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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, Windows

Prices: $31.80/30 days
$69.45/90 days
$98.45/180 days
$150.00/360 days

Review of Perfect D:

Boobies. Thats all I really need to say. Sometimes, you just need to see some nice big boobies. Not A Cups. No, Not B Cups. Not even C Cups I say. Sometimes you have to go for it all. The whole enchilada. The full nine yards. Go the distance. Yep, sometimes you just need to enjoy some nice D Cup Titties! Thankfully, there are websites like todays reviewed site, Perfect D, to help us enjoy the beauty and fun of girls with D Cups!

Perfect D is part of a network that is a little different from norm. Not a reality site, which is really refreshing, but a focus on videos and beauty. I'd have to say that the site is a little different than anything I've ever seen before to be honest with you. Details will follow, but let's just say that Perfect D is quite unique and a little refreshing, but withhold judgment on everything before you get the details.

When you go into the Perfect D members area, you are given a page with big thumbnails of each girl on the site. The thumbnails actually look really good and kind of classy. Almost like a playboy shoot or something similar. The thumbnails are all good, still shots of the girls which give a really good impression of how they look without bogging down your system too too much. Then you click on the thumbnail and are given little thumbnails that allow you to download videos. The site is pretty minimalistic and just shows the sites content without showing very much more. Thats cool, and it makes for a nice loading site and easy navigation.. but a little dressing would still be nice.

Perfect D is a video site. As a video site, it doesn't give you too many options as far as downloading and viewing videos. All of the videos here are in the Quicktime format. Problem one, for me at least. I hate Quicktime. I didn't even have the program for Quicktime on my computer, but I downloaded it for this review (yes I'm hardcore!) Anyway, the video files here are segmented into pieces. Kind of unneccesary because the segments are all pretty small. But then again, a lack of options. Kind of makes the minimalistic idea of the site not so charming. There are a few where you can get the full video, but I only noticed the option once in my travels. I'm sure theres more. The videos do download fast as they can range from 5-15 MB each with most laying somewhere in the middle.

The videos are of a decent quality. When you watch them in normal screen, they look great. Crystal clear and very bright. Just love the way they look actually. I can't get Quicktime to full screen, but the videos still looked pretty good when I went to "double size" but there was a noticable loss of quality. All in all, though, if you don't mind the small screen you'll be more than happy with the quality of video you get here on Perfect D.

If you're a pictures fan, well, I'm sorry. No pictures here on Perfect D. And it's quite a shame too, because I think from the feeling I get, if they were to have a pictures section, it would be quite good. I'm just taking this guess from the quality of the thumbnails and the basic emphasis of the site.

The action on Perfect D is also kind of unique. Let me just say, first of all, don't expect normal porn action here. If that is all you like, I'd go elsewhere. Perfect D has a little more class to a it. A little more respect. The scenes are drawn out longer, and it's all very artistically beautiful. At the same time, it doesn't get so artistic that you are turned off. It's a perfect balance. The sex on Perfect D is also kind of unique. Instead of getting your basic oral, sex, cumshot deal, you get something different. The movie usually starts off with a closeup of the girls Perfect D's icon_smile.gif It then moves onto the girl slowly getting undressed. Some sets then move onto some oral, others just focus on the girl masturbating throughout. There is very little penetration sex, but I did come across that in some scenes. So basically, this is classy sex with a little difference from normal porn but it's not completely off the wall and unpredictable either. Not for everyone, but it's very good for those who like it.

The site updates seemed a little inconsistent and not time stamped in the members section. That shouldn't stop you from coming here though. There is a lot of content. Theres only 19 girls here on Perfect D, but you also get a ton of bonus sites.

As part of this porn package, you get membership to Sybian Lounge, Sybian World, Just a BJ, Her Sweet Hand, Butt Lounge, and N My Face. These are all like-minded sites, but with different themes. The execution is pretty much all the same though. Very nice package in my opinion, with lots of fun porn for everyone to check out and a nice twist from the norm!


Perfect D has its flaws. I'd really like to see something other than Quicktime movies. But overall, Perfect D's strengths are in its differences. It's not like everything else. It's a refreshing breath of air. So if your drowning in reality sites, as many of us our nowadays, let Perfect D bring you some fresh air!

- Great models
- Very erotic videos

- Only quicktime movies

- No pictures (and these girls deserve that!)

Models & bonus sites More models A model page
Models & bonus sites More models A model page


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