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Review of Sex For Checks:

Did you know that there is a fetish for fucking Barbie dolls? I'm totally serious. There are many groups on Yahoo all about this topic. It shocked me when I saw it, and the pictures were kinda funny and gross at the same time. Why the hell am I talking about this when the site being reviewed today is Sex For Checks? Well, to be honest with you, my witty introductions for reality sites where girls get paid to have sex on camera wore out five reality sites ago. So instead I talk about the weird porn I saw last night, hehe!

Seriously, Sex For Checks. Wow, what a brilliant idea! I'm surprised nobody thought of this idea before. This is complete and utter sarcasm, in case you were wondering. The concept is played out for the site. But surprisingly, Sex For Checks passes because it seems to go off topic more than it stays on topic. Wow, what a weirdo bizarro universe we are in today huh? As you might have guessed, Sex For Checks is a reality site where girls have sex for cash. And if you've never heard of this before, than you MUST look at some of the top sites we've reviewed here on pornliving. It's a common theme, but one that can lead to good porn because even though the concept is stale, the sex is fresh. Lets see how it goes here on Sex For Cash.

The site design on Sex For Checks is interesting. When you first sign on, you are taken to a main portal page for the entire network. This portal page is completely done in text links. From there, you have to select the Sex For Checks page to get to the content. When you finally arrive on the actual SFC page, you get a nice little page which is not very busy at all. There is only one thumbnail per girl. It's a large thumbnail, but I usually like the traditional setup of one large thumbnail and then several smaller thumbnails more than this. Still, at least its not text links like some sites have done! Basically, the site design is simple and non-offensive. There are three pages of content, but just a few girls per page. It looks beefier than it actually is that way.

Decisions, decisions. You have tons of decisions here at Sex For Checks. The videos come in either the WMV format or the MPG format. On top of that, you can also select full video or segments. However, segments are only available in MPG. Still, a nice bevy of options without there being too many! Yes, I said full video! In both WMV and MPG! Exciting, exciting. I love full videos, they are so easy to download and view. I know it makes it seem like there is less content, and it also makes it shorter to download, which is why sites tend to shy away from them. But I just love it! The files here are also relatively short for reality porn, so the download times are even better for you.

The quality of the videos here on Sex For Checks is also pretty good. When I full screened the WMV videos, they looked very nice. There was little to no pixelation and bluriness. However, the videos weren't the most crisp and clear. Almost like watching older porn, but not so dramatic. I guess its a cool trade off though, because I like not having to see the little pixels to remind me I'm on a computer. I also would like to touch on the excellent camerawork. It's just great here. I used to always say good, but on this site its truly excellent. Just wanted to note that they did a great job in this area.

The pictures are vidcaps. Not really a big surprise considering that this is reality porn. As vidcaps, the pictures are OK. I've definately seen worse vidcaps. And I've seen better as well. But they stack up nicely. I can't believe I'm rating vidcaps, they are all crap dammit! Hahah. The one problem I had with the picture gallery was that it seemed kinda light. Only thirty pictures per girl, and those were kind of repetitive. I'd have liked to see double that amount, with more variation. But most people aren't going to come here for the pictures.

The girls on Sex For Checks were ok. I was actually a little disappointed with the girl selection. While it was excellent on the other two network sites, here I just didn't find myself intrigued by too many of the girls. It may be a theme thing, in fact it probably is, but the problem remains. You can, of course, check the previews and see for yourself if you're a fan of these girls. The action was kind of surprising for the site. There was little to no pickup sections, and there was some masturbation followed by the sex. Kind of different, and it seperates itself from the regular reality sites. Watching the videos, you wouldn't even think reality. Which is cool, that even though the concept was tired, the videos were not. Nice save by these guys.

At the time of review, there were 9 sets of content here spread among three pages. Not exactly a huge number. Across the entire network, there are a total of 25 sets. The site is not time stamped or marked in any way. I can't really tell you when (or if) they update this site. Sorry for that, but I can only do with whats given to me, just like you!

The material in general appears to be licensed content as most of the pictures are marked "". I looked over the tour for that one and recognized the clips so we should assume that's the source and the producer. This makes it even more uncertain about the update frequency...

I've been mentioning the network here. Along with Sex For Checks, you also get access to Moms I Banged and Sweater Pillows here. Both sites are comparable to this one, but with (IMO) better girls and themes. Unfortunately, they also have around the same amount of content. Its a good network but the content flaw is found throughout.


I'd take a trial, download everything in a day and cancel. There is some worthy porn on here, but I just cannot justify being a 30 day member. Recommended for trial.

$9.95 2 Day Trial
$23.95 30 Day Membership

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