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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$24.95/30 days
$89.95/365 days

Review of MILF Lessons:


This network's gotten a fair bit of attention recently, and after cruising around a bit I can see why. seems one of the newer additions to the list of BangBros' sites included with a full membership, so I'm going to try to give it ample attention here. To be clear though: if you're seriously looking for a "mature" or "mothers I'd like to fuck" (MILF) site, to use the current parlance, you might want to check around for something with a bit more content. I'm not saying that isn't an excellent site in it own right, only that your $34.95/month gets you a whole range of content, the majority of which features models considerably too young to be classed as mothers. Here's the current list of sites included in a full membership: Big Mouthfuls, Monsters of Cock, Bang Bus, Bang Bros Worldwide, Spring Break Spy Cam, Boob Squad, Fart Hammer, Tug Jobs, Real Butts, Big Tits Round Asses, Mom's Anal Adventure, and (last but not least) Ass Parade. Whew. Including Milf Lessons, you're looking at 13 sites.


Riding on the strength of some of its bigger sites— being hands down the largest with a reported 137 gig of content—the Bang Bros. network seems to have developed quite nicely in the last year or so. It seems to have gotten in early on the "reality porn" genre and diversified quite nicely. Milf Lessons represents one of the newer additions to the programming here, and its content all comes from the last two months' of weekly updates. The 50+ models currently featured are all energetic and enthusiastic, falling somewhere between 30 and 45 if I had to take a guess. I'm not really sure whether it's a coincidence or a fetish, but they all wear eyeglasses, usually during sex. Guess it sort of further establishes their maturity and experience of the models. . . or something.

Every week you're promised a new model, each with a hardcore movie and large photo gallery. So far they haven't missed an update, the galleries are big, and the movies are of a quite high standard. The photo galleries, ranging between 200 and 300 photos each, aren't really the highlight here. Standard resolution is 450X600, and they generally have the look of snapshots or even frame grabs rather than well composed photographs. Pics don't open in a new window, and there seems to be no way of skipping from one to the next, making for a back-button blowout of epic proportions if you're serious. I for one quickly decided that the pics were best used to get a sense for the corresponding videos and left it at that.

Luckily, the films are much better packaged in both streaming and downloadable formats. Streaming vids are served at a choice of bandwidths: 56, 150, 250, and 500kb/s. All are in windows media format and launch in an in-screen viewer. It's not the smallest I've seen, though there's currently no way to skip or fast forward. Given that the recent Bang Bros. films are nearly all longer than 30 minutes, this may present some annoyance. Luckily, everything that's streamed is also available in a choice of two downloadable formats: .mpeg and .wmv. The MPEG files are the higher resolution of the two, and many of the moves end up being well more than 200 MB all up if you download each of the four MPEG segments into which most vids are divided. With the newer stuff on this network, you're also offered the choice of grabbing the whole vid as a single .wmv file. Again, at 500kb/s it's not the sharpest looking, but it's certainly a handy feature.

In relation to the other sites in the network, I'd have to say that the Milflessons content tends toward the middle of the road. Much of the Bang Bros material generally follows the same formula in which a smartmouthed cameraman and his aspiring porn star friend "seduce" amateurs into performing for the camera. Usually the come-ons are fairly rude and crude, though there's no denying the comic dimensions of much of this stuff. In the case of the flagship site, Bang Bus, the emphasis is definitely on deception. Girls are promised money that they never receive and, in some of the more spectacular cons, are left by the roadside after being pushed over while urinating. You get the idea. At the other end of the spectrum, there's the Bang Bros Worldwide site which features shower and masturbation scenes. Basically, the emphasis is on spontaneous, low-budget pickups, though there's a wide enough range here to appeal to a fairly broad audience. On the whole, though, the sex is graphic (occasionally moving into anal territory) and almost always ends in classic facial fashion.

In a Nutshell:

If quick pickups and raunchy commentary from the cameraman sound like your cup of tea, I really doubt if you'll find better than what the Bang Bros network of sites has to offer. This is so-called reality porn with a (nasty) sense of humor and a deep appreciation for the prank, the con, and the ripoff. If you fancy yourself politically correct or imagine you'll find yourself turning away in disgust as "stupid whores" are duped into unpaid sexual liaisons or subjected to serious flatulence, this probably isn't going to be your bag. If this all sounds like a lot of fun and you don't mind the playful banter that accompanies most of the sex here, you're in for a treat. Expect regular updates to the Milf Lessons site, but join for the full range of content and the comic misfortune of unwitting young starlets. Seriously bent, but seriously entertaining.

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