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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
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Prices: $29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days

Review of Squirters:

If you haven't heard about female ejaculation you're missing one of the more interesting "adult" debates in recent years. On one side you've got a growing number of women (and the men that love them) proclaiming the next sexual revolution. On the other, there's an equally large number of naysayers insisting that piss is piss whether it shoots out of you during sex or not. I had read a bit about this before checking out, but I thought I'd better make sure I understood the exact medical claims being made. Lisa Lawless, a psychotherapist with a porn star's name, informs the curious at that it's got nothing to do with urine and is in fact "ejaculate from the Skenes gland" or "the glands that make up the G-spot." Lawless goes on to compare the clear "sweet smelling" fluid to liquid from the male prostate gland. I'll happily take Lawless' word for it, but anyone who wants to stick his finger up his ass and rub his prostate until it secretes is more than welcome to check it out. I read another piece on the subject recently that involved gynecologists on hand for a demonstration and to run tests on the ejaculate samples. The results indicated that the mystery "squirts" were very much like urine but quite dilute. If you want a dvd or book debunking myths and explaining how-to, Lawless will be happy to sell them to you. This is after all a hot niche with plenty of folks trying to make a buck.

Which brings me to the site. Skimming through, I realize pretty quickly that, in terms of technique, all squirts are definitely not created equal. Particularly with the lower quality full videos, I found myself scanning through an hour or two of content looking for the next money shot. When it goes off, though, there's not a lot you can say to refute the reality of this phenomenon. We're talking geysers here. Sure, only a fraction of the models look like they're climaxing as they spray that sweet goodness around, but at some level it's fun to try to pick out the one's that have filled up their vaginas before the big moment or really just seem to be urinating. All in all, there seemed to be a large number of videos that involved women sending healthy streams of fluid more than a couple feet from their urethras.

If that sounds like good fun, I'm happy to report that this is a no-nonsense affair with a serious stash of squirt flics. With weekly updates going back more than two years, we're talking about more than a hundred vids ranging from 10 to 90 minutes in length. Most of the films are single scenes, but there are currently 11 full length collections in windows media format. With the long films you get only the single quality, which is 320X240 .wmv. My player says it's flowing at around 500kb/s, which is passable but not good by any means. With the rest of the flics, however, you've got a choice of .mpeg segments which are around three times as large as the equivalent windows media segments. With the .wmv files you've always got the option of grabbing the whole thing at once, which is a handy option. Better, use a download manager to "download all" from a page and then un-tick either all the .wmv or .mpeg files, depending on your preference. Given the simple layout of the site, downloading in this manner is relatively painless and for me involved consistently high speeds from the server.

All in all, if you're looking for a broad range of female ejaculation movies, this site has licensed a serious archive with squirt flics new and old. Lots of the content is on the amateur side of things, as you might expect, and a fair bit of the video looks like it was transferred from vhs tape. Thankfully, there's enough here to make this site a winner despite the sometimes mediocre quality of the films. For those curious enough about this growing niche to drop $30, this is a great place to start. Within a month you'll have a large enough archive of female ejaculation films to sound like an expert on the subject. Be sure of the company before you strike up a conversation on squirting at your next work party, though: this one may not make it to the mainstream.

Photos: none

Videos: .wmv and .mpeg


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