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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $20.00/30 days (Reg. $30.00)

Review of Drunk Sex Orgy:

Drunksexorgy is brought to you by the same people who also gave us such innovative sites as, and many others for that matter. There is no doubt that the guys behind these sites are specialists at what they do and for the most part that is doing sex parties. Where would usually only involve a few blowjobs from the girls and perhaps a couple fucking on stage in a club, takes it a few steps further, ok a lot of steps further. Now they throw huge parties at the clubs where the fun always climax with huge fucking orgys. No kidding people I have never seen anything like this on the web.

Before I even got to write this review I had a common problem that most of you may also have experienced when signing up to other sites, my password got blocked because of abuse (sharing my password). I had of course not shared my password in the traditional sense but they were right on the money about it because I didn't sign up myself, a friend of mine from Holland did. He just confirmed the pass was working and then forwarded it to me, I checked that it was working as well before I passed it on to a guy who wanted to write this particular review, two new logins from two other countries, of course it was gonna be blocked because that would look fishy. I decided to mail the support like a regular customer to see if I could explain my way out of it. I was expecting not to hear back as most webmasters ignore mails from the alleged "abusers". These guys returned my mail within 12 hours however and had immediately issued a new pass because after looking into it, it didn't look like regular abuse, but they enclosed a new password and asked me to explain how this happened. Great service, extra points for that ;)

Back to the content which completely wins you over by the fresh new niche it offers. I was extremely excited to watch these parties as they developed, at first it would just be two girls playing with eachother, then there was a boy/girl couple on stage showing a good blowjob and before I knew it there were like 40 people fucking all over the place with everything being caught on tape, I was QUITE excited about this and I bet most of you would be as well.

The tech stuff:
You can dig your way through this site in 3 ways; view the screen caps from the vids, view the high resolutions pictures (nice) or just go through the videos. I don't see the need for the screen caps in this case as the high resolutions pictures pretty much got it covered, but the videos are more than welcome. These videos are available as MPEGs as 1 minute segments and as full scene downloads in .avi (DivX) NICE! Earlier I thought that the full scene download wasn't available but that was because we simply couldn't find the link for them and it is a bit tricky. But if you scroll down to the screen shots from this site and choose the "Orgy list" picture you can see an episode listed. To the left of the main picture in the episode list you can see some text, the "Full" text lets download the complete scene in DivX and the "All" lets you download all the pics from the scene as a .zip file. I was very happy to find out that they offered these downloads and because of it I have to say now that this site is a gem in my eyes.

The movies are pretty good quality, but for 6mb per 1 minute in the mpeg format I was expecting a tad better I admit. You can easily watch the movies in fullscreen, actually the only thing that struck me was these lines that were pretty frequent. I guess they are not exactly lines, more like waves in the picture, didn't notice it after a while myself but it's there. Wether you download 6 mb files per minute or choose the full DivX option I think it's safe to say that non-broadband users need not apply here ;)

The updates seem to be very regular and that pleasantly surprised me as well, I would think it would be too hard to get a setup like this going every week and so it is ;) Actually they do only one new orgy approx. every month but they update in episodes and an orgy is 5 episodes with one new episode added once a week. It's gonna make you tear your hair out when you've downloaded the first episode of a movie and then you have to wait a week to see the next one ;)

The design is pretty basic and not much to be concerned about, you just have to put up with a big red banner at the top of the screen and as I have mentioned, the full scene download link wasn't the most visible part of the site.

I admit that I dig a lot, it's simply something you have never seen before online done so well, I mean these people party DOWN and if you like watching orgies this is the site for you, also it's very commendable that their first option for a monthly membership is NON-recurring, watch and learn all you other porn lords out there. I highly recommend this site as probably the best orgy site I have so far.

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Orgy list Choosing video clip Browsing pictures


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