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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $30.00
$24.95/30 days
$49.95/90 days
$95.40/365 days

Review of Euro Bride Tryouts:

Sometimes the idea of a mail order bride isn't so bad. I mean, if you think about it, you pay to have a beautiful wife. One that is submissive, won't talk back, and understands your value as a man. Some guys really like the idea. Am I one of them? Well, not really. If only for the reason that when you see some older white guy strolling through the mall with a young foreign woman, you just know that it indeed was a mail order bride hookup. I don't want to be "that guy." Todays website is Euro Bride Tryouts, where girls are lured to America with the hopes of being a bride, when in fact they are just a piece of fresh meat for these reality porn mongrels!

Euro Bride Tryouts is a reality site with the theme of European women being lured to the US for marriage, but instead just get sex on camera! Its a reality site, with its theme and ideas completely in the reality mode. As far as the theme, I think this is a pretty cool theme. I mean, it's nothing mindblowing as far as I'm concerned, but its better than the old "we paid her for sex and then did her" type of reality sites. The theme also helps get across the types of girls that will be on the site, so it lends itself to being consistent and also focused. Which is two things a good reality site should always be, in my opinion.

The setup of Euro Bride Tryouts is somewhat convuluted. While a lot of reality sites tend to show one big thumbnail and then a few small thumbnails, Euro Bride Tryouts just gives you the one big thumbnail along with the description. This is fine, but I like to see a little more sample of the set before I decide to download or not. All of the sets on Euro Bride were also on the main page. While I sometimes like to have all the sets in one place, it didn't work here with the big thumnails, decent amount of content, and leased site stuff all over the place. I'd split it into three pages, I think. The site was a little messy with the leased content. I'd find a way to organize it better. And finally, there was a popup whenever I left the site. I HATE THAT. Its one thing to do it on preview pages, but when you sign up, END the ads and BEGIN THE CONTENT.

The content is what we will get into next. I must now put the hugest asterik in a review I have ever put. The videos here are done with DRM, which stands for Digital Rights Management. Which is a system that only allows the content to be viewed while you are a member of the website. You are prompted for a password at the beginning of a movie. Even if its saved on your computer. Now, this could spark a big debate and I'm not going to use this review to push my opinion either way. Thats what the message board is for, and if anyone wants to discuss I'll be glad to talk about it there. But for now, lets just say that this feature is here, so unless you are planning to be a member of these sites for a long time, you will not be able to keep any of the content here on Euro Bride Tryouts.

The videos, as you may have guessed, are done in WMV format. They can be downloaded in either low bandwith or high bandwith. The videos are segmented into several segments. The segments are pretty big segments, however, so I cannot complain about this. The segments are generally 7 minutes long. Each girl has around 7 segments, with some having many more. The previews page claims about 50 minutes for each girl, which is about right. The videos themselves, at high quality, look outstanding. Very crisp and clear. Full screened these are some great looking movies, even though theres a little pixelation I really was satisfied with the crispness of these videos. I streamed the videos, and the streams worked really well for me.. downloaded quick without many problems.

The camerawork on Euro Bride Tryouts is very, very good. I was really impressed by it. It seems as though they had two camera working at the same time, and the way they spliced the content together was impressive. Even though these videos are somewhat long, the camerawork makes it so that you are at no time bored or spent. Theres not a lot of time spent on setup, usually its about five minutes or so. The foreplay can run a little long, but thats the way they do it and the videos are quite effective.

Euro Bride Tryouts also has a pictures section. Unfortunately, the pictures here aren't very good. Not too surprising and nothing I'd take points away for, but it'd be nice to have some real pictures here, especially considering the girl quality and also the DRM issue. The pictures are big in size, but the quality is just blah. They just look grainy and pixelly from the thumbnails, and the big sizes aren't much better. I just wasn't impressed with the pictures at all.

The girls here on Euro Bride Tryouts are smoking hot European hotties. I was really impressed with the girl quality. From top to bottom there were no girls I was disappointed with. On top of that, they all played the role well. They also all fell into the "mail order bride" category very well. I went to a mail order bride site once, for research for school, and a lot of these girls were comparable to what I saw on there. So kudos for that. The action on the site was also very good. There was lots of time spent on each aspect of the sex, and lots of positions and camera angles were also used. I alluded to the good filming earlier, and it really shows. This is basically your typical sex here, but throw in some anal here in there to spice (kinken?) things up a bit. You will not be disappointed with these aspects of the site.

I usually don't touch on price in the review, unless it is ridiculously cheap or ridiculously expensive. Guess which one it is here? With the entire DRM issue, at least offer a discounted membership! Instead, these guys are asking for a cool ten extra dollars a month. I just don't understand it. The trial is extremely reasonable, but thats it! Cut the price down, fellas!

At the time of review, there were 18 girls on Euro Bride Tryouts. Considering the length and quality of the episodes, this is a very good number. There is no timestamping or mention of how often the site is updated, so I can't help you with that aspect of the site. You do, however, get lots of bonus content. Specifically you get 5 other reality sites; Girls Hunting Girls, Teen Hitchhikers, Nude Beach House, MILF Cruiser, and Big Sausage Pizza (that one sounds cool, hehe). A nice reality package, I'm going to guess that they all have the DRM issue on them.


This is a great site, held back by two major factors: one is the design. It's just plain weak and unorganized without being offensive. The second is the big one, and thats the DRM. Half the fun of reality sites is downloading the videos and watching them at your leisure. Here, your leisure is jeopordized, and that is just not cool in my book. This would be very highly rated if not for these two factors. Of course, its still rated good, but it lacks its full potential. I still recommend it if you want some great porn which you will unfortunately not be able to keep.


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