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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.50/30 days
$47.50/90 days
$100.00/240 days
$150.00/365 days

Review of Girls Out West:

"Go West! life is peaceful there... Go West!" I really don't know how the rest of that Village People classic goes. Thank god for that, if I did, I'd be questioning my sexuality at this moment. But sometimes it is fun to go west. However, you don't need to be dressed up like a cop, an indian, a construction worker, and whatever all the other ones were! And you also don't have to be gay, I promise! So go west, today, with the website Girls Out West.

Girls Out West is a traditonal styled website. Unlike many of todays websites, Girls Out West does not have a particular style of porn involved. It is very traditional in that way. Instead of having any particular style to cater to, they just consider their style being "their girls." Therefore, a lot of the sites success is based on how good their girls are, as that is what they sell the site on. As a theme, its somewhat effective, but its so open-ended that I think it might be hard to attract some porn browsers. Thats just my opinion, though. As with traditional sites, there is a specific design protocal which is usually adhered to. It's pretty much the same here.

The site design on Girls Out West is what I would consider minimalistic. Not minimalistic in a good way, but weak and minimal. The one good thing about reality sites is that they introduced an awesome way of previewing the pictures and movies. It really makes the traditional sites look weak in comparison. When you first sign in to Girls Out West, you are given a page that has the most recent updates. Each update has 3-5 sets, which are mainly pictures with the occasional one video update. Underneath the one thumbnail per-set pictures is a description of everything. Yes, underneath! Don't really understand that one, but nobody really reads those things anyway. I will get more into design as it relates to pictures and videos, but lets just say one thing to the webmasters: more preview thumbnails!

I would say that there is a bigger focus on the pictures of Girls Out West. The pictures section is listed alphabetically. Easy, clean way to list them. Each girl has a decent sized thumbnail in this alphabetical listing, so really no complaints. You then go to the girls personal page, which lists everything they have, without thumbnails. You have to depend on the text to get a description of the action, but you're pretty much running blind here. When you finally get into the galleries, you are met with really good pictures. They are 666x1000 here on Girls Out West. The picture quality is really good, and they redeem themselves for the shortcomings of the setup getting to the actual galleries. Beautiful, bright photography and a nice crisp picture here. The galleries have plenty of pictures for you to go through, as well. And finally, if you really like one of the girls on here, you can download a zip file of the complete set. That saves you from a lot of pointing and clicking!

There is a small focus on the videos here on Girls Out West as well. There is an actual videos section, and the videos are also accessible from the girls' individual pages. The actual videos page is very drab, with text links all over and no thumbnails until you get to the girls page. The videos here are all MPGs. The videos are split up into several parts in some cases, but they are not really "segmented" as you would know them to be in a reality site. They are more like Part 1, Part 2, etc.. instead of a segment cutting off a full running movie. The videos here are pretty decent quality and length. Considering the site, you'd probably be surprised with the video quality. Some of them can be full screened nicely, while others of them are pixelated on the small screen. It's not really a consistent quality throughout. I attiribute this to the age of some of the videos, but who knows. The videos are really all over the place, but I think its safe to say that the videos section won't win any awards. Pictures are understandably the focus here.

One thing I would like to mention is the outstanding categorization section of the site. The webmasters made a page with TONS of categories, and you can make a selection based on the category you enjoy. Theres just TONS of categories, I must emphasize that. You can select on hair, color, age, and more! It gets really specific, and is a really cool feature that can help you find the kind of girls you like!

The girls on Girls Out West cover a broad spectrum of types of girls. They hit almost every category here a little bit, which is cool. They just don't have any girls with glasses. Wheres the love for girls with glasses? There is one problem with the girls on here. And that is that there is a little bit of each type of girl, but no real focus. So you end up with an AWESOME variety, but you have to like variety to really enjoy this site. A note to some of these girls, as well: it's 2004! Shave! I know some people like it hairy, but I'm not one of them. The action here on Girls Out West is primarily masturbation. Masturbation and posing, in fact. It's basically like looking at a Playboy or Penthouse nowadays. Not that that is bad, I'm trying to paint a picture of what its like here.

The content of Girls Out West is pretty huge. There are a total of 87 girls, with many of them having multiple content galleries. Theres a total of 14 girls with video MPGs. Its obvious where the focus lies, but they are good at their focus. They are also good with updates here. They update twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. It seems like a pretty religious schedule as well. Good for them! No bonus sites to speak of, however.


I really don't know what to say. The site is a decent site, no doubt. Good amounts of content, but the content is very spread around. The price is certainly fair. If you like variety, you might want to check out the site. And it is good for pictures. It's a decent site, with a good update schedule. With a bit of rethinking in the design area this site is definately to be considered if you are tired of your porn being too themed.

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