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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/3 days
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Review of College Porn:

You know, not so long ago I used to be in college. There are things I don't miss about college. They are the inflated textbook prices, the long boring classes, the four credit labs that would go on even longer and be even more boring than normal. Those were all negatives, but the positives laid in the people. Buddies from college were always best buddies, compadres who were in the same boat as you and had to stick through it to survive, just like you. But far and away the best part of college was the women. All kinds of girls, in every class, and most colleges now have more women then men. How could someone not get laid by a beautiful college girl? Well, I could write a book on that subject.. but instead I will write a review of College!

College Porn is a "reality" site. The quotations are there for a reason. While they sell themselves as a reality site, they are missing some essential components for a reality site. The biggest one would be a theme. The theme here is somewhat weak. College girls. Really, big deal! It doesn't tell much about the girls (just that they are younger) and it also doesn't tell much about the action. But they are also missing some of the setup components of reality sites, like big thumbnails, detailed description of the action and the girls, etc. This review will touch on that, but not without first looking at the actual site design.

When you sign onto College Porn, there is this weird "key" system that makes you go through a couple of pages first. I don't understand it, but if it works for them than good for them. When you finally get to the College Porn page, you are given a very spammy looking site. There are links everywhere. However, the "exclusive" content can be found pretty easily. It's right there on the top. Unfortunately, you are only given teeny little thumbnails for every set. And when you click on the thumbnails to download/stream the set, you are given another very small thumbnail. So you basically have to download everything and delete the girls you don't like. There are also little descriptions for every girl. The descriptions are one line and frankly not that good in describing anything. But still, they are there. The rest of the site points to content outside of College Porn, some of it good, some of it bad, some of it ugly, and some of it spam. But the most important thing here is the videos.

The videos here on College Porn come in the WMV format exclusively. You have three options here: you can stream in 320x240 resolution, stream in 640x480 resolution, or you can download the WMV to your hard drive. There is no segmentation on this site, it's straight full videos, and sometimes they can be a little long (up to 100 mb in some cases) so dialup users may want to avoid the timely downloads. The videos, in being long files, can be up to a half hour in length. I will get more into that when I talk about the action on this site. But for now, let's touch on the video quality.

The quality of videos here on College Porn is a little "iffy" if you ask me. The actual quality at full screen, etc. isn't all that bad. Theres a little bluriness and pixelation, but it's really not all that bad to be honest with you. The problem comes with the camerawork. It just doesn't look all that good. First of all, the colors are not bright and vivid. It looks like it was shot years ago, and the camera guy years ago wasn't that good. And in something I haven't had to bring up in a while, I really had to mess around with the brightness to get the videos looking good. Even then, it was rough. Basically, the camerawork sucks and takes away alot of enjoyment you might expect to get from this site.

As this site doesn't have any pictures offered, lets get right into the action. The girls on College Porn are really nothing special to me. Sure, they are good looking, but they don't have the wow factor, and some of them just look too dolled up for my tastes. Everyones tastes are different, however, I would not recommend going to the previews site for this site. They make their previews site look much better than the actual action, I wish they would spend this amount of time on their actual members as they do trying to take our money. As far as the action, on the longer videos, theres a LOT of talking. In some cases, up to ten minutes talking with little/no action. Now thats fine on a reality site done well with a good theme, and longer videos. But when you've only got a few short videos, there shouldn't be a lot of talking in my opinion. The action here is a lot of lesbian stuff with some straight boy girl and boy girl girl stuff mixed in. It doesn't really hit on one particular subcategory of action, but if I had to pick one I'd say lesbian.

College Porn has 19 total videos right now. While that might sound like a pretty good number, I'd rather have five videos from a quality site than 19 from a site like this. There is also the exclusivity issue. I've never seen these videos before, but elsewhere in the "network" they aren't afraid to pass off unexclusive videos as exclusive. So that is up in the air still. They also claim to have 67 bonus sites. In reality, some of these bonus sites only have two or three videos and thats it. Just don't buy into their lies. Think logically: if a site offers 60+ bonus sites, do you really think they are all good AND exclusive? No way. They have a lot of spam, and a lot of leased links. It might be heaven for a first timer, but if you are here, it will be closer to hell. I also don't expect College Porn to ever be updated again.


Not even worth a trial in my opinion. Bad video quality, questionable exclusivity, BS bonus sites, basically, even if you are interested in the videos on here, save your money for a much more deserving site.


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