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Review of Vengified:

Revenge, it's a major concept with major repurcussions. Some people live off of getting revenge on people. In fact, sometimes they make up things to be angry about so they can get some revenge on people. Other people, like myself, are not as revenge-hungry. In fact, I never really seek out revenge. If someone does me wrong, I'll keep my mouth shut, and deep inside I will shun them. But I haven't had too much experience of a woman doing me wrong. In the case of the guys at, they have had the experience of women doing them wrong. Very wrong. They attempt to remedy the situation by getting them back... to vengify them!

Vengified is a website that is all about revenge. It is a reality site, with a really unique theme. The webmasters seek out females (or males) who have done them or someone else wrong, and instead of taking them on Springer, they take them on the internet. They take them on the internet, and embarass them completely by getting their revenge in front of an excited internet public. I really like this theme. It's not even just that its a good theme, but it's also the fact that the theme is very fresh and cool. With all the lame sites out there, the reality genre has become stale. When something like this site comes along, I begin to realize what we liked about reality sites in the first place. Fresh concepts, cool, funny material.. a true reality site, and we'll see how it is.

The design of Vengified is much like its sister sites: simple, plain, informative and useful. When you first sign into Vengified, you are given all of the sites sets right there on the front page. Each girl is given one large thumbnail, a very informative blurb, and the links to the content which is off of the front page. Let me talk about that blurb, usually the blurbs are useless and are like "Jane likes kittens, skipping school and anal sex!" but here on Vengified, the blurbs are useful tools to see WHY the girls are getting revenge exacted on them, especially if you are like me and don't like watching the parts of the videos that don't have any action. The site is clean, smooth, and runs great. The one thumbnail as a preview isn't a huge deal, mainly because the thumbnail gives you a good idea of what the girl looks like and how the set is going to be. Vengified has a really good site design.

As a reality site, the focus here on Vengified is on the videos. You really couldn't get the site across as a picture site anyway. The videos here are in the WMV format. They are streaming or downloadable. I had an unfortunate problem, which wouldn't allow me to download the videos. Whenever I tried to download them, I was given an .EXE file. I tried manipulating the file, but just couldn't get a movie. So I had to go through and download from the streams, which is a pain but it worked. You might have to do the same, if so ask on the message board for tips and you will get them!

Back to the videos, the method of segmentation that Vengified uses is also very unique. And sometimes uniqueness is good, sometimes it is terrible. Vengified falls somewhere in the middle. The videos are portioned into three pages, with each page having five video segments. On the bottom of each page is a link where you can dowload the full page of videos in one segment. So you can either get fifteen segments, or three bigger segments. Make sense? I'm not sure why they did it, but the segment length for the three bigger segments is decent, so I am happy. Weird segmentation aside, the videos are very good. The quality of the videos is good. These are not quite DVD quality but they are still pretty good. When you full screen these videos, you have a little pixelation. But in the grand scheme of things, these are pretty good quality compared what else is available out there on the net. And they are sized pretty well as well, so you will not be having any headaches when you are trying to download these videos.

The action on the video is also really good. Sometimes, when I'm watching porn, especially when I watch a LOT of porn, I feel a little bored with the same ole same ole action. Well, thats where Vengified really excels. It's very unique. It has unique girls, unique actions, and unique situations. Now, there isn't anything here that you've never seen before, thats not what I am saying. Instead, you have just a little freshness, not in the action per se, but in the aura of the site. The camera work is done very well, as well. Some of the videos lack in that area, but I didn't mind much because of the aura. Some of these videos are just really awesome in theme, which I will talk about next.

The girls on Vengified take a second place to the theme of the site. You will find yourself thinking more of the theme over thinking about the girls. The girls are pretty cute, in some cases. Theres no ugly girls, thats for sure- but there are some girls who are a little pregnant, and others who are a little on the less attractive side. But the themes here are what really gets the content across. Some examples: a girl and her brother, she used to chuck food at him before school started. So he sets up a glory hole, using the girl.. and on the other side, guess who? Well, if you want to know and cannot guess, go to the site to find out! There is another one with the bosses daughter, and guess who walks in right after the sex takes place? Pregnant sluts? Yep, they are on here too. You can expect all kinds of different situations on here, and I won't give them all away: but one thing is for sure, revenge is served.

Vengified also has a pictures section. I saved this for last, not because you save the best for last, but I save the insignificant for last. Even if this was the greatest pictures section in the world, the pictures section would still be pretty meaningless. Thats because the concept is all about videos. Even seeing pictures and knowing about the set,it's just not the same. But the pictures section isn't the greatest ever. In fact, it's a little weak. The pictures are vidcapped, and not very good. Quality is not good either. The only redeeming quality is that they didn't overdo the pictures section and overload it with tons of pictures of meaningless crap. So the pictures section is kind of weak, but it doesn't really need to be strong.

Vengified is updated on a weekly basis according to them. The content is in no way time stamped so theres really not a way to prove that. At the time of review, there were seven girls on site. That's not a bad number when you consider the uniqueness of the site. You also get a lot of bonus material when you sign up with Vengified.

The bonus section is split into two sections. The one section I think is from the same webmasters who did this site, and they are: Black Ass Busters, Creampie Surprise, T Girl Island, and Got Fooled. I also think the following sites are exclusive but done by other people: Backseat Suck and Fuck, She Likes it Big, Sex Tour, Gangbangs XXX, Milf XXX, Her First Lesbo Experience, Desperate Teens XXX, Boat Bangers, and He LIkes It Big (gay). Lots of stuff for one low price so that just sweetens the deal!


Vengified is a great website with a cool, fresh theme. I would say it's the highlight as far as entertainment value on this network, while some of the other sides offer more solid more regular porn entertainment. Mix that all together and you have youself a great mixture for the total network and a great site standing alone!

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