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Review of Fast Times as Nau:

Theres something I kinda miss about my transition from videotape porn to internet porn. And that is the different types of spinoffs and funny titles that a lot of videotape porn had. I mean, who can forget classics like Edward Penishands, The Load Warrior, The Soporanos, etc. These were cool because not only were they cool porn to watch, but they had stories that mimicked a movie or tv series in some cases. In other cases, they were just really funny movie titles. You don't really get that on the internet. And to be honest, you don't get too much of it on this site either- but the name brought me back in time a little bit, and I figured I'd share that with you.

Fast Times at NAU is a reality site with a cool theme going on. It follows the happenings of people at a university, more specifically their sexual happenings. Unlike some reality sites though, the site has chapters which follow the same storyline but still having different scenes. It's kind of hard to explain, and it's a pretty cool concept. Let me try: there are episodes, and there are scenes. The scenes are part of an chapter. The scenes are like a normal reality scene. But here, 4-6 of the scenes are interwoven to make an chapter of like events with similar actors, etc. It's almost movielike in setup, and I hope I did it justice here. I think its a format that is pretty fresh and cool, at the same time it's also one that could use a little tweaking in my opinion. But still, different is good in this case!

The site design here at Fast Times is pretty simplistic. Once you login to the main members page, you are given all of the content right there on the front page with only one thumbnail per set. The different chapters are boxed, but it is kind of sloppy the way they do it, especially with some episodes on the site being listed backwards. Again not easy to explain, but when you see the site you'll know what I mean. Other than that, the only complaint here is thumbnailling. You're not given a real good idea of what the content is like here until you download and watch it. I complained about that elsewhere in the network, but here it seemed particularly bad. I'm not sure why, the design seems uniform, maybe the actual thumbnails weren't as good. Each set is given a nice backstory, which is always cool. This is a decent, simplistic site design which could use a little work.

There is no way you cannot be satisfied with the video options given to you here at Fast Times. They have something for everyone. Super quality WMVs for those of you who love quality. Good quality WMVs for those of you who have fast connections but also like sensibly sized files. There are also segments and 56k quality full movies for dialup users struggling with todays world of high quality video porn. As I alluded to, there are three qualities of full video download, and then two qualities of segments as well. Something for everybody. The videos download smoothly and run about 30 minutes in length throughout.

The quality here at Fast Times is great. At the highest quality, the videos full screen nearly perfectly. I didn't download too many at that quality due to file sizes and not wanting to have to only squeeze two videos on a CD when I finally sit down and burn all these files. At my size, the 512k size, the videos also looked really good, even in full screen. There was a little loss of quality, but it's just a decision you need to make. Thankfully, the webmasters give you that decision instead of making you decide by offering one and not the other. Thumbs up for this.

Fast times also has a pictures section. The pictures are twofold, there is a vidcap section and also you can download a zip file of high quality pictures. The vidcaps are predictably pretty bad. The high quality pictures actually are pretty good, and are a big plus for fans of pictures. Cool that they threw in the high quality pic zip!

Theres one word that I can use to describe the action here at Fast Times: predictable. To me at least, it seemed like every scene started out the same, unfolded the same, and the only difference was when the real sex started. Don't get me wrong: the action here is still really good, and shot well. The only thing is, you might not want to watch a whole lot of these videos right in a row, else you might be feeling the same way I do about the videos. The girls on here are actually a high spot for me. They look like a perfect mixture between porn stars and college girls. Some of them aren't perfect: which just adds to the excitement for me. I like that because it injects some reality to it. One other note about the girls is that within the episodes, there is some repetition for them as well (naturally with the stories and whatnot) So to sum it up: good porn, a little repetitive.

At the time of review, Fast Times had 22 sets of content amond six chapters.. The sets are not time stamped or given any kind of update schedule. That is a great number for a site, a pretty good deal on its own. But this network has you covered, as they give you a huge, spectacular deal in the network. You get access to the following sites: SoCalCoeds, Dirty Latina Maids, Fast Times at NAU, Bookworm Bitches, My Friends Hot Mom, My First Sex Teacher, Naughty Office and Filthy Fucking Coeds. All these sites are high quality and comparable to this one. A huge deal and definately worth a monthly membership!


Fast Times at NAU is a great concept site. It's a great site as an oddball site thrown into a network, like some networks do. And the concept is actually really cool and executed fairly well. I'd say the network is worth checking out more than the site, but as the site is part of the network, have a look-see!


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