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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/3 days, rebills at $34.88
$24.88/30 days

Review of Creampie Surprise:

Surprise! Everybody loves a surprise. Surprise birthday parties. Surprise presents from a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife. It's a great thing, to be surprised. Most of the time. But sometimes a surprise will come in a different form. It will be an unwanted, yet somewhat cool surprise. Like when you're shooting a porn video for a reality website, and you get a surprise. That surprise is the Creamplie Surprise!

Creampie Surprise is a reality site with the theme of creampies. If you're not so sure what a creampie is, it's when a guy cums inside of a girl's pussy instead of pulling it out and squirting it on her face or other various body parts. I guess you could call it the babymaker shot if you prefer! Anyway, the good thing about creampies is that it caters to a specific group while still being good porn for everyone. So creampie fans will love the site if its good, but if it's good it will also stand up for porn fans in general.

When you first sign onto Creampie Surprise, you are given a pageful of girls. Each girl is listed right here on the front page, with one thumbnail, a little blurb, and links to each section about the girl. Kinda different from a normal reality site setup, where you are usually given lots of thumbnails per girl. I actually prefer this setup a little better. You are given less thumbnails, but I think the one thumbnail on the page is large enough for me to decide whether I want to download the set, or pass on it. And the thumbnail is just a good thumbnail in general, you can really tell a lot from the one little thumbnail. Otherwise, the site is very clean and easy to work your way through. I really liked the site design here on Creampie Surprise, and it was not a surprise as the whole network is structured in the same manner.

A unique thing about the videos is that each set has three different video pages. Each page has five video segments, and also the chance to download the full video from that page. So in other words, long story short, etc etc, you get either fifteen short video segments or three longer video segments. With the download problems, the fifteen segments can be a pain in the butt, but the three segments is rather managable. In my opinion of course. These videos are in the WMV format with two quality options. The videos are good quality. They aren't quite DVD quality, but at the same time they are pretty respectable considering these are reality videos taken here.

The action of the videos is also shot very well. I liked the fact that even though this is a creampie site, they varied the action of the sex up quite a bit. The camera work is top notch, and all around you get some good action from a reality site. There isn't a whole lot of time spent on pickup here, and quite a bit of sex time. Even though the movies are of a respectable length, they do not get boring or uneventful at any time. Basically, the site is very good as far as camera work and fun goes. The videos overall are top notch, and great. Gotta love them.

Creampie Surprise also has a pictures section. Unfortunately, the pictures section is primarily made up of vidcaps. This means you get all the problems that usually come with vidcaps, and that is with quality and arrangement. The quality of the photos here is a pretty big deal. They are not good at all, with pixelation and bluriness once you see the full picture. The arrangement of the pictures is not all that bad for vidcaps, but then again it's not great either. It is what it is, which is what I say with lots of vidcapped photo sections.

The girls on Creampie Surprise are pretty yummy! Theres a lot of variety in the girls, as far as everything goes. Theres an asian, a black girl, a pregnant girl, some younger looking girls, some older looking girls. Basically a hodge podge that would really be worth previewing before I make any blanket statement on the girls here.

Creampie Surprise is updated on a weekly basis according to them. The content is in no way time stamped so theres really not a way to prove that. At the time of review, there were fourteen girls on site. Pretty good number for a reality site if you ask me, and you also get a lot of bonus material when you sign up with Creampie Surprise.

The bonus section is split into two sections. The one section I think is from the same webmasters who did this site, and they are: Black Ass Busters, Throatjobs, T Girl Island, and Got Fooled. I also think the following sites are exclusive but done by other people: Backseat Suck and Fuck, She Likes it Big, Sex Tour, Gangbangs XXX, Milf XXX, Her First Lesbo Experience, Desperate Teens XXX, Boat Bangers, and He LIkes It Big (gay). Lots of stuff for one low price so that just sweetens the deal!


Creampie Surprise is a solid porn site. Great for fans of creampies, and good for any porn fan in general. With an awesome reality network behind it, it comes highly recommended!

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Browsing pictures Watching an episode Episode listing


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