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Review of Hotties Heaven:

note: our link sends you to Rachel Aziani's site. Signing up here will get you access to this site and two others.

Heaven isn't too far away. At least in the immortal words of Jani Lane, Warrant. I mean, we have to trust the genius mind also behind "Cherry Pie" right? Well, for you porn lovers, heaven really isn't too far away. In fact its right here, with the website Hotties Heaven. To get to heaven, all you need to do is drop a few dollars on this website. Is it worth it? Well, thats what we are here for, and that is what we will find out!

Hotties Heaven leans more towards a traditional website. It is by no means, "reality" and is in fact quite the opposite. Instead of focusing on a story or a niche, it's just like, BLAM here's the content. Thats just the way it is. So it is quite traditional in some senses. In others, its very modern and cool. I was originally interested in this site because it is a sattelite site of Rachel Aziani, one of the first sites I personally reviewed here and still one of my personal favorites. Hotties Heaven has lots of potential, lets see if its fulfilled!

The site design of Hotties Heaven is quite simple. When you first log in to the members area, you are given a bunch of buttons to the different sections. The buttons are somewhat oversized and give a slight description. On the bottom are some random thumbnails of recent updates. Not the strongest front page I've ever seen, but at least it loads fast and easily. When you go further into the page, you continue with a minimalistic design. That is not a major problem for me, but websites are like art: sometimes you have to make them look really good to add to the appeal. I personally feel appealed by sites that look better and more appealing, and I'm willing to recommend them more. But this works too, especially for being a nice simple design. And simple is the theme through and through here. Ok but not great in this category!

As a split, traditional-type site, Hotties Heaven has an equal emphasis on both pictures and videos. I will talk about pictures first, as the pictures section has much more content. When you go to the pictures section, you are given one thumbnail of each girl. From there, you get the full thumbnails gallery of each girl. The pictures here are really good. They look semi-professional, very crisp and clean. This is one of the few sites I've seen lately that I would recommend highly to picture fans. It has a great mixture of content and quality, that will leave you squirming for more!

please note that pictures and videos for the general part of the site (not rachel's) are not exlcusive. They are still good but some of you might be familiar with matrix content. If so you won't get anything new.

With such an extensive and good pictures section, one would expect the videos section to be minimal and not so good. Well, wrong wrong wrong! The videos section is actually really, really good. When you go to the videos section, you are again given one thumbnail of each girl. From there, you click on the girl and are taken to their videos page. This page has one thumbnail per video taken from the video. Some girls have multiple videos, but they are each different scenes. So no segmentation here. The movies are in the WMV format only. These videos look great. At normal size, they are crisp and clear. When you full screen them, you lose a little quality. But considering the site this is on, the videos are indeed VERY good.

The action in the videos is also very good. Chances are, these are video-type porn videos. They are not overproduced or too artsy, however. Just perfect for my tastes, and I think a lot of other people like the natural act as well. The action here is shot very well, good camerawork as you would expect from the professional stuff. Just nice videos all around

The girls here on Hotties Heaven are very hot. I mean, the name is Hotties Heaven, correct? As I alluded to earlier, the girls are from professional porno. I realized this because girls like Aurora Snow are on the site. Aurora Snow is very very very hot, by the way. So you're not getting the exclusivity of a reality site, but you are getting an awesome selection of girls. And these girls are very hot. I just don't think you will be very disappointed with the girls here. As always, you can check out previews of the girls using the preview option! Thats if you don't trust your papa on this one! The action is pretty typical porn fare, just expect the same you'd expect if you popped in a video on a lonely night by yourself! It's not the most original in the world, but it's a proven formula that has worked over and over again!

The content level on Hotties Heaven is very high. There are 9 pages of picture girls for a total number of 165 galleries. There are 2 pages of videos for a total of 27 girls with videos, with some of the girls having multiple videos. On top of this all, you also get access to the Rachel Aziani site which is a 100% exclusive material site. You can refer to that review for more on that, but what you basically get is more of the same with a single model. Rachel's site is great, as I mentioned, one of my favorites so I am a bit biased. It's not as huge as some of those ten site reality packages of course, but it's a nice diversion from those ten site reality packages in my opinion. Theres also some leased sites, which are marginal for me but if you happen to be bored they are good to check out once in a while.


Well.. it's not quite Heaven, but it tries it's best! Hotties Heaven is a good site with lots of content, lots of hotties, and lots of fun. Now unfortunately the content for all these models is far from exclusive, most seem to be Matrix Content (used on tons of sites with my favorite being This content is great for those of us who like glamour/babe material but for those of us that have been around for a while, we've seen it before. Rachel's site that comes included is very much worth every penny though. So all in all this is a good deal if you are not familier with these pictures already.


$24.95 for 30 Days
$49.95 for 90 Days (Non-Recurring)

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Hottie picture sets hottie videos Rachel's site
Hottie picture sets hottie videos Rachel's site


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