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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$89.50/365 days

Review of Peters Cumshots:

Peter North is a man known for one thing, and one thing only, and that is his awesome cumshots. They shouldn't even be called cumshots. More like cumbaths. He can really soak a girl, and he gets some good distance too. Watching him can be a thing of beauty. So it is only natural that Peter North shall get a website dedicated to his cumshots, aptly titled Peter's Cumshots.

Peter's Cumshots is nothing more than an extension of the Peter North website. When you get past the fancy domain name and login, it takes you right to the Peter North site. There is a little section there dedicated to Peter's top 20 voted cumshots, which is what this site is all about. You really should refer back to the original Peter North review for more specifics on the site, as I will just be talking about the cumshots section which is only 20 videos long, and completely unoriginal.

The 20 shots of fame are presented in a nice way. You get one huge thumbnail of the shot, and then 9 smaller thumbnails of the set in general. When you click on the scene, you are taken to the portion of the Peter North site that the set is on. The thumbnails are actually quite effective compared to the actual Peter North site. But I guess when they only have to focus on a few and have a standalone section, they can do that.

Onto the videos. The videos are straight from the Peter North site, which are straight from the Peter North videos, which are porn videos easily accessible in stores. That alone takes away from the originality equation, but you really can't find these videos anywhere else on the net, so thats a pretty big plus, especially if you are more into the computer type porn than the rent it at home porn. The videos are actually really good quality. They are split up into segments, most of the videos only having a couple. Some of the movies, you can download MPGs or WMVs in different qualities. On some, you can only get one quality MPG. But when you can get the high quality stuff, it looks really good. You can full screen it without any problems, and it will run like a charm. They are shot professionally, of course, and look really good as far as camerawork and all that goes as well!

Some pretty high quality vidcaps are available as the pictures. I hate vidcaps, but these ones look decent even though I think there is room for improvement. Quality wise, they are some of the better vidcaps I've ever seen. The pictures are kind of random, which is one change I would make to the site if I could make one change to the site. Make them more together, yet still not clutter the site. Know what I mean?

The action here on Peters Cumshots is basically regular sex action, with an amazing cumshot at the end. It's basically the best user rated sets from the regular Peter North site. So you can expect a good amount of nice cumshots at the end of the regular sex action. The scenes are a little porn-sceney, a little too planned out, but still in the end they are very hot and worth checking out.

At the time of review, there were 20 sets of videos. Since they are taken from the actual PEter North site, its nothing special, and will never be added to. But theres also an awesome number of cool bonus sites, including Peter North, Christine Young, Silverstone Video, Melissa Doll, Sweet Amylee, Peters Cumshots, Shelby Bell, Real Squirt and Hardcore Fiesta. With the addition of some newer sites including this one, this has become a package to reckon with and one of the best deals on the net. Worth the membership for the network alone to be honest!


This site is really unnessesary. They promote it as an original site, and instead its just a little section of the huge amount of content of Peter North's site. I just think it's a lame copout, and I lost a little more respect I had for the makers of this site because of it. The network is good, the videos here are good, but I just think that this is a junky way of getting more promotion done, and really doesn't do much for me. Check out the network as it's already a great buy through however when you log in to your brainpass account this site isn't even listed, lease disregard the thrown together double content this "site" provides.


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