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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
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Review of No Cum Dodging Allowed:

I'm out like a fat girl in dodgeball. God, I hate that phrase. Who created it? I don't know. But it's just dumb and overused. I'm actually sickened to use it, but sometimes things are just neccesary. And here they are neccesary. That is because todays site is No Cum Dodging Allowed. What is cum dodging, you might ask? I have no idea, but it makes for a cool, catchy name. How do you think a fat girl would do in cum dodging? Hmmm....

No Cum Dodging Allowed is a reality site. It's a full on reality site, in fact. Everything about it screams reality site. The theme seems to be one girl who gets multiple cumshots in one scene. I guess if she was "dodging" them, she would be running away. That might actually make for a fun reality site: a guy chasing after a girl, trying to cum on her. Add that to my book of reality site ideas! I have a ton more. Well, I'd consider this a cum/bukkake-ish type reality site, which you don't see too many of out there today. Therefore, the theme is pretty fresh and leads to some interesting videos!

When you first sign onto No Cum Dodging Allowed, you are actually taken to a portal page. The portal page is common among all the sites on the network, and it shows all of the sites on the network, with each site displaying their latest update. There are also some cool behind the scenes extras and webmasters favorites sets on this portal page. When you select No Cum Dodging Allowed, you are given a page with a few updates. The updates are split among three pages at the time, and they all have thumbnails right on the index page, as well as having links to download the videos right there on the index page (easy to download!) The site is very clean and easy to use overall. I really like the site setup, I really don't know of any complaints I can make here!

The videos are the major focus here on No Cum Dodging Allowed. That should be expected, as it is a real reality site! The videos here come in either WMV or MPG format. The site claims that the MPGs are better quality and slightly bigger. I don't notice much of a difference in file size/quality, but having MPG is good for those with older computers, so I applaud this as an old computer friend site/network. The videos are segmented, with no option for full video download. I cannot complain about this too much, though. This is because the video segments are nice and long. I downloaded WMVs because I mainly deal with WMVs. The WMV segment lengths were 15 minutes long. Most videos only had a couple of segments, basically because the action was mainly stuff that doesn't take too long, and it also keeps the videos focused. I'll talk about that later. For now, lets speak about quality.

The quality of the videos was good. Now, I'm not going to say this is the best quality possible- it's not. But for what it is, independently produced reality porn, the quality is very good. When you full screen the videos, there is a little pixelation but it's really good when you consider the file sizes and the length of the videos. Not going to be the ideal situation for the quality freaks, but most people will have absolutely no complaints with the quality here- it is quite passable!

The pictures here are vidcaps. Need I say more? Not only are they vidcaps, but they are poorly taken vidcaps. They just don't look good, lots of blurry and pixelized pictures. And the galleries are HUGE, which is usually a good thing, but with vidcaps, it just means more pictures of the same exact thing taken over and over again. Videos and Pictures are two completely different arts. Vidcaps usually don't work well, just like if someone took a ton of pictures and tried to make a movie out of them, that wouldn't work without some magic either. I just wish webmasters could either try to make lemonade out of lemons, and take good quality vidcaps, or also photograph the girls. However, this is pretty much a given with reality sites, so you really cannot fault them for it. It's standard practice nowadays.

The girls on No Cum Dodging Allowed are definately NOT cum-dodgers! The makers of this network have a keen ability to have good looking, attractive girls who aren't afraid to do completely hardcore things. And the best thing is, they don't really look like the dirty porn stars who usually do this! Which is cool. You can see the girls on the previews page, so I won't dwell on this issue too much. What I will dwell on is the action of No Cum Dodging Allowed.

No Cum Dodging Allowed is a great site for those of you who love cum. The action is a bunch of guys teaming up on one girl. During various points of the video, the guys "finish" on the girl. There seems to be cumshots throughout. And while it doesn't really accumulate like in Bukkake videos, that is the closest thing I can compare it to. I mentioned before that the videos are relatively short (compared to the rest of the network.) That shows me the keen sense that the webmasters here have. If these videos had been longer and drawn out, the individual cumshots would lack in significance and get lost in the fold. So shorter is better, in this case. Now even though the focus is on cumshots, there is all kinds of sex in here, it just doesn't last as long as it does on other sites. Cool for a theme, and cool for the site. I liked the action here a lot.

At the time of review, this site had 13 total sets. That is a nice number for a relatively new site. And on top of that, it seems to be updated about every two weeks. On top of the awesome update schedule, you also get access to the HUGE network here.

As part of the MeatMembers network, you get access to (deep breath) Black Attack Gangbang, Creamed Cornholes, No Cum Dodging Allowed, Whorgies, Cum Farters, POV Pervert, BJ Quickies, Cock Brutality, Frank Wank, Meatholes, Midnight Prowl, Nuts on Sluts, Piss Mops, Porn Jackass, Teen Slam, and White Meat on Black Street. That is sixteen awesome reality sites for the price of one. The network itself tends to cater to the more hardcore fans out there. Lots of anal and related actions. You can tell the hardcore just in some of the names of some of the sites. There is a line, and some might think they skim it and go over it, but that is for you to decide. If anything, there are some pretty legit "straight" sites in the network that everyone will enjoy. The MeatMembers site also has some cool stuff, like webmasters favorites and behind the scenes videos. Each of the sites on the Meatmembers page has a thumbnail of the latest update and date, so you can easily track and get the latest material when it's posted.


This is a great site and part of a great network: this particular site is great for fans of cumshots and also gangbang fans. The entire network is totally worth it- enjoy a membership here!


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