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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
$34.95/90 days
$95.40/365 days

Review of Hot Mom Next Door:

One thing I have never had is a hot neighbor. In fact, all of my neighbors have been of the "old lady" variety. I think it's actually a good thing for me. If I had a hot neighbor, I'd probably spend a lot more time in the window, peeking. I might even have taken some pictures, which would undoubtebly stand great next to porn greats, for the simple fact that she is real. I'd spend a lot of time on my neighbor. A lot of unhealthy time. So maybe it's good that my neighbors have always been old ladies. And maybe it's good that I can check out Hot Mom Next Door without relating it to any personal experience!

Hot Mom Next Door is a video site. It doesn't really have that reality touch and sparkle to it, but its definately not a traditional site either with its heavy focus on videos. The theme here is older women who are amateurs. In that, you can get any kind of action but you know who the actors are. The male actors here happen to be younger dudes as well. As a video site, you get lots of downloadable content and not a lot of setup or website bs. Thats basically what you get here; its a "here it is, heres the content" type of website. Not much time is spent on intro or telling you a lot about the set. And I can't say that I mind that!

When you first sign onto Hot Mom Next Door, you are given a page that has a lot of the video sets with one thumbnail of the action accompanied by a small description of what is happening here. This page is very simple, yet very effective. Personally, I could have used a bit more thumbnailling- but even the thumbnails that were on here were very effective in showing the action that happens. Other than that, there is not much to the site- no flashy graphics, no colored backgrounds, etc etc. There are some text links to some ads/shops/type things. Those could go, but they aren't emphasized too highly either so I cannot even complain too much about them. Other than that, you are getting a clean, simple web design here- nothing to shout about and really nothing to complain about either.

The videos on Hot Mom Next Door are the focus of the site. As such, you are given a choice (in most cases) of downloading either MPGs or AVIs. They are segmented into tons of segments, or you can download the entire movie. The number of segments offered here is quite ridiculous, actually, and I sure am glad that theres a full movie download options or else I would have been driven crazy otherwise. I downloaded the MPGs, mainly because they were what I saw first on the site. There are no quality options, you just download the one quality. And that one quality is OK. At full screen, you are not getting the most perfect quality videos. At the same time, they are not too bad. Just could use a little work. The picture quality kinda decreases with full screen, but like I said, it's not really all that bad. The videos download at a decent speed, but due to the file sizes of the full movies, the movies will take a while to download. The quality is a little shaky, but another thing I must mention is the overall picture. A lot of these videos do not look like current porn. They look like older porn. Not that that is a bad thing, but with all the advances made in porn, you think they could look a little more current. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the videos- I'm just pointing out things that could have made me enjoy them more.

The pictures here on Hot Mom Next Door are your typical vidcapped pictures. Being a video site, you wouldn't expect too much emphasis to be put on the pictures. And theres really not. You get your typical, run of the mill type vidcaps and not much more. Surely nothing to wet your drawers about, but from a site like this it's sort of expected and not very surprising.

The women here on Hot Mom Next Door are like your typical hot moms next door. Sorta. While a few of the women here meet the natural look, most of them just seem too overdone, more like older porn stars/sluts who are just trying to make a living. Most of the women here have gigantic breasts as well. I never really understood that aspect of the mature side of porn. Don't get me wrong, the women here are somewhat effective in getting the sites content across: they are just not what I would expect completely from "Hot Moms Next Door." As far as the action goes, it's pretty typical stuff- rubbing to oral to penetration. it's all one on one, and it's all very neat and orderly, just like a regular porn video. That doesn't make it bad, just normal. One irregular thing is that the women keep a lot of their clothing on throughout some portions of the videos, which I actually think is pretty cool. As I mentioned before, most of the women are older looking, and the guys are younger looking. If thats your thing, this site will also be your thing.

At the time of review, there were 11 sets of content. On the page, the webmaster promises to have some new content up soon. Which tells me there are no regular updates, but the owners of the site actually do care about the site. Despite a somewhat low number of updates, you also get access to three extra sites: Blowjob Next Door, Fuck Next Door, and Ebony Next Door. Notice a common theme among the sites? As a whole, the network is cool and makes the site worth a look-see.


Sort of an in the middle type website. Nothing too spectacular or sparkling here, but at the same time, theres some solid content inside and it's definately worth a look, especially sweetening the deal is the bonus sites which make the price feasible and make your membership to the sites a pretty good idea!


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