these videos worth it? And the answer is "oh hell yeah!" These videos look great at normal size, and look good at full size as well. Some of the videos with a lot of motion don't look as good at full size, but it's still a really good quality. What really blows me away about the videos is the crispness of them. They are also shot extremely well, and just look great. Completely professional looking videos here, and damn good ones at that. As I said, if they could just fix that motion/full screen problem, these videos would be nearly perfect. Still, they look great.. and are definately worth a look.

Hardcore Honeyz also has a pictures section. The pictures are awesome quality pictures! When you go to the photo section, there is a setup very similar to the video setup. It's cool to see photos get the reality treatment. And it gives you a much better idea of what you are getting into, its nice to see a little backstory to pictures as well. There are some pictures that are exclusive to the pictures section with no video counterpart. Those that do have a video counterpart are not vidcaps, and still the same high quality pictures. The pictures are just visually stunning, very high quality. There is one problem with the pictures: no thumbnails in the gallery! You must move from picture to picture like its 1990 all over again! No thumbnailling is very bad, but it is somewhat counteracted by the fact that you can download zip files of every set. Still, a very good picture section with one very big flaw.

The girls on Hardcore Honeyz are hot, hot, hot! They just look great here. They are usually white girls getting pounded by black guys, or indian girls getting pounded by different kinds of guys. Theres a few different sets as well, I'm just generalizing. I really like the girls on here, very very attractive with very nice bodies, nice tans, and cute faces. Still they looked somewhat amateur and not skanky either. The action here is generally your typical porn action, with a somewhat extended blowjob period. Thats how I found it at least. Otherwise, it's great, well shot action here.

Hardcore Honeyz is a relatively new site, not even a month old yet. still, there are 39 video sets and 39 picture sets. The video number is a little decieving, as some of the sets are split into two and three segments. Still, a great amount of content for startup. And with updates coming several a week, the future is looking bright! No bonus sites, but still a great deal with nice content.


This is a top notch, high quality site. Professional look, and awesome porn. A must see for any interracial fan, especially for those with eclectic tastes outside the white-black interracial spectrum. Its few flaws could be easily corrected, and with time I feel this site could grow to be a monster great site!


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