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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: mov/rm/wmv

Review of Sensual Project:

First Impressions:

More than 120 rising stars in the adult media cosmos have been constellated here for your viewing pleasure, and the site's simple design and complete lack of ads and popups makes getting a sense for the content a breeze. They're not really saying much at www.sensualproject, which is fine because the content sells itself, but what little text you do get comes in a choice of Spanish and English, a long overdue convenience for US sites at least. I was perhaps a bit misled by the site's URL, suspecting that "sensual" was a stand-in for "softcore," but after looking around it's clear that the site offers a good variety of straight-up sex as well as a lot of high quality single-model spreads, all featuring an impressive array of beautiful young talent. Oh, and did I mention that this one comes with a very reasonable price tag of $15 / 30 days.

Gettin' Jiggy Wif It:

Let me just say right off the bat that the content here is not exclusive it's licensed content. The quality is good all around and it's not the worst content to choose for your website, the fact is that you might have seen all the material before so be sure to check the previews as you can preview every set without purchasing a membership.

I'm generally one to complain about the lack of video or the poor quality of streaming and downloadable movies at adult sites. When the resolution isn't spectacular and the content isn't stunningly unique, I really don't care how many photo galleries a site offers—I'm just not going to be bothered busting my forefinger in an endless stream of right clicking and "saving target as" commands. Sure I'm a blasé reviewer, but there's just too much content out there to put up with mediocre standards and bad navigation. Of course, when the photos look good and the site makes whole galleries available as a zipped folder downloads, I get interested again. To their credit, the folks at have done everything right with the photos which are really at the height of quality for web pics. 1000X700 and 1200X800 are the most common sizes here for the more than 16,000 featured photos. I counted around 160 photo shoots, making the average gallery size an even 100 pics.

What a geek I am, describing the technical details of the photos before I've said anything of the models themselves. Unless you're looking for Asian, Afro, mature or "amateur" looking models, there's really not a lot detracting from the lineup here. I'm sort of partial to Aria Giovanni, Susana Spears, Kyla Cole, Jade, and India, though you'll probably find a number of your own favorites during a quick cruise through the site's samples, particularly if you're into blondes. More impressive yet, the photography really is both sensual and explicit at the same time. Interior settings are simple, but very well lit and laid out, while a number of artsy (fartsy?) outdoor backdrops—beach, forest, back yard, etc.—keep things interesting. When downloading full galleries and skipping through them in my photo viewer, I was also really pleased to find a close attention to preserving a realistic sequence of events in the photo shoots rather than just random arrays of pics.

Next to the photos, the videos didn't quite have the same impact. With 120 featured models at, you get about 70 videos in all, meaning that less than half of the models appear in videos (as some that do have several vids). Video length is anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes or more, ranging between 15 and 150 meg. Grab the whole vids or any of the 6-8 short segments they're divided into. You also get a choice of at least 2 of the three supported formats: windows media, quick time, and real media. All come in at around 3 meg per minute and play back at around 400kb/sec. I generally found the performances quite good, but with the resolution being nowhere near as impressive as in the photo spreads, I tended to spend less time with the video collection.

Summing it up:

I usually wait until I've spent a couple of hours at a site to check out the price. It's best I find to make an initial judgment on content alone. Needless to say, I was quite impressed with the array of young talent, the technical specs (of the photo galleries in particular) and the easy navigation and download options at . . without even considering the price. When I found that this package and its wealth of zipped photo spreads (and downloadable movies) is to be had for only $15 per month, the deal was sealed. With such a fine array of single and multiple model spreads, regular updates, and a very user friendly interface. The only drawback about the site is that you may have seen these photo sets before as they are not exclusive to this site, luckily you can preview all the content here before buying access, so if you go for glamour pics in general on the net you might have seen all this before, if not the price is fair for this content.

Video Format: QuickTime (.mov) Real Media (.rm) and Windows Media (.wmv)

Pics: ranging between 1000X700 and 1200X800

$14.95 / 30 days,
$35.95 for 90 days,
$65.95/180 days.

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Video browsing Model browsing Picture sets zip list


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