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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, Windows

Prices: $31.80/30 days
$69.45/90 days
$98.45/180 days
$150.00/360 days

Review of Sybian Lounge:

site with a flair for the beautiful. If that makes sense. Its setup and design are pretty unique, I haven't seen it around really too much. And the idea behind the site is also pretty unique. On top of it all, it's not very often you see a website dedicated just to Sybian play. You get that here on Sybian Lounge, and you get it good.

The site design of Sybian Lounge is pretty unique as well. When you sign onto the members page, you are given a page full of decent size thumbnails that portray poses of the girls. The pictures on this page are very "posey", and the action on the thumbnail on the front page doesn't even appear in the video. It still displays what the girl looks like really, really well. So you will get a great idea if you think she is worth downloading or not, but you will not get an actual shot from the set on the front page. When you hit the second page, the thumbnails are of the actual action but they are much much smaller. So, the front page is good but then the second page is a little disappointing. The second page contains the videos, which I will go into next.

The videos here on Sybian Lounge are done in the Quicktime format. I really don't like the Quicktime format, but it's the only format available on the website. I wish they would put some WMVs or something on here, that is one of my biggest best peeves with the site. Anyway, the videos are heavily segmented. Most of these quicktime clips are five to ten segments long per girl. Most of these segments are about two minutes long. The quality of the videos is pretty good. I can never full screen Quicktime format videos. At regular size these videos looked really, really good. When I doubled the size, the videos had a little loss of quality but they still looked pretty decent. The videos downloaded pretty quickly, partly due to the fact that they were pretty small files (around 10 MB avg.) and partly due to the fact that the servers the site is on are pretty fast. All around pretty nice.

The action on the videos is videotaped awesomely. As with all the George Picasso sites, the camerawork is truly artistic. They take their time with the camera, and really emphasize the beauty of what is going on. The camera moves slowly, focuses on the same shot a lot. I usually talk down on that, but the way the site does it is actually really good. It's slow, very specific, and somewhat artsy. Female masturbation at its most beautiful. You might be into that, you might not.

Sybian Lounge doesn't have a pictures section to speak of. It does have a few sets with some really bad pictures, but other than that, no pictures whatsoever. Kind of disappointing actually because I think these guys could pull out a great pictures section. But I guess I'd rather have nothing over a haphazardly thrown together portion of the site, so kudos in part for that.

The girls on Sybian Lounge are a pretty big mixture. Some of them are really attractive. Some of them are mildly attractive, and theres a few woof woof's on the site too. They don't seem to be afraid to have a few hairy girls on the site. But for the most part, theres a bunch of different types of girls. They are basically the type of girls you expect to see in some older porn mags, not completely done up porn star, but not so innocent either. The action here is mainly female masturbatory. It's done with the sybian, of course. Theres not too much action here outside of sybian action, which is good for sybian fans but not so good for those who dislike or are unaffected by the sybian.

Sybian Lounge has not been updated in a long time according to the site. It was around Christmas of 2003 that it was last updated. However, that shouldn't stop you from your enjoyment of the site. The bonus sites have tons of content that is updated still, and the site itself has a lot of material. At the time of review (and probably now and forever) the site had 45 different sets. As I said, theres lots of content on the bonus sites as well.

As part of this porn package, you get membership to Sybian Lounge, Sybian World, Just a BJ, Her Sweet Hand, Butt Lounge, and N My Face. These are all like-minded sites, but with different themes. The execution is pretty much all the same though. Very nice package in my opinion, with lots of fun porn for everyone to check out and a nice twist from the norm!


Sybian Lounge is a good site for female masturbation fanatics, especially those who like the use of the Sybian. As part of a good package and having lots of content, it's recommended to those who don't mind the segmentation and the Quicktime format! Also a bit more attention to the layout and design would really make you feel you got a better product.

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