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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $1.00/3 days, rebills at $39.97
$29.97/30 days
$59.97/90 days

Review of Euro Fuck Trip:

I'm not one to review regular movies. Especially on a site all about porn websites. But when there is a tie-in, I'm going to have to speak up. When I got the site Euro Fuck Trip up for review, all I could think of was seeing the movie Eurotrip on video last week. It wasn't a bad movie, it wasn't a great movie either. Sort of in the middle. One of the great parts is the Creepy Italian Guy on the train. Whenever the train goes into a tunnel, he makes a move on the guy sitting next to him. Then when they come out of the tunnel, he says "Mi Scuzi" and waits for the next tunnel. I actually loved that part. But let's move on to the Euro Fuck Trip site, in no way associated with the movie.

Euro Fuck Trip is a reality site with the theme of going around and fucking hot European women. Hey, it works for me. I might actually have to go on a "Euro Fuck Trip" sometime when it seems like the American women aren't enough for me. This is the type of site where the theme is based on the type of women and the type of pickup way more than the type of sex being had after the actual pickup takes place. Thats not a bad thing, but it leaves the actual sex wide open. Euro Fuck Trip actually closes it up and makes it linear so it's easier to describe.

When you sign up to Euro Fuck Trip, you are taken to a members page that has all of the additional sites you get as part of a reality package right on top. Then on the bottom you have one thumbnail of each set and links to go to either the pictures or the movies section. These thumbnails are not very effective in showing the sets content, in my opinion. They are just too close up to show off anything important, and sometimes a girl is even cropped out of the thumbnail. Still, you can remedy that problem by having great content where everyone will want to download everything from the site, and Euro Fuck Trip did that for me.

As a reality site, the videos will be the obvious focus on Euro Fuck Trip. You have lots of choices when it comes to videos here. You can download Cable or DSL quality in either WMV or Real format. You can also download MPGs, which I like because some computers just can't handle these WMVs nowadays. Like my old computer, RIP. The files are segmented into 6 minute segments here on Euro Fuck Trip. This is a static number throughout the sets. So no matter how long the sets where, they made six segments. I'm not sure if I like six as a number for the segments. They are obviously catering to the broadband user, yet have a pretty high number of segments. Three sounds like a much better number to me. I guess they are trying to make it so that you can take longer to download everything, and stay a member longer. That works, but I feel that people will stay a member longer if the content is good no matter how many segments there are. The segment lengths are beefy, but they vary from video to video. I'd guarentee you some long videos here. One other problem is that the videos are not uniquely named. That makes it a pain in the ass to download, save, and burn. I wish sites would take the time to name the files. It doesn't matter what you name them, as long as each set is different!

The quality of the videos here at Euro Fuck Trip is very good. At highest quality, the videos are not perfect- but they are pretty close. When you full screen them there is a little bluriness in the background but the action is pretty clear. Not quite DVD quality but pretty close. They also run really smoothly and they also downloaded nicely for their size. The action on the videos is also quite good. The camera shots they used here were good, with enough altering to keep the sex interesting. The lighting was also really good, a problem I've been coming across less and less as time goes on. And thank GOD for that as I hated having to fiddle with my brightness all the time. Heh, fiddle with my brightness, that kinda sounds dirty.

Euro Fuck Trip also offers a pictures section to its members. The pictures are taken right from the same content as the videos. However, these pictures are GORGEOUS. They are so clear, clean, and crisp, it's awesome. Definately not vidcaps. I was highly impressed by the pictures here. They really didn't have to make them look nice, but they did, and they should be commended for that. The actual pictures section is not without fault though. I didn't care much for the in-gallery controls. There was just a little arrow to get from page to page. And I like being able to skip from say page 1 to page 4, and on here I couldn't do that. Don't let that bother you too much though, because Euro Fuck Trip has pictures that would shine on a pictures only site, and here they are on a reality site!

The girls on Euro Fuck Trip are very, very, very attractive European girls. They aren't of the skanky porn star variety, but they are just very very very good looking girls. Gotta be impressed by the quality of these girls. Just awesome. You can check them out yourself on the previews page. Each set has two girls and one guy. The sex here is pretty standard, nothing overly kinky but you'll enjoy it alot. The only one mild complaint I'd make is that they spend a little too much time on pickup. But on the brighter side of things, the videos are very long so the sex-pickup ratio is still in a good balance. But if you don't like pickup videos, I'd recommend not downloading the first video of each set. Pretty much all pickup.

At the time of review, there were 12 sets of videos on Euro Fuck Trip. Considering the videos are all pretty lengthy, that makes for a good deal on its own. But you also get updates every two weeks or so it seems, so you won't stay bored for long. Especially with the meaty bonus package you get. With your membership to Euro Fuck Trip, you also get access to: YankMyCrank, Rectal Rooter, Milk MY Cock, Mommy Loves Cock, Black Bros White Hoes, Border Bangers, and Triple X Members. Triple X Members has all the leased content, so that is even more content even tho its leased theres still a LOT of porn to sift through.


Great Videos, Great Pictures, and a Great Package! Whats not to love about Euro Fuck Trip?! A definate recomendation from me, and one of the stronger sites I've seen in months.

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Episodes Watching video Main / Site list


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