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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
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Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
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Review of Real Squirt:

It's been a while since I've seen a site that focus solely on female ejaculation videos but this one really does go all out. If you are like me before I started surfing the net a long time ago you might also just chuck a site like this up as a pee site and though this is not far from the truth when you boil it down it's also not the whole story. Women, like men, actually have the ability to ejaculate when they orgasm but apparently it takes practice and should you be interested in knowing more about how all this goes about you can take a look at this page.

Someone who's taken the time to know more about her body is Kream our lovely hostess of the site. Kream is the girl who gets the other girls and helps them to cum like Mount St. Helens(!). Kream has a short introduction to her and the site where she mentions how she first got started with ejaculations here's an excerpt:

"One day, I discovered that if my Gspot was stimulated just the right way I orgasmed and SQUIRTED! It took some trial and error but after a while, I was able to squirt every time. I just can't imagine sex or orgasms without squirts anymore. Nothing comes close to the feeling of a gushing orgasm."

Kream is a lovely hostess for us and her generosity, helping these poor girls to ejaculate when they cum just makes her all the more lovely. Actually I think Kream is so lovely that I am gonna have to count the fact that there are only 4 picture sets of her on the site as a minus. I think that with the amount of videos she's done for the site already she could have some more picture sets done. I think for one think she's cute and don't mind her Canadian accent one bit in the videos ;).

So here's a rundown of what takes place at Like I said it's a female ejaculation site and it's mostly girl/girl with Kream being one of them but there are a few single girl masturbation vids as well. So you won't see any guy/girl action here, at least there are none yet, just girls all the way having a lot of fun it seems and have ultimate orgasms.

I wasn't really sure what to think about this site when I first decided to do the review but the reason why I decided to review it in the first place was because of it's rare niche. Granted I've seen a lot of sites advertise with big letters like "come watch the girls squirt in heavenly orgasms" but a lot of the times it was just catch phrases for "faceless" mega sites. This one really does deliver what it promises and it does it with cute girls and a fun attitude.

The videos you will find inside are available in 6 different quality levels, resolutions if you like: WMV (56) WMV (128) MPG (350) WMV (228) WMV (700) MPG (650). These options are kickass but on the other hand it's also a disappointment to see that you can't download an episode as one big file, you have to struggle with 5-7 segments per movie. Granted you can combine the clips if you want to, but I suspect this is only for the real fans of the niche as the rest of us might not wanna put that much work into our porn. Can't complain about the quality at all though, it's very high but the "watermarks" in them do take up a lot of space, guess they want to make sure people know where these clips came from, and I don't think anyone will miss that little tidbit of information. At the time of review there were 13 movies all exclusive to this site as I understand it, I surely haven't seen any of them before. There is also an archive with 12 more squirt videos, these are not exclusive to this site but they are to the network, also these archives feature more boy/girl action. There are some familiar models involved with the exclusives like Christine Young and Shelby Bell. This isn't a weird coincidence as the people behind this site also do the girls' personal sites and you get access to them with your subscription here.

The sites included when you sign up:,,,,,,,, and

I'm not particularly into the female ejaculation niche but I think this one does a pretty good job with the videos it offers. The biggest complains about it so far is that there is no real way to tell how often the site is updated so it really needs to sell itself as is. It pulls this off because there are after all approximately 10 hours of ejaculation videos, good personal touch because of the recurring appearances by Kream and the very nice porn network you get access to when signing up. Real fans of the squirting niche might shrug their shoulders and say there are better resources out there perhaps like inthecrack but you get your money's worth. If you are a porn surfer thinking this sounds interesting this is a good place to get a lot of goodies in one place considering the awesome bonus sites while fans might see it as a nice addition to their collection. Recommended.


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