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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
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Review of Ass Parade:

There are some news stories that just rock the world. The death of a president. The beginnings of a war. Some famous actor doing something stupid/criminal. Some stupid criminal doing something stupid. And of course the biggest news that rocks the world more than anything else: a new Bang Bros. site! It's true, the Bang Bros. are becoming a staple in the internet porn industry. Many people who are not hardcore porn viewers know all about the Bang Bros. and their popular sites. So when a new one is opened, ears are perked, eyes are opened, and pants are unzippered. Ass Parade will have that effect on many people!

Ass Parade is a new reality site done by the Bang Bros. For those of you who are wondering who these guys are, they are the group behind some of the bigger reality sites out there on the net, such as Bangbus, Farthammer, and so on. They are known for their cool humor mixed in with their good porn. A lot of people like the Bang Bros., and they do deserve adoration by many people. Ass Parade is a reality site with the theme of girls with nice asses. The Bang Bros. have always liked girls with big asses. This site just builds upon that theme. Basically it's just a good porn site coming from the Bang Bros.

A few months ago, the Bang Bros. did a major site overhaul. The new design is pretty sleek. When you sign into the members page of Ass Parade, you get one big thumbnail of the latest girl along with a longish blurb and links to the pictures and movies. Underneath that, you get smaller thumbnails of all the girls previously on the site. When you click on their pictures, you are taken to their own pages with the same options. I never really liked the site setup of the Bang Bros. sites, but I think that this is a really acceptable site design. It still isn't perfect by my standards, and there is a lot of searching and clicking sometimes. But basically, they get a huge A for improvement and the overall result is a nice website design which is actually pretty good!

As a reality site, the videos on Ass Parade are a pretty big deal. The videos come in MPEG and WMV format. There are no quality options. They come in small segments or larger segments. And yes, for the first time and finally, they have implemented a full video option on all of their sites. So you can get the whole damn thing! The only time you can download the entire movie is as a WMV. It should also be noted that you can also stream the videos if you so desire. The video quality is just ok. Those of you who have downloaded from Bang Bros. before know that one of their biggest faults is that their movies don't seem to have great quality. Well, I have one good thing to report, and thats that the newer movies here seem pretty crisp and clear. But the older ones seem to be more like the bang bros. I remember. On some of the videos, I got a lot of pixelation even when in normal size. But others were fine, so I'm not sure what the exact issue was. The quality here is OK- but quality freaks won't be too happy. They are hard to impress anyway.

The action on the videos is standard fare, but not standard Bang Bros. fare. Usually, the Bang Bros. like to have a lot of emphasis on pickup on most of their sites. Here, the sex usually starts off almost right away. They also usually like to have some sort of gimmick going, and again, here, there are no real gimmicks. When it comes to the actual sex, they seem to be getting away from my biggest problem with their videos, and thats the amount of man ass they show. More female ass, less male ass, and I'm a happy camper! The videos are also not exactly like the typical reality site videos, they are more straight up and forward than normal for any reality site, especially the Bang Bros. There is no real theme to the videos, other than that these girls have some nice asses!

Ass Parade also has an extensive pictures section. Most of the girls have two pictures sections, one with vidcaps and the other with high quality scans. The vidcaps are standard poor vidcap pictures. The galleries of vidcaps are exhaustingly long, and there is way too much repetition for my tastes here. The high quality scans section is a little bit better for picture fans. They are high quality pictures, taken from the same scene as the vidcaps and videos were taken I believe. These pictures are still pretty dull and boring in my eyes, but it should satisfy the picture fans enough to make the site somewhat worthwhile, even though the videos here are the main focus. It's nice that they tried to make more out of the pictures site than a typical site, but unfortunately it just fell a little flat.

The girls on Ass Parade are also top notch material. The Bang Bros. have a long history of getting attractive yet amateur looking females for their sites. They aren't all beautiful,but they all have some nice bodies on them and they know what they are doing in the videos. There is no real set type of girl for this site, as long as the girl has a nice ass the rest is pretty much fair game. Of course, you can see the girls for yourself on the extensive preview section on the site!

So how often is Ass Parade updated, you ask? Ass Parade is updated every Monday. So in addition to the awesome amount of content, just when you think you are done you will be fed some more and some more! Nice, huh? At the time of review, Ass Parade had ten models on the site. But with the weekly updates, that big number will quickly grow to a huge number!

The best part about Ass Parade is that you get access to LOTS of Bang Bros. sites with your membership, as it's part of a reality network where you get lots of bang for your buck! The network also includes memberships to: Big Mouthfuls, Bang Bros Worldwide, Fart Hammer, Big Tits, Round Asses, Monsters of Cock, Spring Break Spy Cam, Tugjobs, Moms Anal Adventure, Bang Bus, Boob Square, and Real Butts. WOW. Just an awesome deal, and tons of porn for you to enjoy.


Ass Parade is another quality Bang Bros. site. If you've never signed up to a Bang Bros. site before, this is a perfect chance to check them out. The sheer amount of content will blow you away. If you are a former member of any one of the sites, now is a perfect time to check out the new site, and check out what you've missed on the older ones while you were away!

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Episode list Movie downloads Watching a movie


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