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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV

Prices: $31.80/30 days
$69.45/90 days
$98.45/180 days
$150.00/360 days

Review of Sybian World:

It is commonly known that a dog is mans best friend. They are always there for man. You had a long, hard day at work, and when you come home, theres your dog, wagging its tail, happy as hell just to see you. It makes you feel somewhat, complete. Nobody really talks about a woman's best friend. I propose a womans best friend is a sybian. Vibrators are always there, after a long day at work! And they sure as hell are happy to see you ladies! And the ultimate vibrator nowadays is the sybian. It's nice to see that theres a site out there dedicated to the sybian, in SybianWorld.

Sybian World is a website focused on female masturbation, using a Sybian. A sybian is a type of vibrator, nice and compact. I hear the sybian is the hot stinky tuna when it comes to vibrators. It hits all the right spots, is highly adjustable and can be added on to. Nice stuff if you ask me. Sybian World is not a reality site, and not a normal porn site either. It's sort of in the middle, with the focus on videos that reality sites have, yet the attitude of regular porn sites with a niche. Lets see if it works here.

When you sign on to Sybian World, you are taken to an awkward members page that gives you two options: to check out the girls page and to check out the rejects page. Each page has some good thumbnails of the girls, and gives you a good opportunity to see what the girls look like. At the same time, the thumbnails on the front pages don't really represent what the scenes are actually doing. Still, you can see if you like the girls and take it from there. The site design is really nothing earth shattering. It's not a great site design, but it is simple and works good enough to get by. It's kind of on the brink of good and bad... but I'd say it's good.

The videos on Sybian World are Quicktime videos. These Quicktime videos are segmented into sections, and the segmentation is not really organized in any way. I can say that each set seems to have lots of segments, and the video files are all pretty small size-wise. That makes for a good download speed but a lot of segments, which can be more time consuming to download. The video files run really well. At normal size, these videos look really sweet. They come across very crisp and clean, with lots of vivid color and looking good. I can't full screen Quicktime videos, but at double size there was a little loss of quality but not a relevant amount. Overall, the videos are good but not perfect... and definately could use a conversion to WMV!

The camerawork on Sybian World are the best selling point of the site. The site is a George Picasso site, and they are known for awesome camerawork. The camerawork here is a lot different than most normal sites. This site features some nice, beautifully taken shots. The action is slower, and there is just a focus on the beauty of the action that is going on. Thats the way it goes here. The video work is not for everyone, but those who do end up liking it will love it!

Some of the girls here on the site have pictures. The pictures are really good. They are very clear and nicely sized. Only some of the girls have the pictures. But they are a cool little extra to have for some of the girls. And the pictures are really good, not vidcaps and not overdone. Just a nice section of pictures in some cases.

The girls here are all pretty attractive. I wouldn't call them completely models, or completely amateur girls. They are somewhere in the middle, actually. The action on the site is mostly masturbatory in the female sense. As you would expect, the girls on the site mainly use the sybian vibrators to pleasure themselves. This is really good for people into this type of sexual video. You gotta love female masturbation, with the aid of toys, to love this site.

Sybian World has 115 girls on their main page. YES, 115! Just a huge number, and no more should be said as you definately get your bang for your buck just here. But you get more, theres also 24 "rejects" girls that were good, but not good enough for the site. Some of these girls look great too but just didn't fit in with the feel I guess. Thats almost 140 total girls and wow what a deal! You also get regular updates. But wait, theres more, as theres six more sites that are part of this awesome network. Bang, bang, bang for your buck!

As part of this porn package, you get membership to Sybian Lounge, Sybian World, Just a BJ, Her Sweet Hand, Butt Lounge, and N My Face. These are all like-minded sites, but with different themes. The execution is pretty much all the same though. Very nice package in my opinion, with lots of fun porn for everyone to check out and a nice twist from the norm!


Sybian World just has a huge amount of content, which makes it awesome. The amount of content here is mind-blowing, and getting a nice network on top of that makes this a great deal. Only things I will mention again would be the design which can get confusing with everything opening in a new browser(!), the descission to make this a no-picture site and the fact the videos are only available in quicktime which some windows users have problems with also counts against this otherwise great selection of erotic porn.

Models overview Single model page Watch a video
Models overview Single model page Watch a video


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