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Review of Teens Garden:

A garden is a place of beauty. A place that, if well kept and taken care of faithfully every day, and nurtured to the fullest, can be a wonderful getaway. It can be a great scene to enjoy. Many people put hours and hours into their gardens, just so they can look at them and smile. A porn site is much like a garden. If its taken care of faithfully, and nurtured to its fullest, it can be a wonderful getaway. At the same time, if its not taken care of, and not a lot of time is put into it, then it can become a desolate wasteland over time. Just like a regular garden.

Teens Garden is a teen based site. The style of the site is like the older porn sites, where you are given a listing of models, and then you select the one you like and see her content. While Teens Garden does have some movies, I'd consider it primarily a pictures site. A little bit of a throwback, yes, but if it's done well it can still turn out to be a great site. Lets see if that is indeed the case here.

When you first sign into the members area of Teens Garden, you are given a page which has the latest news, and thumbnails of the top five picture sets and the top five movie sets. You can then go to pictures by date, which shows the most recent updates, also one thumbnail per girl. You can then go to a page with all the models, or go by update date or by alphabetical letter. You can also sort the models by searching, either by name or by age. A search for a 58 year old teen proved fruitless. The site design has a few problems, in my opinion. One major thing I would have liked is to have the pictures and the videos seperated somehow. I'm not too interested in pictures, but it seemed like that was all I was coming across here on this site. I know the videos were there, I just couldn't find them. I also didn't like that the models had multiple sets. Well, I liked that they did: but I didn't like the fact that the site didn't really tell us that. In fact, I didn't realize that the models had multiple sets until I set down to write this review (usually, I will download for pleasure first, and then analyze every little detail when I go to write the review) So that was another little fault. I also think the site could have been indexed a little better. I was just a little confused by the indexing. I think the latest updates page is what threw me off.

I would say the emphasis here on Teens Garden is on the photos. Once you select a girl, and then select the photo series you are interested in, you are taken to a page with a full picture of the girl from the set on the right site, and links to the pictures on the left site. You can pick galleries of either original size pictures, or 800x600 resized pictures. I think it's a cool idea to get a choice of pictures like that, kudos to the webmasters on this. Some people prefer the bigger, higher quality pictures. I like something that is compact and in my screen. This way, both parties are happy. Another cool feature is that you can download a zip file of all the pictures from a set. I really like this feature, because instead of pointing and clicking, saving, point click save... ahh.. thats a lot of work. Nicer to just point and click once and then have the zip files for later use!

The picture quality here on Teens Garden is quite good. As you can imagine, the original size pictures are very high quality and looking good. The smaller sized, lower quality pictures do not disappoint here either. Basically some nice, clear photos here. The pictures are not uniquely named, so that makes it harder to save. In fact, all of the photos were called pic.jpg for me. But back to the quality, the camera guys do a really good job in capturing the women here as well. There are some really good shots here, almost magazine quality stuff without looking too overdone or unnatural. Really good job here and I cannot complain too much.

Two more things to touch on with the photos. One would be that the thumbnails are very effective and look great. I would have liked to forego that extra step in getting to them, but other than that there are no complaints here. I think the organization was really good as well.

Teens Garden also has movies. I would not suggest joining the site only for the movies, as you will be disappointed. Not because the movies are bad, but they just aren't the biggest part of the garden. The movies come in AVI format and run pretty short. The majority of the movies are 2-5 minutes long with some running a little shorter than that. They are all in full form, no pixelation or anything. The quality of the movies is better than I expected. WIth a 90's look, I was expecting some 90's quality here. You can full screen the movies, and while there was a little graininess, I didn't see much pixelation. Kind of like watching a VHS tape thats been taped over a few times. Still not bad quality wise. Overall, I would say the movies are a nice extra and help push the site over the top as far as being a decent site. The biggest issue I had with the movies is that they were kind of hard to find, a site design issue that should be addressed.

The girls on Teens Garden are, well, teens! European teens to be specific. They range in age from 18-21. Some of the girls actually look to be that age. Others, well, I think they undershot their age just a little bit. As a whole, I'd say the girls of Teens Garden are attractive.. but not all of them, in my eyes. I'd say about 80% would be worth downloading/saving in my eyes. Thats a good percentage considering how many models there are, and should keep you happy for a while! The action on the site is primarily solo/masturbation stuff. This is definately a hardcore site with spreading, penetration and all that good stuff. Just don't expect a lot of two person action. There is some here, but not much. Overall, though, there is some nice action here.

It would take me forever to go through and count the content here on Teens Garden. That sucks cause I really like to have those stats for you. But the site design just prohibits me from doing that. I will say that there is a lot of content, I wish there was a trial for this site but theres not. Still, the content is impressive. There is no bonus content here on Teens Garden. They make up for that by giving you daily updates, really impressive, and every day when you wake up you can get a new picture set.


Teens Garden is a good pictures site, with some flaws in site design and the models look pretty worn out which drag it down a notch. Still a pretty solid site, with its strengths coming from quality and its weaknesses being a flawed design and questionable selection of some of the girls. Still, overall, I think its a decent site and worth checking out for fans of pictures (note lack of movies) and teens. There are some movies here but because of the small percentage we label it as a no.


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