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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$14.95/30 days
$75.00/365 days

Review of Porn Access:

I've always found sites claiming to be huge archives for DVD quality movies quite straightforward. There's no need to figure out which of the content is original (none of it is), and there's usually so much material that no single reviewer can possibly be responsible for looking at all of it, however much he might like to. There are now a fair number of sites out there fitting this description, so it is quite important to let potential members know exactly what they're getting for their money. Anyone with even decent eyesight and a monitor bigger than, say, 12 inches knows that what's being called DVD quality on adult sites these days is really nothing of the sort, but with state-of-the-art compression and decompression algorithms, content compressed to 25% of its full, DVD size can look quite good in full-screen mode. Then again, it can also look quite blocky and smeary as well, particularly when some of the less impressive compression technologies are used.
Before I lay out the tech specs here at it probably makes sense to give readers a sense of the distribution between different porn categories. Like all sites of this nature, a main hub site allows members to link out to the wide range of small satellite sites from which the content is downloaded. Often, this involves re-entering login and password info when users first visit a new site. Thankfully, the porn access folks have spared users that discomfort by incorporating only a quick little 4-5 digit verification process from time to time, particularly when the login has been left idle for some time. I'll get back to the site's "ergonomics" in a bit; for now, here are the current categories and the number of featured sites in each:

21 Amateur sites, 14 Asian, 15 Black, 21 Blowjob, 7 Bonus, 19 Busty, 5 Classic/Vintage, 35 Fetish, 16 Gay, 83 Hardcore, 9 Lesbian, 45 Teen, and, last but not least, 12 Trannie sites.

If that seems like an unfathomably large amount of porn, you're basically right. Porn Access is claiming 11,000 Gig of content, and I'm certainly in no position to question that figure. Members will find, however, that some sites are (much) larger than others. I visited a handful of sites that had no more than 2-4 clips available for viewing or download. For those short on browsing time, the site does include an option to view only the largest of the featured sites. Without question, there's something here for everybody, but it should be noted that a lot of the content seems to be independently produced (i.e. relatively low budget) or produced by smaller adult studios, either in Europe or America. There are some notable exceptions here, though, as much from France and Italy as L.A. Think fancy cars, big mansions, and gorgeous stars. There seem to be no feature films in which there's actually a story line, which is either good or bad, depending on your preferences. Everything is broken into scenes for viewing or download, perhaps with the dramatic interludes cut out where necessary, and there is currently no option to download complete films.

Update 12/1/2004 ->
Well pornaccess pulled a pretty exciting rabbit out of their hat and they call it the Archive. This is a site that they have just recently put online as part of the PornAccess network this one site contains all the material that's also spread out over all the other sites. This is kind of what deluxepass did by launching a separate site, videosz, except there you had to sign up separately to videosz to access it, in this case the archive site has become part of the network and therefore included in our initial signup.

I spent some time pondering whether or not I should make a whole new review for this archive site, but I decided against it because it's still just a sub domain for pornaccess. This doesn't change the fact that I was VERY excited to find out that my membership just became a much better deal. The archive site excels in it's easy navigation, although and actual search function is missing, we don't miss it. You can break down the movies by Studio, actors, series, movies or categories. Basically it's very easy to find exactly what you are looking for. It also helps that when browsing the models most are listed with a thumbnail of them with links going to their own actor biography page where all they have appeared in is listed. To make it completely fool proof to find exactly that scene with your favorite actor, each scene says what girls are in it! I have been missing that little tidbit of information on another similar site I mentioned earlier. Here I had to look at the screenshots from each scene and hope that I could make out which scene my favorite girl was in, that frustration was gone here. This is a great addition to the network and probably where most of us are going to hang out to download the whole shebang.

<- Update 12/1/2004 
Unlike a lot of sites in this vein that offer content from a variety of sources using a range of compression settings, quality at Porn Access seems totally standardized. Every clip I checked out downloaded and streamed without glitches or dead links, and it's nice to know what you're getting in terms of resolution before you jump in. There are currently 3 options: high and low quality downloads and a relatively high quality streaming option. Everything that I looked at is currently in windows media format, with the high quality downloads playing back at 1063kb/s, the low quality downloads at 257kb/s and the streaming videos at 539kb/s. There's a further option to download at either quality in "progressive mode" which allows you to view the film as it's written to hard drive. Sure, one could wish for better mpeg or avi rips, but with the current choice the vast majority of users should easily be able settle on something that works for them. I should mention as well that there are small galleries of video "screen caps" for each of the thousands of available movies. They're not pretty enough to collect, but they be a great aid in making sure you're downloading something you want. 
Getting back to the topic of ergonomics, I have a few criticisms that need to be addressed. First, I could not successfully use a download manager with any of the sites in the Porn Access network. All new sites open in new windows, as do individual clip selections. Once you're looking at the choice of viewing and downloading options, it appears that download links could be loaded into a download manager, but I consistently found that both Gozilla and Download Express were coming up with only little .php files rather than the movie files themselves. There's a faint chance that other applications might be able to handle this setup, but from the looks of it, Porn Access has taken steps to prevent users queuing a whole night's worth of videos. For a site of this nature, that is a very considerable constraint on getting the most for your membership dollar. It's not an uncommon practice, it seems, but it's one that will certainly raise complaints with some members.
In the end, I had a lot of fun cruising around the Porn Access network and downloading content. I found the amount of small-studio porn on offer here quite refreshing, and despite the lack of original content with big DVD archives like this one, there were plenty of studios and series that I had never heard of. You will no doubt find your favorite stars represented here somewhere, but on the whole, members looking for fresh faces, European content, or indie production will be happier with Porn Access than those searching for recent content from big Hollywood production teams and stars. To be a real bitch, I might add that the Windows Media format favored by Porn Access isn't quite as sharp as what I'm seeing from newer Xvid/DivX codec packages. Minor frustrations aside, this is still an outstanding collection of DVD rips, and ambitious members will have no problem loading their hard drives with quality content. With the new archive site addition this whole package just got a lot better and downloading has become easier, this makes a membership here more attractive but not being able to accelerate downloads is a real drag for a site like this.


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