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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, Other, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$49.95/65 days

Review of Dirty:

Ahh, DirtysDickSuckers. What a great name for a porn site. It begs the question; who is dirty? And who are his dick suckers? Well, dirty is Dirty Danza, a porn star who is heavily involved in this network of sites. His dick suckers are girls who, on camera, are really not afraid to suck his dirty dick! Dirty Danza is a guy who likes being hardcore, along the lines of Max Hardcore to give you a decent idea of his ideology. This site focuses on that ideology, as well as the idea of having an oral website.

Dirtys Dick Suckers is primarily a video site. While it is heavily video based, it's not a reality site. More along the lines of a "here it is, now take it" videos. Basically it looks like stuff encoded from porn DVDs, which I believe is exactly what it is. Now thats not always a bad thing, as long as it is exclusive (it is) and its good (we'll see!) The main theme of the site is "hardcore" and "oral" When I say hardcore, I mean more than just penetration. Hardcore here means, peeing, choking, puking, and licking assholes. Not for everyone, but some people really dig this type of hardcore.

When you sign onto Dirtys, you get a page with some text on the left hand side and some highlighted sets and links on the right hand side. From there, you can go to the section you want to go to. "Bitches" will get you to a listing of the girls. This listing only has one thumbnail per girl. While the one thumbnail is good, I really like to see a little bit more when I'm deciding whether or not to download a movie series. Still, this is just a minor complaint. A more major complaint would have to be with the ads on the site. A lot of the additional content is actually advertisements, and they are also advertising the sale of their own DVDs and also a rental DVD service. Now, thats just a little too many ads for me. When you pay 30 bucks a month, you shouldnt be used as a pawn to make the webmasters a little more money. Isn't thirty a month enough??

The videos here can either be streamed in the WMV format, or downloaded in the MPG format. Now, the WMV files are always full movie. In some of the sets, the MPGs are split up into different files. And in others, theres just one MPG. So they are mostly non-segmented, with a few notable exceptions. The files here are pretty quick to download, and the file sizes are very managable. It seemed like I downloaded the entire sites content in a very short amount of time. Which is a very good thing.

Some of the older WMVs were pretty damn grainy. A lot of them actually. Maybe thats why I downloaded everything so quick. Or maybe I should have gone with MPGs, but either way, I gotta dock the site a few quality points. In some of the files, the quality is fine- but it seems like a lot of them could definately use a little work. Not exactly the best site for quality freaks here.

Dirtys Dick Suckers also has a pictures section. Unfortunately, the site only has vidcaps. The vidcaps here are relatively well done. At the same time, they are still vidcaps and they still have all the problems associated with vidcaps involved in the site. I definately would not recommend these pictures for anybody who is looking for pictures. They are ok if you want to save a particular pose or really like a girl, but even with that, they are questionable. There is also a bonus photos gallery that Dirty Danza took on some of his vacations. Kinda cool pictures, but ultimately worthless in the grand scheme of the site.

The girls here on Dirtys Dick Suckers are pretty good looking. Now, Dirty's "Bitches" aren't perfect. A lot of them have a little case of the uglies. Not too ugly, but definately not beautiful girls. There are a few MILFs as well, which is something I respect. When talking about girl quality, I would just say that more focus here is put on a girls body and the actions she is willing to do- not all of them are beautiful girls but they all get the job done here. And getting the job done here entails oral sex- lots and lots of oral sex. As you might expect from a site with the words dick suckers in it, there is a lot of oral here. Dirty Danza seems to be using that as a theme throughout all of his sites, and it works on all but one. The action is basically hardcore oral sex- with some puking, some peepee, and some just plain out oral sex. You need to like the more violent side of hardcore to like this site. Its not for everyone, but there are lots of people out there that like this style of hardcore.

Dirty Danza updates one of his sites twice a week. There are no timestamps or any indication of how often this particular site is updated. You get access to two sites along with your membership here, and they are Dirty Danza and Riley Ryder. Both sites have comparable content, although Dirtys Dick Suckers has the most content right now! There are close to forty models on this site right now, making it a pretty good buy, especially when you factor in the other bonus sites!


The amount of content makes Dirtys Dick Suckers the strongest site in the network. At the same time, the network itself definately has its weaknesses- so this site being the best doesn't say a whole whole lot. Still, it's an enjoyable network, especially if you are a fan of the more "rough" type of hardcore. Theres better ones out there, and I'd recommend those ones first, but this Dirty Danza network is a good site to check out with lowered expectations when you are dry and need something new to check out!


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