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Review of Cam Crush:

Ok it's really been a while since I stopped by one of these live cam sites I guess and this one actually scared the crap out of me. I'm used to these webcam sites promising tons and tons of girls online and then when you actually sit down and decide to go through the model list and after a while find one that you would like to engage in a video chat session with, she's not there. Come on, you know what I mean, either they've put up the "be right back" sign and you sometimes catch yourself sitting around for 10 minutes looking at a webcam feed just showing that fricking sign. I thought I found another one of those site here because on the front page the site showed tons of chicks available for video chat so I thought; "well this is just to get me to join, I bet only half of them are available". Turns out I was wrong and it turns out that this review is not so much a review it's more of a story of how a guy can go from feeling embarrassed about staring at a half clothed woman to telling her to do all kinds of freaky shit… hey it's my money!

Getting to know the site

It really didn't take me that long to learn how to maneuver my way around here. The first thing I had to figure out was to see how many girls were actually online and I found the system here quite good for that. The whole cam network has around 2000+ models. You can go through the models by category (teens, housewifes, anal, couple cams and many more) and when you do you will be able to see all the models that are part of the network but you will always see the online ones listed first. If a model isn't online it says "offline" right below her thumbnail and if it says "view live cam" she is around. It all seems to very organized and you start to appreciate after a while that you don't get disappointed when clicking a link.

You can see just as much as I can by going to the site and trying it out. You don't have to sign up for the first minute of video watching so you can see if you will run into any tech trouble. I found out I had to use IE as I couldn't get my FireFox browser to work there but that was about it.

I signed up right away because I knew I wanted some live action and I wanted to do a live cam review. The signup process was just like for any other pay site, except you only give your card so they have it if you want go to a premium chat. I signed up for CamCrush 3 weeks ago actually and didn't actually try a premium chat till today, so there are no hidden charges, I can verify that.

Going 1on1 with the models

So I chose Sammy to go live with here and boy is she a cutie. Go check her out for yourself if you can find her online. Great looking girl with a cute smile, however, here's why the free chats are necessary: Sammy doesn't do nudity! It was my bad that I didn't find out till I was in the premium chat. I was already embarrassed about just watching her I guess so I wanted to rush through my visit and through the review so I just hit the button, clicked verify and went to it. So after like 7 minutes of her taking her clothes off she suddenly stops, sits down and begins to chat again. I'm looking at the clock thinking I gotta see some nudity before I can conclude my business here. So of course I tell to lose the bra and panties and this is where she says she can't do that. DAMN! I probably should have asked her about that first huh? Well on the other hand, what else would Premium do?... I was a bit disappointed to find out that not all the girls would take their clothes off but now I learned to ask first, so on to the next!

I chatted with a few girls, and the rest I met would take their clothes off if I went 1on1 with them. I shopped around a bit though, found this lesbian couple that were hot but they didn't seem to understand English well enough so I picked "Dreamin". Dreamin spoke very well English and she would do whatever I told her to, those are the magic words by the way. Had a nice strip show with her, got her to take off all her clothes right away just so there would be no confusion again. This girl was nasty and great at playing with the cam.

Tech stuff

I've always thought that live cam networks don't offer the real broadband experience yet and therefore I have been reluctant to try them out. I do try like every 6 months just to see if it's improved. I have seen places that offer better quality than this one but that's usually when it's a 1 or 2 girls cam. With networks like this the quality can also vary from girl to girl but generally the quality was ok here. Luckily we can decide the quality of a feed before paying anything. There were a few girls that had audio available but that was very few and they only offered it in premium chat.

The general rule here as with every other cam network is, first check out the feed for a few minutes, also talk to the girl, see if she understands English and will be able to do what you want her to, or perhaps she speaks another language that you do, but check it out.

There is a maximum limit that you can spend in a day here. It is set to $75 per day by default and you can lower this as you want. However should want your daily limit to be more than $75 you have to verify your identity through fax, lower is done automatically right away, and a limit is a good idea always.

You can check under "my camcrush" what session you have had and you get an e-mail every time you have had a premium chat so you can keep a tab of how much you've spent. In the e-mail as well as on your card statement is says you were billed by: PAYCOM.NET *FCIINCDBA.

This is a pretty decent network and had I not had the first experience that forced me to be a bit more demanding about what I wanted I probably would have given this 4½ stars. As I surfed around and found that quality varied a bit and that some girls really didn't understand a lick of English I got a bit more turned off. Still it's a straight up site that seems to have the technology down cold. I didn't experience any blackouts or delays and it was fast to start up the feeds. I can recommend this network if you are looking for a live show for sure, and remember that you can pick and choose as you like so chat up the foreplay before going in premium and remember to ask if she'll do just that thing you want her to. Check it out, sign up for free and you can chat for free all you want, it's just the nudity that costs money.


Reader comments:

Comment by: lambert Rating: 09-12-29

I find the site to be great! great girls, cameras, and prices. Most of the girls I checked have decent prices, and are willing to talk a little in the free chat. But remember, this is there job, and most of the girls can't spend a lot of time talking for free. There not being rude, just paying more attention to the guys who "pay" attention to them. So you will be booted out of the chat area if your wasting there time. The layout of the site is fun and easy to navigate. However, you have to leave the chat area to find the price and to see there profile. If your looking for a beautiful girl, who is fun to talk with, smart, funny, and has an amazing body! you'll want to check out LadyCrystal at camcrush. She's the best!

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