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Review of Queen Adrena:

This a homepage by "The Queen it would appear, I did't get much of the site but you can kind of make it out by reading the intro on the members page:

"Where the Strong Beautiful Woman (from 100-600 lb) Overpowers her male subjects with her Superior Intelligence, Physical Strength & Spellbinding Female Power...."

Well maybe you still need a little help as to what this is about. It's about showing photos of big women, usually acting very superior and stuff. This is more of a site FOR big women to look at when they are depressed than for any man, even if he likes big women.

The page is one big fake low quality bad design failure from start to finish. The site is purely interested in selling it's videos to other countries (annoying to see that when you have paid for access).

Though there are some low quality mpegs (not a lot) you get cheated by the "video gallery" sections. I personally thought there would be videoclips in here, what would you think?

Anyways, simply stay away from this site, even if you like big girls because this site should be closed down by the proper authorities.


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